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[TOU – Guam] GPA eyes time-of-use rates by John O’Connor – The Guam Daily Post – May 29, 2016:

Oman to launch smart metering for power – Trade Arabia – May 29, 2016:

[UK] How will the installation happen? The smart meter installation process is straightforward. Here’s how it will work: – Smart Energy GB:
Who can get a smart meter? – Smart Energy GB:

[Data – IoT – Privacy – Security – Smart Grid] Utility Smart Meters – A Probable Terrorist Connection Unveiled? by Catherine J. Frompovich – Activist Post – May 29, 2016:


(video 01:03) CIA Director calls Smart grid “Stupid” due to Security problems by lookagainbud – YouTube – September 08, 2011:

(video 04:08) [Cell Phones – Health – USA] Wall Street Journal on NTP Cell Phone Cancer Research Study  by frank hall – YouTube – May 29, 2016:
U.S. Cellphone Study Fans Cancer Worries – Researchers found incidences of tumor in rats exposed to low-level radio waves, reigniting debate over safety by Ryan Knutson – The Wall Street Journal – Updated May 28, 2016:

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(For almost as long as people have had cellphones, scientists have been debating whether the now-ubiquitous devices cause health effects.
More than a decade ago, the U.S. government set in motion a study to help answer the question. Its initial findings were released this week. The researchers said the findings were significant enough that they felt the urgency to release the results before the entire study was complete….
The researchers, as well as scientists not involved in the study, said it was still too soon to draw sweeping conclusions about whether cellphones cause cancer….
Devra Davis, founder of advocacy group Environmental Health Trust, disagreed. “If we treat this as we did the early studies on passive smoking, asbestos, or hormone replacement therapy and wait for more proof of human harm before taking steps to reduce exposures our grandchildren will pay the price,” Dr. Davis said. “The absence of an epidemic of brain cancer at this time is not proof of the safety of cellphones.”…
“The NTP report linking radiofrequency radiation to two types of cancer marks a paradigm shift in our understanding of radiation and cancer risk,” said Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society. “The findings are unexpected; we wouldn’t reasonably expect non-ionizing radiation to cause these tumors. This is a striking example of why serious study is so important in evaluating cancer risk.”
“It’s interesting to note that early studies on the link between lung cancer and smoking had similar resistance, since theoretical arguments at the time suggested that there could not be a link,” Dr. Brawley added….
“The results suggest that there may be no safe level of exposure to cell phone or wireless radiation,” said Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California at Berkeley who has been an outspoken proponent of the idea that cellphones cause health effects. “We should encourage government and industry to take measures to reduce our exposure to wireless radiation.”…)


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