2016-05-01 & -02 FortisBC warns of possible litigation if EMF causes health problems

1)   A member found some very significant statements in the FortisBC Dec. 2015 Quarterly Report on its electrical services. I wonder if BC Hydro has made similar admissions. Without question, the evidence is there and has been for decades, so why did Fortis (and Hydro) decide to install wireless $$meters? Are they relying on the industry lying to us while they irradiate us? Doesn’t this Corporation have a moral duty to not use technology that has been shown to cause serious biological harm? There will be lawsuits, and FortisBC will expect BCUC (us) to bail it out.

“Scientists and public health experts in Canada, the United States and other countries are studying the possibility that exposure to electro-magnetic fields from power lines, household appliances and other electricity sources may cause health problems. If it were to be concluded that electro-magnetic fields present a health hazard, litigation could result and the Corporation could be required to take mitigation measures on its facilities. The costs of litigation, damages awarded and mitigation measures could be material…..

Underinsured and Uninsured Losses

The Corporation maintains insurance coverage at all times with respect to potential liabilities and the accidental loss of value of certain of its assets, in amounts and with such insurers as is considered appropriate, taking into account all relevant factors, including the practices of owners of similar assets and operations. It is anticipated that such insurance coverage will be maintained. However, there can be no assurance that the Corporation will be able to obtain or maintain adequate insurance in the future at rates it considers reasonable. Further, there can be no assurance that available insurance will cover all losses or liabilities that might arise in the conduct of the Corporation’s business. The occurrence of a significant uninsured claim or a claim in excess of the insurance coverage limits maintained by the Corporation or a claim that falls within a significant self-insured retention could have a material adverse effect on the Corporation’s results of operations and financial position.

In the event of an uninsured loss or liability, the Corporation would apply to the BCUC to recover the loss (or liability) through an increased tariff. However, there can be no assurance that the BCUC would approve any such application, in whole or in part. Any major damage to the Corporation’s facilities could result in repair costs and customer claims that are substantial in amount and which could have a material adverse effect on the Corporation’s results of operations and financial position.”

(pages 13-14)

2)   BC Hydro and FortisBC keep saying that there will be no private data gathered, but this is one of the prime functions of the smeter, as demonstrated in Scotland, where data was gathered about “binge watching” TV. What business is it of the utility company to know what we are watching in the privacy of our homes? Meters are supposed to gather data to provide accurate billing, and nothing else.

“The data from Scottish Gas shows that in 2015 entertainment energy usage in Scotland hit an annual high in April last year, coinciding with the release of Game of Thrones Season 5, as the nation powered up their TVs, laptops and tablets to follow the latest instalment from Jon Snow and friends.

The utility company collected the information from Smart meters which come with a smart energy monitor, which gives households a better understanding of their energy use by showing them exactly what energy they are using on entertainment devices.”


3)   BC Hydro and FortisBC are offering rebates on Power $$mart appliances. There is no mention of these appliances having ZigBee chips but chances are good that they do. Please know that the ZigBee chip in the appliance will enable the ZigBee chip in the smeter to gather info about the appliance and usage of it, which will be transmitted to BC Hydro and, possibly, third parties. The appliance should have indication on it if there is such a chip. These “$mart” appliances and chips will allow BC Hydro to communicate with the appliance for the purpose of turning it off or reducing the amount of energy it is using – all without our consent.




4)   A member suggested people need to see that  corporate buddies are paying huge amounts to spend “quality time” with Clark. This could answer a lot of the questions about why things are happening the way they are, why we are spending money on projects that are not needed.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The good thing about science, is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”
~ Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson


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