2016-01-20 Is Smart Meter program a boon or boondoggle??

  • More and more communities and groups are questioning whether the Smart Mmeter program is a “boon or a boondoggle”. This from San Antonio, Texas.

Glenn Anderson, a San Antonio resident and former tech worker, said new readings have been “erratic within the same neighborhoods, based on differing computer programs.”

Mitchell called smart meters essentially “unauditable” and skeptics suspect San Antonio is setting up CPS’ new technology to boost municipal revenues.”


  • From the people who shared “Truth About Cancer”, news that a new film about cancer is available for a limited time for free:

It is a powerful film that helps us understand how and why all of the environmental toxins around us are affecting our health.

Origins is beautifully shot and carries a message of hope and healing for humanity.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to see the movie this week.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. Together, we can heal the roots of cancer and find better ways of coexisting with our natural environment.

Watch “Origins” the movie here  – https://wellorg.leadpages.co/origins-movie-invite/

Yours in health,
Ty Bollinger


  • More information about the cyberattack in Ukraine that attacked the electrical grid in December.



  • A member found a collector in Campbell River:

278 Birch St on a street I use regularly to go downtown by bicycle (it is a marked cycle route)



He also reported this:

Also, we have the Telus micro cells all over certain neighbourhoods following the rejection of the tower in Willow Point Park a few years ago, some even on adjacent hydro poles although most are about 3 poles apart. Speaking of Willow Point Park or Sportsplex park, there is some sort of antenna tower there right next to a playground/water park. It does not show up on the Street View which suggests to me that it went in during the last few years. Will ask at City Hall for information.

  • A good general article which includes a study about RF causing mercury from dental fillings to be released.



  • More on the “implosion” of the Smart Meter program across North America. These are programs that have no benefits, are bottomless pits re. costs, and are dangerous in so many ways. They must be stopped. Momentum is building.



  • Mercola continues to educate his readers about cell phones, Wi-Fi and EMR. There is a really good interview with Devra Davis (14 minutes long).






From: X
Sent: January 15, 2016
To: Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com; commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Cc: Sharon Noble
Subject: Smart meter safety concerns

It has been brought to my attention that the Underwriters Laboratory in the US has stated that smart meters pose a potential safety risk due to fire and are also having transmission issues and are having to be manually read. These meters are being removed all over North America because of safety issues and yet they remain in BC.  Why?

Sharon Noble, Director of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, has sent mountains of data and many requests to you asking to have it reviewed and a report given on the results.

It has been months and months and still you refuse to answer in detail.  In most replies, you state that your “staff is looking into it” yet this type of information doesn’t take months to review.

It concerns me greatly that your lack of response may be politically directed and that you and/or your staff have been told not to respond with any details whatsoever.  It is not surprising because these concerns have also been sent repeatedly to BC Premier Christy Clark, BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett and a number of MLA’s, all who also refuse to provide any information whatsoever. In most cases they simply refuse to respond at all.

As a deeply concerned citizen regarding the safety and privacy issues surrounding smart meters, I have to ask you why? I have children and I will do everything to protect their lives, but the government doesn’t see my children as people, they see them as statistics.  With the health and safety concerns surrounding these smart meters, I pray that my children don’t become “death statistics” because of the ignorance of politicians and the people under them.

If you have children, you endanger them too by allowing this ignorance to continue….no job is worth the life of a child.



From: XX
Sent: January 20, 2016
To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Cc: Sharon Noble
Subject: Fortis Application for Time of Use Billing

Dear Commission Secretary,

I have just learned from Sharon Noble that Fortis has applied for “time of use” billing.

Has this application for “time of use” billing from Fortis been approved?

I have not received any notice of this application for “time of use” billing and I am very opposed to this.

Is there no public input allowed on this?  Is this something that is just carried on behind the scenes and then imposed upon Fortis customers?

Smart meters were forced upon us or Fortis was going to cut our power off.  We have lost our privacy as our data is collected and sold.  We have to live with a dangerous fire and health hazard attached to our home.  And, now we will be billed an atrocious rate for simply trying to cook a meal or do a load of laundry during the daytime.  Is there no one or no government body at all that looks out for the citizens of British Columbia?

I look forward to a response from you.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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