2016-01-04 New technology, everything will be wireless


  • New technology is making every electrical thing wireless and wirelessly charged. All of this without having to prove that it is safe and despite there being many studies showing it isn’t.

“This is why wireless power is such a big deal. It could change the entire way the world runs.

Soon your television, remote controls, smoke detectors, floor lamps, security system, maybe even your car, will have built-in rechargeable batteries. And they’ll be constantly charged by a small shoe box tucked away in the corner.”



  • A member suggested I circulate this legal decision from Spain re. EHS being recognized as a disability:


In the US, people with EHS are fighting for the right to be accommodated.



  • Lithium batteries are major concerns for airlines (which refuse to carrying them in bulk), because they explode if heated or exposed to moisture.  Hoverboards’ batteries are catching fire. Smart meters also have lithium batteries which can easily be exposed to heat (from the sun) or moisture (from condensation inside the smeter or from leaks. No one has to buy a hoverboard yet Smart meters are on homes where we live and sleep.



  • For the many new members, here is a video that is so very personal and significant. Please share to alert as many as possible to the dangers associated with wireless radiation:

 Gonzalez Presentation 2012 on Cell Phone Radiation by SkyVision Solutions – 2015:    (video 05:58)

Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez gave testimony to the Florida Pembroke Pines Commission in October 2012 to petition the City to issue a Resolution raising awareness of the health risks of cell phone radiation. Mr. Gonzalez died in November 2014 at the age of 42. His passionate presentation from October 2012, however, lives on. May it help save lives.

  • A member reported that the librarian for her branch in Surrey told her the computers were all wired. I have been told by many that they cannot go into libraries because of the wifi.  This info should be shared and promoted . If one branch can do it, why can’t all?  If people want to use wifi, there could be shielded rooms available to those users only.


  • A simple, short video by the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health. (Subtitles)



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

Free Radical damages DNA

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation