2015-10-31 Data hacked at British utility company

1)    Data hacked at a British gas utility company.

James Maude, senior security engineer at Avecto, argued that attackers may have taken data from the TalkTalk breach to access British Gas accounts, for example.

“This type of targeted attack is common practice now as it allows criminals to build a much more detailed profile of a victim in order to gain access to their bank accounts or steal their identity,” he said.

“More worryingly, with the rise of smart meters, energy patterns may show when someone is not at home.


2)    Industry using drought to push $$mart water meter$.

The analysis discusses findings of a study carried out by industry expert Dr Howard Scott predicting an increase in the number of US water utilities upgrading their metering systems to cellular technology-based systems.

According to Mr Scott, the transition to cloud-based systems will be driven by utilities’ efforts to reduce expenses incurred through purchasing, installing and maintaining metering infrastructures every 8.2 years.


3)     CanadaCitizensForum – Interviews – October 31, 2015:

(Showing on Shaw Cable 4 – Oct.31 (11am, 10PM), Nov.01 (9am, 9:30PM), Nov.02 (8:30PM), Nov.03 (5PM & Midnight), Nov.04 (12:30PM), Nov.06 (3am)  If you miss these times, this will be available online.

Part 1 – Norm Ryder (Coalition member) – Discussing a Worksafe Safety Alert re working around antennas – the Alert is not good enough but at least is a step in the right direction.

Part 2 – I am talking about Fire Inspector discussion.

4)    The Maine group fighting to stop smart meters will present oral arguments before the state Supreme Court on Nov. 3. Their press release, with details re their argument, is at:


5)    A YouTube with lots of photos of fires and melted meters from BC.


6)    In Michigan, some people are fighting to have $$meter$ removed from their homes due to health problems.


7)    From a member who found this 2013 article warning about attacks on the grid .

The Northeast Blackout of 2003 was the result of a “software glitch” — essentially a bug in the system — that sent a 3,500 MW power surge out into the grid. Synchronizing many of those together, along several power hubs down the East Coast, would initially cause untold damage.

Even without a hurricane or an earthquake, the following long-term effects would be something akin to a Weapon of Mass Destruction — at least the Air Force and Leon Panetta think so.



Published in PQ News regarding Councillor Leanne Saulter’s objection to the cell tower on Qualicum Beach.  The usual trolls are in there like dirty shirts. I hope others will comment.




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