2015-08-19 Airline pilot speaks about EHS


  • An archived 60 min. program from back east from a couple of days ago. Melissa Chalmers is an airline pilot who developed EHS and is fighting to inform people about what exposure to microwave radiation can do. It is under the Aug. 17 WJFF Connections.




  • There have been complaints of higher bills after every type of smart meter is installed – and the water smart meters are no exception.  Are there any members who have experienced this in BC? If so, please email me with “water bills” on the subject line.



  • Non-smeter but dealing with invasion of privacy by government. All new passports contain a chip on which all of our personal info is stored. If these passports are not enclosed in a folder with shielding (like that for chipped credit cards) someone with a $50 computer hacker can obtain all data. In Germany, a man was arrested for disabling the chip in his passport.



  • Whenever I learn of another utility offering a SMART METER OPT OUT I update the SM-OPT-OUT FEES chart , showing fees and whether analogs are allowed to be kept.   BCHydro continues to charge the highest extortion fees in North America!! These fees are hard to justify as being anything other than punishment or extortion – or both. We must demand that BCUC review these fees.


  • It has been some time since I sent an update about the class action lawsuit in April. There has been no change at all since then. Class action law suits take a long time normally, and this is especially so when one side has money and resources without end. The initial schedule called for Hydro to have 5 days to present evidence, which is very unusual in the initial certification phase. The judge set aside 5 days in April but unexpectedly her schedule was revised and she was unable to accommodate this much time. Now the hearing is set for December. Our lawyer has completed all of the necessary work and all we can do now is wait until December. If there is any change, I will let you know immediately.


  • Industry and their supporters often say that non-ionizing radiation is not strong enough to damage DNA.  We know that ionizing radiation directly damages DNA, breaking bonds which can lead to cancer. But evidence is clear that non-ionizing radiation, the type emitted by wireless devices of all sorts, also can lead to cancer and one of the mechanisms is that it creates free radicals. I hope that whenever we see industry people use this approach that we will say this:
  1.  Non-ionizing radiation can create free radicals.
  2. Free radicals damage DNA.
  3. Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can indirectly damage DNA.



Newsletter prepared by Sharon

 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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