2015-08-14 FortisBC Gas is applying to the BCUC for the smart meter program

  •  FORTIS GAS APPLYING FOR SMETER PROGRAM See anticipated time table below.   FEI stands for FortisBC Energy Inc. and deals only with natural gas. So far they seem to plan on a streamlined approach, Oct. 2015- March 2016. I know little about gas smart meters but will share with you when I get any info.  We need to organize information, resistance, and demand a full public hearing.



  •     Fire info is beginning to be provided to a wider audience.



  • Problems with a “dumb” thermostat in the UK. Compatibility is a major issue, whether with meter bases or appliances.



  • Non-smeter. Re. Microsoft 10. BEWARE.



  • Environmental factors, of which microwave radiation is prime, are believed to be associated with the rapid increase in neurological disorders in younger people. The article in full is below the abstract.




  • Having more devices, such as the smeters, connected to the internet hands companies access to more and more of our personal, previously private, information.

 “As Facebook and Google have infiltrated our every waking moment, Schneier warns that these data giants, if left unchecked, could compromise the very principles of a democratic society.”



  • Hydro’s and the liberals’ waste of our money and environment – Site C.



  • Sorry, more non-$$meter. From a member. Remember the article about Nestles wanting to privatize water?? They are being sued for having lead in food in India – but it’s below the allowable limits!!



  • Why is the smart meter program being pushed in every country around the world? Why are governments easing regulations or implementing regulations mandating smart meters, as they’ve done in BC?   But concerns are growing:

 “Increasing initiatives from electricity utility companies and governments are supporting the growth of the smart meters market. Concerns among end users, and energy theft are some of the factors restraining the growth of the smart meters market.”




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

 “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”  Thomas Jefferson.

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