2015-08-07 Politicians supporting no fee opt outs in Michigan

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  • In Michigan a state politician is standing with those who believe they should have the right to not have a dangerous device on their home and shouldn’t have to pay extortion to opt out.  Sure wish we had a provincial politician like this.



  • In Scotland concerns with the smart meter program are being raised, and assurances are being demanded that pensioners who opt out will not suffer financially.

 “However, we have significant concerns regarding the implementation of the programme. Criticisms of the programme have been made in a National Audit Office report of June 2014 and by the Energy and Climate Change Committee in July 2015 and further concerns have been raised during meetings that the Scottish Government has had with stakeholders.

It is clear that the costs and benefits of the programme anticipated in The Department of Energy & Climate Change’s (DECC) impact assessment are viewed with huge scepticism due to the delays that have occurred and due to practicalities of the scheme not being fully considered.



  • Investors are looking for ways to use the mass amount of data being collected by the grid. Our data is extremely valuable.

 “This smart energy grid begins to look like a fully-connected sensor network,” said Siebel. “There’s massive amounts of data being aggregated. Because of this affect, we can begin to look across the entire value chain in real time.”



  • Attached is a poster for a presentation in Grand Forks BC Aug. 12.      Please share with friends in the area. Dr. Paterson has so much great information to share, so this is a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

 CLICK HERE to see Grand Forks Poster

  • It seems that every day new ways to hack into our privacy are made public. If they can do this with cellphones, it will be easy to do it with smart meters and wi-fi.




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Newsletter prepared by  Sharon Noble

 “When injustice becomes law,   resistance becomes duty.”  Thomas Jefferson.

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