2015-08-06 Don’t download programs!

Sorry – not smeters, but important to know. Hackers are everywhere, lurking.

You probably have learned that I ran into computer problems – my computer was “hi-jacked” so no update last night. I want to tell you what happened to me so you can avoid it. The moral of the story is don’t buy any upgrade or computer program, etc. on line. Go to a reputable company and deal face to face.

My husband got Microsoft 10 last week (I didn’t, choosing to wait until the bugs worked out). On Tuesday he began having problems with weird things happening and on Wed. he couldn’t get into any program. He was virtually locked out. He worked for a couple of hours trying to do a factory reset, which seemed to work, but when he went to install Office 2013 from our disk, a message came up saying he had to contact Microsoft, and they gave a website. He went to the website, got the phone number and called. The fellow said it was Microsoft, asked all the questions you’d expect. He looked at the programs, and said the problem was that there was no system firewall. We were told that would prevent any future problems, and cost $400 US for a lifetime firewall. So we agreed and gave our US Visa credit card number. They took over my husband’s computer and began going through all the programs, After about an hour the person suggested that he check my computer, too, because I would not have a firewall either, and 2 computers would be included for the price. So he took over my computer, too.


Coincidentally I had to speak with my Royal Bank Visa carrier about something else, and when they checked my account, the fellow asked if I had authorized someone to work on my computer and I said yes, Microsoft. He said that it was not Microsoft, he recognized the name that had come through on the credit card and instructed me immediately to shut my computer off, pulling the plug. He told me this is a fake company in India, and many people have been taken in. They want the easy money and your credit card number. He said I should take the computers into a reputable computer repair person immediately and get the computer cleaned. I did.

The computer people told me it is happening very often, and confirmed what Visa said – never buy anything for the computer online.

What is happening is that the hi-jackers have got into the various companies “site”, or put up their own that looks like Microsoft, Mac, D-Link, you name it, and put in their phone number or email. You have no idea with whom you’re dealing. And don’t download Microsoft 10 – I think that started the problem!


  • Non smeters. One of our members who is blind will be undergoing surgery toward the end of Aug. and is in need of a place to stay prior to the surgery and for her friend, who will be taking care of her seeing-eye guide dog, after her surgery, for a total of 7-10 days, starting Aug. 27. She is hoping to find an inexpensive room, apt, B&B near the Vancouver General Hospital. If you have a place or know of one, would you please send an email with “Accommodation” on the subject line to iknowjanis@shaw.ca?


  • Solar panels installed in Kimberley BC, supported by BCHydro.

Some 4,032 solar modules have now been installed on that former mining property. The panels are attached to trackers, which follow the daily progress of the sun, the first large-scale solar facility in Canada to use the technology. The German-engineered trackers allow the panels to generate as much as 38 per cent more energy than fixed panels.

Tech Resources Ltd., the owner of the mining property, provided the land as well as a $2 million contribution. By a wide margin, Kimberley voters in 2011 approved borrowing $2 million to be used for the solar installation, called the SunMine.

Also crucial was a commitment from BCHydro, the province’s electrical provider. The agency committed to paying 11 cents a kilowatt-hour for the next 25 years, substantially more than the cost of hydro, says Kevin Wilson, Kimberley’s economic development officer.

Wilson says the solar helps diversify British Columbia’s power supply. That, in turn, makes the power supply more resilient. Solar will, for example, continue even in times of drought.





A wonderful letter from Kelowna:   :

Fortis choice: Power on or off by Marilyn Limbert – Lake Country Calendar – August 06, 2015:



From a member to the politicians, BCUC, BC Hydro, etc.  and he hopes that, although he is not a writer, will inspire others to write. Email addresses can be found at www.stopsmartmetersbc.com under “contacts”.  If you comment, I would ask that you ignore Derek Ward. He is an industry hack/supporter – trying to hijack the conversation.


From: X
Sent: Tuesday, August 4, 2015 7:46:42 AM
Subject: Private BC Citizen asking for Assistance – With Questions Asked and Observations Made

Private BC Citizen asking for Assistance – With Questions Asked and Observations Made

Dated: August 4th, 2015

Things I have learned, the BC smart meters are being removed from homes before inspection can occur, after fires originating at the smart meter location are suspect. In a perfect world this should be against insurance law. In fact, I’ve learned the BC Safety Authority has responsibility for enforcing these type of laws, but has been told it can’t do so, as far as the B.C. smart meters are concerned.

Q: Why?

I have also learned the BCUC has been told within the Clean Energy Act to stay out of the program, and again Q: Why? We are talking about the safety of human lives and the liabilities regarding injury and/or the loss of life, if protective measures are not in place and safeguarded.

Q: Does this potential for personal injury and/or the potential for loss of life, have to go any further before something is done?

I have learned that insurers are likely to remain silent because they are being reimbursed for the claims by BC Hydro. Therefore BC Hydro is essentially spending taxpayers money to pay for damages their equipment has caused. Unfortunate as it is, I’ve also learned they have steadfastly refused to tell us how much of BC taxpayers money is being spent paying out these smart meter claims for damages, and/or admit the liability. Common sense says, someone is paying for the claims, a.k.a. the damages.

Apparently the strategy is to continually refuse to answer directly, one way or the other.

Q: Why?

Technical abnormalities within the Saskatchewan smart meters resulted in many fires in homes throughout, and saw a province wide order to remove them. This was broadcast within the national news, and carried widely in many newspapers.

Example: is BC Hydro hiding the fact that they may have bought a defective device, either knowing it was dangerous or not knowing because they didn’t do their job by researching it thoroughly. Government bodies are making millions, possibly billions of dollars off these smart meters and will continue to do so – as newer technologies want to share the wireless smart meters remote access abilities via the zigbee chip.

Does the Insurance Bureau of Canada or BC Hydro and countless other governmental and corporate bodies involved within the chain, not care if a few homes burn or possibly a few lives lost? I certainly hope not, because if this goes that far it’ll make what’s happening with the current review of our Canadian senators – look like small potatoes.

Q: Are possibly the uninformed being used as pawns in this instance and being kept unaware of the safety issues? Is this the chance “they” that sell the smart meters and “they” that installed the smart meters and “they” that have collectively approved both the sale and installation, are willing to take to make money? I have come to believe through intense investigation of facts ongoing and the research done, that there seems like effective collusion between the entities involved. Q: & A: hasn’t produced definitive answers, but has instead resulted in non-affirmative answers, meaning that some are directed to other bureaucratic departments that have (often) lead around in circles that cause much time to be spent, a.k.a. “the strategy employed” or seemingly the strategy employed.

These results after time and effort spent, ultimately – have led to more non-affirmative and/or direct answers given. It’s been a cat and mouse chase with all the effort and time that’s spent. Unfortunately, this leaves the unaware and uninformed persons within B.C. at potential risk for personal injury and/or loss of life, re: B.C. smart meter fires that have occurred within B.C.

I have recently learned that these smart meter fires are facts, within B.C. and that they can be substantiated with quality search engine phrases that produce some posted video evidence of examples and the countless testimonies.

In ending, you simply can’t replace a life with a paid out claim for potential damages, is my point. My observations based on the available qualified facts learned, and my first 4 questions and those that have followed them, are reasonable questions to be asked by any concerned and informed citizen within B.C.

I am one such concerned B.C. citizen, asking them. I would also appreciate some qualified feedback that may ease with these observations that I have learned, thus far.

Why not take away the shroud and allow B.C. citizens to straight out and publicly be given an answer, as to why our B.C. fire inspectors are not allowed to physically inspect a B.C. smart meter at location, after a fire was determined to have originated in that area – the suspect target area.

In my opinion the above, is some terrible legislation, to enforce in B.C. Obviously Saskatchewan did not have this policy in place when it was determined the technology employed in their smart meters, had failed Saskatchewan. Those smart meters were causing fires, and the province ordered them removed.

As a private B.C. citizen learning these acquired facts, I am only just getting started with these reasonable concerns and respectfully, the questions that I have put forward for resolve.

Why? Because I don’t want to be reading in tomorrow’s headlines that a B.C. resident or residents have experienced fire related injuries and/or the loss of life attributed to the fault of our B.C. smart meters. That would be terrible, to say the least. I am making this a primary concern with asking for assistance in answering these reasonable questions, and commenting on the observations that I have put forward.

Anyone care? I’d certainly love to hear back from someone that does.



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“In science, replicable data is gospel.”  Lloyd Morgan



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