2015-03-31 Major power surge in California causes smart meters to explode.


1)      A public presentation in Courtenay, Jerry Flynn presenting

Thursday, April 2, 7:00-9:00pm

Florence Filberg Center, Rotary Hall


2)      In Stockton, California a truck hit a pole causing powerlines to fall. A resulting power surge caused $$meters as far away as 10 miles to explode off homes, some smoking. No fires were reported. According to electrical engineers, it is unlikely that analogs would have behaved in such a “dramatic” fashion, although such surges can cause analogs to stop working. One report said that 50-60 homes suffered significant damage.


http://www.amtvmedia.com/high-voltage-thousands-of-smart-meters-explode-after-truck-hits-utility pole


In Palo Alto, California in 2011 a power surge caused fires and major events in 80 Smart Meters, while not a single analog caught fire. This demonstrates the difference between a digital meter (any digital runs on electricity) and an analog (that doesn’t run on electricity)


3)      I have received several copies of the excellent letter in last night’s update, written by a member, to Brad Bishop re meter exchange for expiration. It really makes more of an impact on the recipient if a letter is written in different words – your words. Just copying the same letter means that Mr. Bishop soon will ignore all of them. Please, use but make the letters your own.

4)      More warnings from experts in the UK that the $$mart meter program could be the next IT catastrophe. Technology changes so quickly that we will be paying for this from here on, a bottomless pit that will be even deeper because of the need for increased cybersecurity once we join with the international grid. The US will be calling the shots, I expect, on this.

The IoD also raised concerns that the largest government IT project in history may quickly become obsolete, and could even expose consumers to cyber threats.

Alongside providing a vector for criminal data access, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) reported in 2012 how the rollout entailed “considerable risks to the protection of personal data,” from the smart meter providers without adequate consumer protections in place.”


5)      For those who don’t believe electromagnetic fields are real, look at this YouTube. And notice the distance. This is in Russian but no words are needed.



6)      In these “quick facts”, look at #4 about the Privacy Commissioner requiring BC Hydro to tell customers what data it was gathering and what was being done with it. Has anyone received any information from BC Hydro about data? The Privacy Commissioner in her report told BC Hydro had to do many things to protect our privacy, but I don’t recall ever receiving an update on this from Commissioner Denham.


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