2015-03-25 Perry Kendall has decided there is no evidence of harm re. Wi-Fi. Based on what?

1)   A member received a canned response to her sincere letter of concern about plans to put Wi-Fi in long-term care facilities. It is clear that the responsibility for this lies with Perry Kendall. Once again, Kendall is putting his opinion ahead of independent scientific evidence. He is implying Wi-Fi is safe but won’t say it. The man is a menace. May I suggest that we all write to Kendall, copying Health Minister Terry Lake hlth.minister@gov.bc.ca and Terry.Lake.MLA@leg.bc.ca and the NDP health critic Judy Darcy at judy.darch.mla@leg.bc.ca.

A real letter addressed to Perry Kendall would be best. Let’s ask him to tell us what evidence he is looking at. Is he looking at old evidence from 10 years ago? Is he looking at industry-funded sales pitches? We have a right to know what he is “looking at” to reach a conclusion that affects so many people so seriously.

 Office of the Provincial Health Officer
4th Floor, 1515 Blanshard Street
Victoria BC V8W 3C8

 Email: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca


2)    On April 1, 2015, BC Hydro’s rates increase 6%.  Please take a reading  (a photo is good) of your meter on March 31 so you can ensure that BC Hydro doesn’t apply the increase to your pre-April 1 usage. You might even call your reading in on April 1 to the number on your bill.


3)   LA board of supervisors vote unanimously to stop construction of cell towers on fire stations!!



4)   Additional media coverage of  BC Hydro’s tactics at a school  – shutting off power to force acceptance of a $$meter. Please consider commenting.



5)   A cell tower battle in Australia. Notice who carries the liability – the landowner!!

What NBN Co does not promote is the 20-30 year financial agreements with the landholders and the split and undefined insurance/legal responsibilities carried by the owner.

In the case of Hammond Drive, the landholder is James Kelly and family. Mr Kelly must have public liability insurance for $10 million for any one occurrence. This will cost him around half of his annual NBN income.

Twelve of the Hammond Drive residents have had blood tests recorded with the aim of showing any changes caused by the towers electric magnetic emissions. What is not clear is would any future health insurance claims be made to NBN Co or would it land on the landowner’s policy?



6)   An interesting site that is gathering information and safety warnings that come with wireless devices. It will have information to share with our loved ones who loves their gadgets.




From the bottom up:

Hello Ms. XX

Thank you for writing to us about your concerns regarding Wi-Fi and Island Health’s plan to explore the provision of Wi-Fi service for visitors and patients in our facilities. We are aware that there are some people, including yourself, who have concerns regarding Wi-Fi. Because of this, and as you note in your letter, the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, was asked a few years ago to provide provincial input and direction on the issue. Dr. Kendall looked at the scientific literature and found a lack of convincing evidence of any adverse health effects related to Wi-Fi. Since this time, Dr. Kendall and his colleagues across the country continue to regularly review information and new science as it becomes available, and they have established ongoing review mechanisms to ensure that new knowledge is assessed quickly. The consensus of public health practitioners, given the current scientific evidence, is that there is not a threat to the health of the public.

Island Health receives many inquiries from our patients, visitors and staff around why we do not provide Wi-Fi as this is a service that is commonly provided in public buildings and spaces. As Wi-Fi is common place in today’s society and something that would be of benefit to families and patients who are spending extended time in hospital or other care facilities we have decided to explore the feasibility of providing such a service.

Once again, thank you for sharing your views.

Island Health Communications

(Note from Ted –  Dr Kendall is using Industry Canada’s Safety Code 6 as justification to ignore all of the warning signs that are currently available.  I believe that he is in a NO-WIN position.  If he reads the literature and understands the implications of Safety Code 6 and the continuing impact on the health of the residents of BC then he must either resign his position or question Industry Canada’s Safety Code  6.  In either case is is out of power. 

Currently, he is just sitting with his head down and saying that he is just following orders from Industry Canada,  Health Canada.  He is just a good little foot soldier that has no power except to do his master’s bidding. 

So, good people, in addition to hammering on Dr Kendall, we all should be pushing Industry Canada, Health Canada to bring Safety Code 6 in line with reality and closer to the levels of other countries in Europe and the BioInitiative 2012.  We do not know exactly the long term impact of microwave radiation on our health but there are 1000s of studies that are hinting that it is not going to be good. We should proceed with caution and not blanket our world in microwave radiation.)


Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 8:50 AM
To: Carr, Brendan (Dr)
Subject: Wi-Fi in Hospitals

Dear Dr. Carr,

I was stunned to read recently that Island Health are going to be installing Wi-Fi in hospitals. Apparently this is being done for the convenience of patients and their visitors.  Are you aware that many doctors’ associations in other countries (U.S, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia and more), have issued public statements about wireless radiation as a health risk?

The first school in France to have Wi-Fi installed, is now the first school of France to have it removed. Why are health authorities in Canada so slow to respond? The reason is Health Canada. The levels of radiation that Health Canada are allowing for wireless technology are among some of the highest in the world. This will not bode well for the health of Canadians.

Dr. Perry Kendall has said that Wi-Fi is safe. It is not. And if one were to go deeply into the internet you, too, would find that world-wide, there is grave concern about the radiation from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, cell phones and other wireless devices. Europe is light years ahead of North America on this issue. This information is based on peer-reviewed scientific research (not industry-funded research).

You might also be interested in knowing that Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, published a booklet about wireless radiation back in 2010. At that time, they compared the risk of electromagnetic radiation to asbestos, but were not ready to act on it yet. Last month they finally discontinued all coverage for claims of damages and illnesses associated with electromagnetic radiation. This is very telling, don’t you think?


Remember when we were told that tobacco was safe? Governments and health authorities repeatedly told us that smoking was not hazardous to our health. Although it took 30-40 years for governments to finally catch up to the reality of the dangers of smoking, it’s now common knowledge that tobacco kills.

We are repeating the same grave error only this time, every BC resident will be affected because almost every BC resident has a wireless Smart Meter attached to their home. And now hospitals are joining the mix by installing Wi-Fi. Wireless technology weakens the immune system. Hospital patients already have compromised immune systems, including young children and the elderly. Think of what wireless technology will do to health care costs in the future. The demands on an already over-burdened health care system will collapse the system. We are walking towards a very dire future.

I hope that you will examine in great detail the peer-reviewed scientific evidence that is available on wireless technology. I hope that your integrity and compassion for Vancouver Island residents will prevail in this important matter.




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