2015-03-22 Study shows possible neurological effects from radiation from wifi and zigbee chip

  • Some good news – the US Navy is facing some fight from Washington state their plans for RF war training.



  • In Arizona a man was allowed to pay $50 and have his $$meter exchanged for an analog, and the meter fee is $5 a month!! Why don’t we all move to Arizona, or, better yet, have their politicians move up here?



  • Some customers potentially face huge increases because Hydro wants to change the arrangement it had with them. I wonder if there was some sort of contract. If anyone knows Gary McCaig, or if he is receiving this update, I’d like to know more about this.

 Some Hydro customers face 130% increase by Gary McCaig -Times Colonist – March 21, 2015:


  • A new study shows that prolonged exposure to 2.4 GHz, the frequency used by wifi and the zigbee chips in $$meters, may lead to neurological damage.




Email sent with the attachment:


From: Jerry Flynn [mailto:jerryjgf@shaw.ca]

Sent: March 20, 2015 10:54 AM

To: bonnie.henry@gov.bc.ca

Cc: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; terry.lake.mla@leg.bc.ca

Subject: The Clock is Ticking on the cancerous corruption in Health Canada – of which Dr. Perry Kendall is Part! Honest people will win!

Dear Dr. Henry,

Don’t let anyone besmirch your good name. Learn the TRUTH about today’s wireless devices – which ALL emit harmful low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radio frequency radiation.

Contrary to what Dr. Kendall says, honest scientists around the globe know that non-thermal radiation is harmful to all living things, not just people!

Health Canada and Industry Canada are both lying – repeat –  lying to you and all medical practitioners across Canada.

For the sake of your own family and all future generations, see the truth for yourself!

Thank you for your time.

Jerry Flynn

See attached letter to the Dean of Osgood Hall Law School at York University, Toronto, ON, Canada

Corruption in Health Canada and Industry Canada Threatens Health and Well-Being of Every Man, Woman and Child in Canada!  In Violation of the Nuremberg Code!




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