2015-03-21 Quebec resistance re. Smart meter fires is growing.

1) Please see below, in Letters, recommendations from a very knowledgeable member about wifi, and what we should be recommending to VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) re hospital exposures. This would be good info to give to school boards, principals and parents re. wifi in schools as well.
2)      Apparently another smart meter fire in Quebec. The article mentions water infiltration. Electric meters cannot handle any water, even condensation, inside. This could and has caused short and fires right here in BC and in Saskatchewan.




Quebec resistance has a website and is beginning to document Smart meter fires. This newsletter speaks to many. It is in French but google translate does a good enough job to see that there have been many suspicious fires and often the smeter is taken before an investigation into the cause of the fire and the potential involvement of the $meter can be determined. As in BC, this is illegal in Quebec.



3) Attached is a radio ad by LA firefighters asking for the public’s help to keep 86 cell towers from being installed on fire stations. Years ago it was shown that firefighters suffered higher incidents of cancers when there were cell transmitters on the stations where they spend so much time. Cell towers were removed at that time, but now the battle is beginning all over again. You might want to share this with firefighters in your community.



4)      Privatization of public corporations has been a way of raising money to pay off govt debts, but as we’ve seen, it often means selling assets that were paid for with taxpayers’ dollars to corporations for cents on those dollars. There have been hints that one of the goals of this government is to drive Hydro into bankruptcy so that liberals’ corporate buddies can take over what is left of our once our crown jewel. It’s happened before, it’s happened elsewhere, and it could happen again.



5)      Two meters in Salmon Arm, and Hydro tries to rip off a senior citizen even more.



6) Attached is a report about health surveys done in the US and Australia, on symptoms people experienced after receiving a Smart meter.



From a member:

When writing to VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) and others there are a couple of points that few will have included in their letters.

The placement and number of routers and access points is a matter of serious concern if the units are in the near field or even the intermediate field zone.
Radiation in these zones does not reduce at the often quoted  inverse sq law,
Expert refer to “spectacular peaks and valleys of radiation” and the “chaotic nature” the closer one gets to the far field zone (for a cell phone this is assumed to be 2 meters – because of the antenna design one could assume the zone is much larger for devices such as routers) the less the “chaos” is and immediately adjacent to the antenna the chaos is so extreme that scientists can not model the radiation pattern, in these ones scientist from Industry Canada, BCCDC and others are in unanimous agreement that the Electric and Magnetic fields must be measured. calculated assumptions or estimates are not adequate.
A quick semi usable estimate of the power density  X 4 when considering exposure in the near field zone is suggested by the BCCDC in the RF Toolkit (eq 2.19).

A person standing under a wifi router should be assumed to be in the near field zone.

The hospitals have many other sources of EMR and the cumulative total as well as the complex interference pattern from the other sources must be considered (even Industry Canada says this).

For these reasons the hospitals must measure the radiation levels in the hospital on a regular basis – In my opinion weekly would not be too frequent.  We can be certain that few hospitals have not considered these and the many other complexities in their decision.

Yes I raised these issues in a letter to VIHA, if others raise these issues too they may register with the decision makers.





From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]

Sent: March 21, 2015 2:18 PM

To: ‘info@viha.ca‘; ‘brendan.carr@viha.ca‘; ‘CEOExecutiveAssistant@viha.ca

Subject: Wifi has no place in hospitals

Dear Dr. Carr,

I read with great consternation that you are considering installing additional wifi modems in long term care facilities on Vancouver Island.
As President and CEO of VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority), as well as a physician, you have the responsibility of ensuring that no harm can be done to your patients. Unfortunately, scientific evidence shows that radiation from wireless devices is capable of doing great harm, especially to children and those with impaired immune systems.


Because medical schools have not taught the dangers of non-ionizing radiation you may not be aware of the research that independent scientists have done over the last 30-40 years that show that we suffer biological effects from prolonged exposure. This topic is being taught now in some medical schools, e.g. University of Alberta Medical School.


Scientists such as Dr. Martin Blank, Dr. Henry Lai, and Dr. O. Hallberg have devoted their careers to studying radiofrequency (RF) radiation, and truly are experts in bio-engineering. They are but a few of the 100s who are warning that this technology has never been proven to be safe, leaving us to be the guinea pigs in this new world where RF emissions cannot be escaped. The evidence has been mounting and independent scientists for years have been warning that the increasing RFR pollution can potentially cause harm that is irreversible. DNA can be altered, serious biological/health effects can result especially to those most vulnerable.

This technology is very new, with pulsing emissions that were not used in wireless technology until about 15 years ago. The health effects often take many years to develop and, if the future is as dire as these experts predict, unless we reduce current RF pollution levels, there will be a pandemic like we’ve never seen before. Everyone is being exposed to this odorless, invisible toxin– no one is free of its potential effects.

It is troubling that our provincial health officer whose job, as a public health doctor, it is to prevent harm from occurring contends that there is no evidence of harm from wireless radiation.  Dr. Perry Kendall is not trained in and neither has he ever worked in bio-engineering or radiation. Clearly he is not an expert on the topic of RF radiation, yet he refutes or ignores research from independent scientists who are world-renowned in this field, considering his opinion to be more important than the scientific facys that have been provided to him.


A very important study has been completed replicating one done some years ago, confirming that exposure to low, even very low, levels of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) can promote cancer tumors. What is especially significant is that this study was done by Dr. Alex Lerchl who for years supported the view that there was no evidence of harm unless there was heating of the cells – the same belief that Health Canada holds and our provincial medical officer, Dr. Perry Kendall supports.


Please read about this amazing study and turnaround in Microwave News, Dr. Louis Slesin’s well-respected journal.


“The RF–cancer story took a remarkable turn a few days ago. A new animal study challenged many of the assumptions which lie at the heart of claims that RF radiation —whether from cell phones, cell towers or Wi-Fi— are safe.

The new study, from Germany, a replication of an earlier experiment, also from Germany, found that weak cell phone signals can promote the growth of tumors in mice. It used radiation levels that do not cause heating and are well below current safety standards. Complicating matters even further, lower doses were often found to be more effective tumor promoters than higher levels; in effect, turning the conventional concept of a linear dose-response on its head.

And for those with the stamina to have stayed tuned to the slow-moving RF–health soap opera, the new paper offers an unexpected surprise. The lead author of the new animal study is Alex Lerchl, who for years has charged that the only science showing low-level RF effects is bad science. Now the one whom activists had accused of being an industry lackey is being hailed as a hero.”




There is no justification for use of wireless technology (except corporate profit) because wired technology, in addition to being safer, is faster, more efficient in that it carries more data, is more secure from hacking, and, in the long run, is cheaper because constant upgrades are not required and it requires less maintenance. Wired access could be made readily available in patient rooms and in waiting room, thus satisfying the public’s request for constant connectivity.

Please, Dr. Carr, do your own research. Talk with real experts. If you wish, I would be happy to put you in contact with many or I can give you references to peer-reviewed science that would allow you to see why many of us are concerned about increasing levels of RF radiation.


Sharon Noble



From a frustrated member, read from the bottom. Name given at writer’s request.

Sent: March 18, 2015 2:08 PM

To: Island Health Info

Subject: RE: http://www.viha.ca/about_viha/news/news_releases/NR_RFP_wifi_March2015.htm

It is probably a waste of time writing to an entity who does not wish to identify itself by name but this is just too important an issue to ignore.

Dr. Perry Kendall is a waste of public money. He has no interest & has spent not a whit of his time perusing the INDEPENDENT scientific & medical evidence provided by world class scientists & medical professionals who care & derive no benefit by putting themselves ‘out there’. There is no “…..lack of evidence”. On the contrary there are mountains of irrefutable evidence that EMF/EMR is dangerous, lethal & toxic to all living creatures, especially the weak & the young.

The BC Public Health Officer takes his orders from the official but ill-conceived position of the government which takes its orders from the multinational corporations that are taking command of governments world-wide.

You say, “….thank you for sharing your views.” These views aren’t mine alone. They are universal & are shared by millions of persons of integrity, honesty & sensitivity world-wide. Pull your collective heads out of the sand & take a good look around & stop doing whatever you think is necessary in order to keep your job.

And trust me, the day of reckoning will come & the guilty shall be exposed. You must decide where you fit into the picture.

Edgar Murdoch

To: murdoch

Subject: FW: http://www.viha.ca/about_viha/news/news_releases/NR_RFP_wifi_March2015.htm

Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 19:10:07 +0000

Hello Mr. Murdoch:
Thank you for writing to us about your concerns regarding Wi-Fi and Island Health’s plan to explore the provision of Wi-Fi service for visitors and patients in our facilities.
We are aware that there are some people, including yourself, who have concerns regarding Wi-Fi.   Because of this, the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, was asked a few years ago to provide provincial input and direction on the issue. Dr. Kendall looked at the scientific literature and found a lack of convincing evidence of any adverse health effects related to Wi-Fi.  (Note from Ted – Who is Kendle to make this judgement.  He is simply hiding under the levels of radiation set by Industry Canada and its Safety Code 6 which we all know is 6000 times higher than that recommended by the Bioinitiative 2012)

Island Health receives many inquiries from our patients, visitors and staff around why we do not provide Wi-Fi as this is a service that is commonly provided in public buildings and spaces. As Wi-Fi is common place in today’s society and something that would be of benefit to families and patients who are spending extended time in hospital or other care facilities we have decided to explore the feasibility of providing such a service.

Once again, thank you for sharing your views.

Island Health Communications

From: edgar murdoch

Sent: March-17-15 11:32 AM

To: Carr, Brendan (Dr)

Cc: Island Health Info; dsnoble@shaw.ca; una@citizensforsafetechnology.org; nobcsmartmeters@gmail.com; rdconnections@xplornet.ca; jacqui4ndp@gmail.com

Subject: http://www.viha.ca/about_viha/news/news_releases/NR_RFP_wifi_March2015.htm


re: http://www.viha.ca/about_viha/news/news_releases/NR_RFP_wifi_March2015.htm


Are you people out of your freaking minds??!!

All wireless telecommunications & devices have been declared a Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization.
Many independent scientists & medical professionals, who have absolutely nothing to gain personally, believe the category ought to be raised to a Class 2A level because there IS proof, ample proof, that EMF/EMR is toxic & lethal to humans…….yeah to ALL living creatures.

Sure I know Health Canada in its dark, out-dated & obsolete closet of wisdom & BC’s own neanderthal Public Health Officer says Safety Code 6 is adequate when the entire scientific global community sees it as a farce & the reality is it is among the weakest & least effective protocol of any nation on earth regarding non-ionizing microwave radiation. Why SC 6 allows 10,000 times more toxic radiation to reach its constituents than developed countries in Europe. Go figure!

And now you wish to add exposure to the sick & elderly & disadvantaged along with vulnerable young developing children as your victims. Wireless technology is still a biological experiment witnessed by all of mankind without the knowledge or consent of its innocent participants.

Just remember that anyone in government or other authority who is promoting this ill-advised & conceived technology must also live with the guilt when the dust finally settles & the results of the experiment become known.

 Open your eyes folks, then your brains & finally your hearts & STOP THE MADNESS NOW!! Let INTEGRITY be your guide – not PROFIT & GREED!

Edgar Murdoch

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