2015-03-14 Health Canada ignores all recent scientific evidence and maintains SC 6


1) – It is possible that new appliances and electronics will have a zigbee chip waiting to communicate with $$meters.
But the zigbee chip may be spewing out RF even before a $smeter is in range. This Samsung Fridge had no label indicating this, so it’s ‘buyer beware”.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vynkNWDL6u0  –  8 min. youtube
You may have seen the announcement that Health Canada has released the new “revised” Safety Code 6, the one based on the Royal Society Panel that was loaded with industry hacks.

See below for the press release. It comes as no surprise that HC has said that it has disregarded recent studies that show harm because they are not up to HC’s standards, (meaning they show harm.).
And it comes as no surprise that the basic SC 6 has remained unchanged for some 30 years or more. The limits were set long before everyone has cell phones and wifi, before there were transmitters on every apt., in every neighbourhood, on poles outside our homes.<
Health Canada lies in its press release saying SC 6 is one of the most rigorous in the world. 

In fact it is one of the weakest, and is not based on independent science. It is bought and paid for by the industry for the industry.

This is shameful and I believe this will cause voices around the world to cry out about the corruption in this agency.

One of the “myths” they address:

Busting Myths on Safety Code 6

Myth:  Safety Code 6 limits only provide protection based on limited exposure for healthy adults. The guideline does not account for vulnerable populations such as children or people with electro hypersensitivity disorder.

Fact: Even a small child, following continuous exposure from multiple sources of RF energy, would not experience adverse health effects provided that the exposure limits set in Safety Code 6 are respected.

The Safety Code 6 limits for human exposure to RF energy are designed to provide protection for all age groups, including children, on a continuous (24 hours a day/seven days a week) basis.

This means that if someone, including a small child, were to be exposed to RF energy from multiple sources for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, within the Safety Code 6 limits, there would be no adverse health effects.

2) – In Oklahoma, because of the many complaints elsewhere, some utilities are considering keeping older meters, abandoning the idea of forcing people to take smart meters.

3) – Non-smeter but it certainly pertains to Hydro and our rates:

Letters and articles:

Health Canada Revised Limits


Health Canada Publishes Revised Human Exposure Limits for Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy

Canada’s limits among the most rigorous science-based limits in the world  [Note from Ted:  This is FALSE,  not true]

OTTAWA, March 13, 2015 /CNW/ –
Today Health Canada published its revised Safety Code 6.
Safety Code 6 is Health Canada’s guideline for recommended human exposure limits to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy, the kind of energy given off by various electronic devices such as cell phones and Wi-Fi, as well as broadcasting and cell phone towers.

Health Canada has updated Safety Code 6 based on the latest available scientific evidence, including improved modelling of the interaction of radiofrequency fields with the human body.

(note from Sharon: What updates??)
The revised Safety Code takes into consideration recommendations from the Royal Society of Canada’s Expert Panel on Safety Code 6, as well as the scientific and technical feedback received by Health Canada during the public consultation on the proposed guideline. The updated Safety Code includes slightly more restrictive reference levels in some frequency ranges to ensure even larger safety margins to protect all Canadians, including newborn infants and children.
Health Canada reminds all Canadians that their health has always been protected from radio frequency electromagnetic energy by the exposure limits in Safety Code 6.  Safety Code 6 has always established human exposure limits that are far below the established, scientific threshold for potentially harmful health effects.  The limits in Safety Code 6 are based on established, scientific evidence, and provide protection against all known harmful health effects for all individuals.  [Note from Ted – Again FALSE.  What are these guys smoking?]

Quick Facts

  • Health Canada’s updated Safety Code 6 makes Canada’s limits among the most rigorous science-based limits in the world. [FALSE.  See news that many countries in Europe and Asia are all lowering the RF radiation levels for the public to be much lower than Safety Code 6.  In some cases 1000’s of times lower.  Many are making it the law that NO Wi_FI be used in schools.  And it seems that in CANADA Wi-Fi is being promoted in schools.  See some schools are requiring wi-fi iPads for school work.]
  • The Safety Code 6 limits for human exposure to RF fields are designed to provide protection for all age groups, including infants and children, on a continuous (24 hours a day/seven days a week) basis.  [Note from Ted – Again FALSE –  What about the net impact of multiple devices that are all creating microwave radiation in the home:  wireless router,  cordless phones,  smart phones,  wifi computer,  wireless Smart Meters,  wireless Water Meters and now toys that are wifi controlled.  ]
  • Safety Code 6 is reviewed on a regular basis to verify that it provides protection against all known potentially harmful health effects. [Note from TED:  This is NOT TRUE. Yes, revised only a tiny bit from 2009, nothing significant.  And revised by experts that seem to be ignorant of the fact that microwave heating is NOT the issue,  it is the radiation’s interaction with the body’s electronics and chemistry. That is the issue.  And there seems to be much conflict of interest in these experts.  Check this out.]

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SOURCE Health Canada


“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”  — Albert Einstein

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[Notes from Ted:   Safety Code 6 is based entirely on the heating effects of microwave radiation.  The heating experiments are based on heating up a pretend head called SAM with radiation of various frequencies.  If the head is heated up 1 deg. Celsius in 6 minutes then that is too much radiation so the Safety Code 6 is set at about 1000 times lower just to be safe.  This is similar to cooking some meat in your microwave oven.
But 1000s of experiments available now indicate that it is NOT the heating effects of microwaves that effect the body and brain but the interaction of the microwave radiation with the electronics and chemistry of the body.  These effects are observed at radiation levels many thousands of times lower than Safety Code 6.   Many countries in Europe have a greater awareness of this problem and have been moving to decrease the levels of acceptable radiation.
It is my opinion that the governments of Canada and the US are locked in a deadly financial embrace with the Wireless industry to prevent the average citizen from being aware of the major health tsunami that is slowly going to crash upon us.  When this awareness reaches the tipping point then there will severe social unrest.  IMHO this will happen within several years from now.
If you have any interest in this issue then you must do some online research.

Start with our website – www.StopSmartMetersBC.COM



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