2014-11-30 Fire incidents reported to Bennett

  • So far I have provided Bill Bennett, Christy Clark, John Horgan and Adrian Dix with proof of 10 $$meter  “failures and fires” (see below for most recent)  and to date I have received no acknowledgement from anyone.  Hydro and Bennett are still saying none have occurred. I hope you will share the information with your local media, neighbours and relatives. People need to know that they have a fire hazard on their homes or beside their homes. In most instances these incidents were not included in the list of incidents I received from BC Hydro and many are not included in BC Safety Authority’s annual summary of electrical incidents. No one is tracking. No one seems to care.


  • Several US cities are alerting citizens about the dangers of RF:

“Greenbelt Maryland joins the Cities of Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, and the Town of Hillsborough, California in voicing concerns about the 18 year old radiofrequency radiation regulations to the FCC.”



  • From a member, I suggested she write an article for the newspapers. This is totally irresponsible.

We were just at the BC Cancer Clinic in Surrey on Tuesday as my husband was to see an oncologist. I took my Electrosmog meter just for interest. In the waiting area posted on a bulletin board was an 8×11.5″ poster advertising free Wi-Fi and the password for the day. The meter got the attention of the medical assistants at the front desk and I just happened to have in my bag the WiFi FAQ, the Medical Advice sheet from Michelle and the page from the BC CDC on WiFi…I spoke briefly with the two ladies. One took the information and the other avoided it, obviously preferring to be in denial. Upon leaving the clinic I stopped to ask a volunteer if she knew who I could speak with about the Cancer Agency bathing cancer patients, people whose immune systems are already compromised, with a Class 2B carcinogen…you know like chloroform, lead and DDT. She was surprised and pointed out the administrator just over the desk. I spoke with her and left the same info with her. We’ll see what happens on our next visit…I’ll likely repeat the performance. Once my color printer starts working again I hope to print off more flyers and visit the newest preschool in South Surrey that’s promoting technology for preschoolers. I figure I can get some attention by greeting parents on their way into or leaving the school.

3) Ontario is planning more $mart grid projects. With this type of technology, there is always something new to do, changes needing to be made. Some of the additions sound interesting.  I will see if I can get more info about microgrids. This is what many experts have been recommending to protect against massive accidents/attacks  bringing disruption to the entire country.

 “microgrids to help localized groups of electricity generation, energy storage, and loads that function autonomously from the main power grid;”



  • Hamburg, Germany is eliminating wifi from some schools.




  • Appears that the federal public health officer’s position is being weakened. The federal govt. seems intent on making sure scientific information is denied, hidden from the public. Perhaps our appeals for help should be redirected to the auditor general:

 “Auditor general reports year after year have raised concerns that we have not yet achieved satisfactory progress on many measures, including information sharing across the country. Interestingly, it is the auditor general who has shone a light on these concerns and not the chief public health officer.”





From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: November 30, 2014 10:24 PM
To: Bill Bennett (mem.minister@gov.bc.ca); ‘adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca
Cc: John Horgan. Leader NDP; Christy Clark (premier@gov.bc.ca); ‘Karagianis.MLA, Maurine’; ‘Shin.MLA, Jane Jae Kyung’; ‘gary.holman.mla@leg.bc.ca‘; CKNW Mike Smyth (msmyth@theprovince.com); ‘commission.secretary@bcuc.com‘; Patrick Wruck

Smart meter fires #8-10

Mr. Bennett and Mr. Dix,

Following is information on 3 more fires and failures, bringing the total that I have sent you to 10. You will recall that the Saskatchewan government demanded that all smart meters be removed from homes after 8 “failures” had occurred.


  1. Attached is the report from the BC Safety Authority on a fire that occurred at the Sparwood Post Office, Aug. 1, 2012. According to the report this is another example of evidence being removed before the inspector could determine the cause.


Cause is undetermined. Due to the fact that the B.C. Safety Authority, was not given a opportunity to inspect the damaged meter base, cause cannot be determined. As the fire occurred in the meter base that was connected and had a new smart meter installed, there is no way to know if the cause was from a damaged meter base or from the smart meter.


  1. In Surrey on Aug. 24, 2012  a smart meter fire occurred as reported: http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Hydro+meter+fire+sparks+suspicion+grow+Surrey/7143042/story.html#ixzz24XpjlmoY

The official fire report says it was an electrical fire, caused by an electrical spark, discharge associated with an illegal bypass. A report from BC Safety Authority (Surrey office) would cost $100 so I have not obtained it, but I am not certain that a report exists.  This incident was not included in the BC Safety Authority’s annual summary of incidents, and neither was it included on BC Hydro’s list of incidents  (FOI response..


  1. In Cloverdale, Oct. 2012 a melted smart meter in a restaurant  www.cloverdalereporter.com/news/176510271.html?c=y&curSection=/&curTitle=BC+News&bc09=true This incident was not reported on either BC Hydro’s list (FOI response) or on BCSA’s annual summary of incidents.

How many more must I prove have occurred before you admit that there is a serious problem with the ITRON meters on homes in British Columbia? How many more homes and lives must be endangered? Several times I have asked you to tell me and I have yet to receive a response – what is the requisite number?

Sharon Noble


‘From a member:

My letter to Fortis below regarding my hopes for their ‘smart’ meters.
I feel that it is important to send copies of my activities with Fortis to our government and get the ball rolling right away with transparency.
I will encourage everyone I know to do the same.
Although these agencies, Hydro and Fortis, we all know are intimately connected to the government and ‘in bed’ with them, I don’t pretend to be naïve.
I also don’t pretend to be hoping for big changes here.
But I do intend on making my voice heard, sharing my process with everyone I know and encouraging them to make their voice, choice and preferences heard and to encourage others likewise.
For ‘we the people’ do make a difference when we use our powers in correct ways, in force of numbers.
It is the awakening that frightens the government more than anything.
It is the fact that people will not sleep through this that makes for the possibility that the future of our ability to ‘choose’ will remain intact.
I pray that we here in BC will wake up in mass and put two and two together and want something better than simply accepting this massive grid assault of electromagnetic energy.
I for one, can literally hear it as I have always had profound hearing.
I find that it is not only obnoxious in nature, but truly disturbingly unnatural.
Hopefully, the people will awaken from their technological stupor and dumbing down and gather some strength for change!
many blessings.

—– Forwarded Message —–
To: “electricity customerservice” <electricity.customerservice@fortisbc.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2014 11:57:11 AM
Subject: smart meters

I understand that Fortis will now be placing Smart Meters on our homes in the near future. I have opted out the Smart Meter from Hydro and would like to begin the process of opting out in a legal and long term agreement, not to have a Smart Meter from Fortis as well.  Due to health issues, both my husband and I who share our dwelling are making this request so that wherever we live in BC we have the option to remove it and place a safe meter on our home.  Please inform me of the process.

I’m sending a copy of this letter, BCC, to my Parliament Member here in Vernon BC, the Honourable Colin Mayes, MP Okanagan-Shuswap, so he may observe this process in action as well.  I am a concerned citizen and wish for the process to be ‘choice oriented’, not like the BC Hydro fiasco. 

With BC Hydro, I was literally assaulted by a 200+ pound woman who held me physically against my will, pinned against my home against my old meter (in the end, her supervisor came to my rescue and put my meter back on!) in fear that she/they/Hydro would have a lawsuit on her hands!  I was only one of many people who were literally assaulted by this ‘thug’ who bullied her way onto peoples’ properties, threatened them and often pushed her way through!  Apparently she’s been rerouted to the ‘north’ where she can get away with this type of behavior out of the general public’s view!!

I’m sure Colin Mayes would like to be privy and observant of a fair and respectful process. Hopefully, Fortis has learned from Hydro what not to do and to provide services that allow and respect the greater community’s rights, personal freedoms and a respectful, democratic process of choice (ie., for safe and equitable options)

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