2014-11-29 Dec. 2 meeting in Kelowna

  • Meeting for Fortis resisters in Kelowna area:

there’s a meeting to stop the meters in Kelowna at 7 pm Tues Dec 2nd at The Italian Place 770 Lawrence
See more details here


Looks like an interesting lecture to students in New Zealand re. wifi — I had time for only part of it.




  • UK – wifi in public places of major concern:



  • Public wifi in the Salmon Arm area is of concern.



  • See below an email from a member,  re. the Cancer Society. Major scientists have said that the vast majority of cancers (90% is the figure I recall) are due to environmental toxins, e.g. chemicals, GMOs, RF, pesticides, smoking. If the industries were forced to stop producing these the drug companies and the Cancer Societies would lose their reason for being.
    Samuel Epstein has been fighting against the societies and their blatant conflict of interest for decades.


I wanted to share something I found out yesterday. I was at the mall with my kids and went into the health food store.

They have these ionizers which are for essential oils and puts a mist into the air for aromatherapy. I use essential oils so decided to purchase one. The lady said they are better than using heat to create the vapour or mist. I get home plug it in and after a bit I notice I start feeling not right. Anyhow later that night I decided to read the box and says uses a high frequency to create mist. I get my cornet meter lol and hold it up to the unit. To my surprise I start getting readings of RF radiation. I was like it must be from my kids ipods so I turn off the unit and the RF stops. I turn it back on and the radiation is pulsing again. I am going to try and return it today or get a refund/exchange. Very surprised a health food store would be selling a unit emitting RF.


  • Some confusion in Medicine Hat despite moratorium.



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