2014-11-22 Letter from family being harassed horribly by Hydro

  • “London Hydro is the first energy company in the country to integrate Bidgely’s solution into the My London Hydro energy portal, adding appliance-level monitoring and personalized energy savings recommendations to London Hydro’s portal to help the utility improve customer satisfaction and engagement levels.”

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/2014/11/20/6548243_bidgely-and-london-hydro-launch.html?sp=/100/773/385/&rh=1#storylink=cpy


  • The UK keeps changing deadlines and options. Hopefully this means that they are considering all the costs and whatever benefits there might be. By delaying they are getting the benefit of learning about all the problems from the experiences of places like BC.



  • Quebec, rates affirmed at $5 a month!! And people are allowed to keep their analogs. Hydro is a thief as well as a liar.



  • Member reports seeing a blue Corix truck in Kelowna on Friday, Nov. 21.  Please report sightings of Corix in any area on the Coalition’s Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Coalitiontostopsmartmeters   If you don’t use facebook, you can email one of our Coalition volunteers, Susan Yurychuk yurychuk@gmail.com who has offered to put it on FB for you.


  • Interference is a major issue with any wireless device. Smeters have interfered with Ham radio transmitters, and I recall reading that one woman suffered interference with an electric wheelchair. Last week someone sent in warnings on an electric scooter about interference from wireless devices. There is no reason to believe smeters can’t interfere with medical devices like pacemakers and dialysis machines.

This poor woman died from going through an airport scanner. My library has signs warning people not to go through the detection device.



  • See a letter below from someone in Comox Valley trying to connect with people (in the area) who are being bullied.


  • WARNING:   Below also is a letter from a family being harassed by hydro because they did not pay their legacy fees. Please know that the law says we must pay this extortion – or else Hydro will bring its full wrath upon us. That means cutting power which they are doing with zeal now that it’s cold, or sending the bill to a collection agency.

We must fight this every way possible . Please write to the media, call into radio shows, visit your MLA and demand that we be treated fairly. This is wrong that smart meters are being read manually and we are paying for it.



A letter from a member gets printed!! Please keep writing to your newspapers. This is the only way word is getting out – and people with smeters deserve to know they have a fire hazard on their homes.



From: susan holvenstot [mailto:cvec17@hotmail.com]   Personal contact given at request of author.

Sent: November 22, 2014 10:05 AM

To: CV Record; susan holvenstot

Subject: Letter to Ed-BC Hydro letter, Nov 11 in CV Record

BC Hydro letter, Nov 11 in CV Record

Dear Editor

The Nov 11 letter by Ted Olynyk of BC Hydro deserves a serious answer. He says disconnection is “always a last resort.” The Merville woman disconnected on Nov 6 had received only one warning, in Sept. She had always paid her electric usage on time, AND always paid for the months her meter was actually read.

Ted says, the fees for those who “choose radio-off meter” (the Merville woman had her analog meter stolen, and replaced with a radio-off meter against her will in May) , is “not new in North America.” Yes, but the rates for being allowed to keep our safe, functional analog meters is WAY higher.

In Sept, Quebec Hydro was ordered to reduce these fees from $17 to $7 per month. a far cry from the $32 we in BC are being charged.

Ted says the Chinese manufactured smart meters used in BC have “undergone thorough quality assurance testing by both the manufacturer and BC Hydro…”

Is that re-assuring? Why are they not approved by CSA – Canadian Standard Association? Why has Saskechewan ordered the removal of 100,000 smart meters?

The BC Liberals have given BC Hydro a green light to bully consumers and force the acceptance of the “smart” meter grid, including the opportunity to cut power from two (at least!) single older women in the Comox Valley.

Please contact me if you are also being bullied, at 250-334-2375.

Susan Holvenstot

CV Smart Meter Resisters



Warning from a family !!

Sent: November 22, 2014 1:45 AM
To: Dennis and Sharon Noble

Nov. 21, 2014

Hi Sharon:

I had talked to Helen and she told me to send a letter to you about what has happened to us and to send it along with the letter that you had replied with to her.

While we were away on Nov. 20, 2014, at 6.10 pm we received a phone call message left on our phone by B. C. Hydro saying that if we didn’t pay our hydro bill within 24 hours our hydro would be disconnected. So I phoned Farren in the morning and he told me what to do. So I got things ready and made copies of everything I did. Then my husband Ron went to the Royal bank in Abbotsford and just paid for our power usage of the hydro bill we had received to be paid by Nov. 27, 2014. After that I made a copy of the hydro bill paid plus the cheque that paid this bill. Then I made out a cheque for the balance of the Legacy Fees plus GST  that I haven’t paid since March, 2014.  On the cheque I put in the Memo area “Past Legacy Fees Paid Under Extreme Duress” payable to B.C.Hydro. I made copies of this cheque plus a copy of a letter I sent telling them I was paying the Legacy Fees Under Extreme Duress  and that our account was now paid in full.

Then I went to the post office and told the clerk there that I wanted to send a registered letter to get there today or else my power would get disconnected later today when the 24 hours was up. She then informed me that a registered letter would not get there today and I would have to send it by Express Post to get there today. So that is what I did. Before leaving , I asked the clerk are you sure it will get there today and she said yes.

When I got home I right away phoned B.C. Hydro like they had asked me to in there phone call and told a lady what I had done to pay our account in full. She asked why I had separated the Legacy fees to be sent separately to them. I told her I was told to do it that way. She informed me that I should have paid all of it at the Royal bank as they hadn’t received the cheque yet for the Legacy Fees and that our power would be disconnected.  When I told her that I couldn’t understand why they hadn’t received my Express post letter yet as I had paid for it to get there right away and told her what I had paid. She then said she would see what her supervisor would say. She came back and said our power would be disconnected. I explained again that the cheque was coming for the Legacy Fees today as I was told by the clerk at the post office that it would get there today. I also told her that I would phone the post office to find out why they hadn’t received it yet. She then went back to her supervisor again and came back saying they would not disconnect us today. I asked her again to confirm that we wouldn’t be disconnected and she said we wouldn’t be.  I told her thank you.

After that I phoned the post office to talk to the clerk who had sold me the Express post letter. This clerk told me that the other clerk was now leaving. When I explained my situation and asked this clerk why the Express post envelope was still at there office and not sent to B.C. Hydro as it was to get there today. She informed me that it wouldn’t go out until Monday.  When I asked this clerk why would this other clerk say it would get there today which I had paid for plus another $1.50 for Hydro to sign for it when they received it and why it hadn’t left yet. She said I would have to ask Velma as she would be in tomorrow.

After that call I phoned B.C. Hydro again and this time talked to a fellow and explained everything to him what I had done and what had happened so far. He replied that because of the cheque not getting there today that our power could be disconnected. His suggestion was to put a stop on this cheque and write a new one and pay it at the bank tomorrow. I told him that I didn’t know how to do that as the cheque is from our line of credit in Ontario and not from an bank account here locally. I then explained again that the cheque was coming as it would be leaving the post office on Monday. He replied with, it may not get here on Monday and the only solution is what I told you to do to prevent disconnection. He said you may not get disconnected today because of some of the money that you paid at the bank today but wasn’t sure of what would happen tomorrow. When I told him we were Old Age Pensioners and that I didn’t know that the cheque wouldn’t get there today, he replied that it was our problem because we had been notified that this would happen if we didn’t pay what was past due. After that he told me he had to go as there were other calls he had to answer.

I thought that we would be Ok as the last bill that we got said we didn’t have to pay it until Nov. 27, 2014. I was going to pay the bill next week.
Is there anyone with power that I could contact tomorrow that could help us with this matter so that we don’t get disconnected this weekend until they get their money hopefully on Monday because of us as being misinformed by the post office yesterday. Please let me know. Thank you.

Please share this with others to let them know what happened to us.

Signed ___________________

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