2014-11-20 Time to get MDs involved.

  • I don’t know the background but a man in Errington has removed his $$meter and mailed it to Hydro. Know that the comment by Derek Ward is not true, he likes to stir things up, loving these $meters and Hydro. As you know no one at the Coalition or Citizens for Safe Technology has ever suggested that anyone remove their $meter. The laws are laws, even when they are wrong. Our goal is to work to get these terrible laws changed.



  • It’s time we got MDs involved in this debate.   They are the ones seeing people with EHS and cancers, which are increasing and occurring in younger people. A member (see letters below) was told that the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment has no policy re. RF. Why don’t they? Perhaps they need to be educated. Seeing what other doctors have learned and are supporting could result in CAPE joining with us. Attached is a letter (one of many) written by doctors asking for reduction in the exposure levels and public education about the dangers of prolonged use of wireless devices. Please consider writing to CAPE, and perhaps copying your doctor.  See Attached Declaration: Doctors Call for Protection from RFRAD exposure.


  • A really good article to read and to share called “The Electronic Silent Spring” by Katie Singer,  calling for a campaign like that led by Rachel Carson against pesticides decades ago. We need a pledge to help clean up our electronic environment from our politicians and neighbours.



  • Ok, it’s time to develop a plan of action here. People, like the writer of the letter below, are getting disconnection notices for not paying the $65 failed installation fees. Yet many people never had anyone knock on their doors, as Hydro promised, so there is the constant fear that a door knock was missed, an installer appeared and a $65 charge will be added to the bill – whether they came or not. I propose we all undertake to call BC Hydro, Bill Bennett and our MLA at least once a day and ask if they can find out if anyone knocked on our doors. “I don’t want to get another failed installation fee, and I have never had anyone knock. Can you please find out if anyone knocked on my door.” Let’s do this when you feel the urge to get even – it will tie up their lines and send a message that this is happening to us and we’ve had it. No more failed installation fees for a service that isn’t being done, for something that can’t be proven to have happened. Just another tactic to harass us. let’s harass back. Phone: Hydro at  speak to a customer service representative, call: 604 224 9376604 224 9376 or 1 800 224 93761 800 224 9376. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Bill Bennett’s constituency in Cranbrook Phone: (250) 417-6022(250) 417-6022  Toll Free: (866) 417-6022(866) 417-6022.  In Victoria: Telephone: 250 387-5896250 387-5896

 Your MLA at  https://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm

  • The Fortis people are starting to get the same false assurances we were given. This is in response to an earlier article that I circulated in which a retired expert warned about the dangers of RF.  I hope you will comment.


Earlier article:  http://www.pentictonherald.ca/life/article_cd22f2ae-6a19-11e4-aa83-bb32582a1e46.html#user-comment-area


  • Non-smeters, but another clear indication that this government is corrupt and willing to rob us blind for its corporate pals. As you read about Site C, remember that the government included Site C in the Clean Energy Act and forbids any oversight by BCUC and probably all other agencies. This is a government gone rogue.




Sent: November 18, 2014 1:50 PM

To: Dennis and Sharon Noble

Subject: Contact Form submission from Physicians for the Environment

I recently asked the  Canadian Association of Physicians for the environment http://cape.ca if they had an Electromagnetic Radiation Policy – they don’t.

A bit of pressure from others for a policy may wake them up I suggest that others use their web contact form at http://cape.ca/welcome/contact-information/ to push them for a policy – reminding them that Medical Doctors around the world have established policies.

I suggest the web form so it does not look as through the request are coming in after I gave the Executive Director’s email address out and organised a campaign.  My guess is no one has asked them to have a policy

Another group to push for an EMR policy is Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health & Environment

Erica Phipps
Executive Director




Begin forwarded message:

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2014 12:02:04 -0500
From: Tamara Brownstone <tamara@cape.ca>
To: X

Subject: Re: Contact Form submission from Physicians for the Environment

Hello X

CAPE has not taken an official position on electromagnetic radiation.


Tamara Brownstone
Executive Assistant
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
416-306-2273 www.cape.ca


Sent: November 18, 2014 8:35 PM
To: scantone.jones@leg.bc.ca; dsnoble@shaw.ca
Subject: FW: Disconection notice for failed installation fee

Hi Scantone;
Just received a disconnection notice in my mail for not paying my failed installation fee of last month’s bill.  Threatening to disconnect over a lousy $65 and now there is interest tax =$68.25!
Bc hydro is now stealing $137.32 of me.

EVEN MORE!  My electric charges should only be $261.65 including  gst. NOT $399.93! The legacy fee plus the failed installation fees really add up.  I have been a faithful on time
paying hydro customer for over 20 years. I was so stressed out that I had  to rush to the bank to pay the extortion fees before getting disconnected .  I Can’t believe BC hydro disconnects power to families with the weather getting so cold.  I am on a VERY TIGHT budget and am in the hole every month trying to support my
family. I am so UPSET with this government! I have NEVER EVER received a disconnection notice  in my whole life.  BC hydro is ignoring my registered mail and requests and steamrolling, threatening, humiliating and stealing of me and all the thousands of others with analogue meters.  I will be consulting my lawyer as I have registered mail and all sorts of legal documents to support that BC hydro is committing fraud.




Sent: November 20, 2014 8:38 AM
To: jmackie@vancouversun.com
Subject: Article regarding Dr. Perry Kendall

Read your interview with the gentleman regarding his career in public service and was extremely disappointed that not one question was asked regarding prolonged exposure to low levels of microwave radiation.

He is responsible for allowing wifi in schools ( happy little Indian child saying ” I gotta laptop”)   My thought “big bloomin’ deal” make them and teachers sick.

He allowed cell towers to be built in the most ridiculous places and recently the kafuffal (justified ) over Smart meters foisted on uneducated (re: dangers) public. Unexplained fires and etc.

I quote: he is a doctor who is ignoring the oath he took to do no harm, unquote. He is retiring in March leaving disaster in his wake, bye, bye!

My suggestion to you is “try to arrange an interview with Bill Bennett and ha, ha,ha, Christy Clark??” So many


Sent: November 15, 2014 7:19 PM
To: Premier Christy Clark; Hon. Don McRae; Hon. Alex Atamamenko; Hon. Peter Fassbender; Hon. J. Lunney; Elizabeth May; John Horgan; Adrian Dix; Mike Farnworth; Gordon Hogg; Perry Kendall; Bill Bennett; Greg Reimer; CKNW – Mike Smyth

Subject: B.C. Smart Meters & Bullying by B.C. Hydro!

Dear Hon. Members:

I enclose in part a letter sent by a B.C. Hydro customer who is a husband, father of 4 children who now in the winter weather has had his power cut-off because he has not paid his legacy fee.  He is a customer of B.C. Hydro who is in good standing, always having his power bills up to date.  Is this the way to treat customers.

This is a clear case of extortion and bulling from the Liberal Government, We have continued to pay all our hydro bills in full to date (except the extortion fees) You will find my credit history in good order with all suppliers.

My wife and four children are having a hard time understanding why we are being punished for protecting our health and possible lives from danger? A police officer just talked to my 7 & 9 year olds at public school about bulling and how it is wrong no matter what the circumstance…….. the liberal government cuts our lines the same day, made for a rather difficult dinner conversation that evening in the dark!!!!

A simplified version for the slower folks………

Big kid says to the little kid, give me your lunch money or I will beat you up,

Small kid says “ no “ I need this money to buy food…

Big kid says again, give me your money or I will beat you up……

Small kid says “no” I need this money to buy food…

Big kid beats up the small kid , takes his money and his bike,  then justifies it by saying it is in the public’s best interest!


Please do the right thing Christie, like Sask power did, and kill this program before it kills us !!!!!!!

How can one answer their children & grandchildren about “bullying” like this father having an RCMP speak tohis children, earlier in the day at school, about bullying under “no circumstances” is right.  How can adults do this & get away with it, business people at that???

It is time that we as adults & leaders of government STOP speaking from both sides of our mouth & do what is right.  Wrong is never Right!

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