2014-11-18 A photo of a failed meter that Bill Bennett and Hydro say never happened.

  • Attached is a photo of a meter that failed and burned, damaging the side of the home, the one in the report I sent the other day where Hydro paid for repairs. This is just one of many I’ve found so far. Please send this to your MLAs as evidence that Bennett and Hydro are not being honest when they say there have been no failures. This could have been a devastating fire if someone hadn’t spotted it early.

2014-11-18 UPDATE Burned Meter

  • Another person harassed by billing errors by Hydro. You can see her letter below in “Letters”.  Looks as if BC Hydro is trying to outdo Ontario’s Hydro One in incompetence.


  • The House in the US has passed a bill asking for research into effects of exposure to low levels of radiation!! Not that more studies are needed because thousands have been done already, but finally this is on the US’s radar. When is Canada going to do something – after the US tells them to? Let’s send this and some studies to our MPs. They can demand action – even if Harper doesn’t do anything, an alarm can be raised, letting the public know there is more science that Harper denies.



  • about the ITRON smeter fire in Detroit:



  • Warning from a member. Keep an eye out for your bill. I believe this is a shorter notice period than is required, so I recommended discussing this with Patrick Wruck.

I received my e-bill from Hydro today (18-Nov) payable 21-Nov.  If I was more of a conspiracy theorist, I would think it was an opportunity for me to miss my bill and have my power cut!  I’m fortunate enough to check my email regularly and have online billing set up, but there are folks out there who might not be so quick to turn around a payment.

 I called Hydro, complained, and had a note put on my file to avoid any confusion. 


Sent: November 17, 2014 6:32 PM
From: xxxxxxxx
To: Bill Bennett; Greg Reimer/B.C. Hydro; Michelle Stilwell – MLA; Patrick Wruck, BCUC:EX; Sharon Noble

Please STOP with your harassing notices threatening to disconnect my hydro.  Below is proof of B.C. Hydro’s tactics at trying to force me to accept a smart meter.

Jan. 16/14 –  B.C. Hydro bill (which included a Legacy Meter Charge)  yet my meter was not physically read by B.C. Hydro

Apr. 11/14 –  B.C. Hydro bill (B.C. Hydro read my meter Mar. 4/14) B.C. Hydro Inv. #11111111

– no bill               (B.C. Hydro read my meter May 1/14)

– no bill               (B.C. Hydro read my meter July 2/14)

Sep. 18/14 – B.C. Hydro bill (B.C. Hydro read my meter Sep. 2/14) B.C. Hydro Inv. #22222222

Nov. 6/14   – B.C. Hydro bill (B.C. Hydro read my meter Oct. 31/14)

As is documented, I never received a B.C. Hydro bill for my hydro consumption for 6 months straight.  When I did not receive a bill after my hydro was physically read, I contacted B.C. Hydro to enquire when I would get a bill and was told that “yes, a bill hadn’t been sent out yet but would be soon”.

B.C. Hydro’s tactic was to not send out my bill for 6 months so when I finally got the bill (dated Sep. 18/14) it was financially impossible to pay; hence B.C. Hydro threatening “Disconnection Notice”.  It is by B.C. Hydro’s devious actions that my bill has reached such a total that I will require some time to pay it off (which I have been making payments towards).

B.C. Hydro states analog meter customers must pay a Legacy Meter Charge:

–  so why am I charged a fee when B.C. Hydro did not physically do a meter read (Jan. 16/14 B.C. Hydro bill)

–  so why am I charged a fee to have my analog meter read when smart meters are physically read and these customers are not charged a fee

–  so why am I charged a fee to keep my analog meter which is harder to steal hydro whereas a smart meter is easily hacked and harder to trace

–  so why am I charged a fee to keep my analog meter which is exorbitant in comparison to other provinces

–  so why am I being discriminated against for having a analog meter when I am saving money; my analog meter will outlast a smart meter by far

–  so why am I being discriminated against for having a analog meter when I am saving lives; my analog meter does not start fires,  smart meters do

Is there a logical, financial sound, keeping in mind B.C. residents health and safety, answer to these queries?

The behaviour of B.C. Hydro and their treatment of the B.C. Hydro customers by trampling on our democratic rights are unconscionable.

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