2014-11-17 Major Hydro botch will bill


  • A woman who received a huge bill ($3000) from Hydro and was threatened that her power would be shut off if she didn’t pay, received word that Hydro had made a mistake.  Below is the history of this fiasco, and attached is one photo of her burned meter (I sent 5 to Dix and Bennett).


A rather long but very good presentation re. $$meters by the head of the Stop $$meters UK.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wlOhGcwm1Y



Please read from the bottom up of this stream.

From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: November 17, 2014 8:29 PM
To: ‘adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca‘; Bill Bennett (mem.minister@gov.bc.ca)
Cc: ‘Karagianis.MLA, Maurine’; John Horgan. Leader NDP; ‘Shin.MLA, Jane Jae Kyung’; ‘gary.holman.mla@leg.bc.ca‘; Christy Clark (premier@gov.bc.ca); Patrick Wruck; ‘commission.secretary@bcuc.com‘; CKNW Mike Smyth (msmyth@theprovince.com)
Subject: Fire/Failure #6

Dear Adrian and Mr. Bennett,

I failed to include this fire/failure in my recent summary to Mr. Bennett. Please note: This is # 6. The photos of the burned meter are attached.

As you see below the reason I was initially contacted was because this lady had received a bill for $3000 that Hydro could not and would not explain. She had been threatened with disconnection of service if she did not immediately agree to a payment plan.

After much effort by many, and a stalwart battle by the victim who refused to allow BC Hydro to bully her, today she was told that Hydro had made a mistake several months ago in its billing, and the $3000 bill was withdrawn. What would have happened if this lady had not been as strong, as sure that Hydro was wrong? Would Hydro have cut her power? What if she hadn’t had support in her efforts to get this error fixed? How many others have accepted outrageously wrong bills, paying them when faced with threats of loss of power?

It should be abundantly clear to everyone that BC Hydro is out of control. Who is responsible for this organization that is causing so many people harm, costing huge amounts of money in illegal fees, threatening health and safety of every person in British Columbia? Nothing can justify the lack of care, concern or regard that people are experiencing in their dealings with this crown corporation.

Mr. Bennett, you are responsible for this — morally and legally.

And I ask again, Mr. Bennett, how many more fires/failures do I need to prove occurred before you admit that these meters are fire hazards?


Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

2014-11-17 UPDATE Burned Meter


—–Original Message—–

From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]

Sent: November 9, 2014 3:55 PM

To: ‘adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca

Cc: ‘Karagianis.MLA, Maurine’; John Horgan. Leader NDP; ‘Shin.MLA, Jane Jae Kyung’; ‘gary.holman.mla@leg.bc.ca

Subject: Fire/Failure #5

Dear Adrian,

I received an email from a woman in Revelstoke about a smart meter fire/failure that occurred at her home in May, 2014. She sent me the following outlining the history and what has happened since, as well as photos she took on the day the smart meter was replaced. I have attached a few that show the partially melted meter, the damaged meter box, the darkened meter casing, along with a photo of the new meter on a box as it looked — as her meter looked prior to the incident.

She called me initially about the outrageous bill of nearly $3000 she just received along with a threat of termination of service if she doesn’t agree to a payment plan. This woman lives alone and was away for 2 weeks of the billing period with all electricity except that for her fridge turned off. As of Friday, Hydro had provided no explanation for the spike in consumption and offered no help in determining the cause. I suggested that she demand hour by hour records of usage for the period. There is no obvious explanation except the possibility that Hydro has decided to bill her for the repairs — but not telling her. This approach is totally unacceptable — send a bill that is clearly wrong, with no offer to help determine the problem. No single home could use that much electricity in that period and, no, she doesn’t have a grow op, and no, none of her neighbours do either. She lives is a cul de sac with widows living alone on either side.

I will do all I can to do to help find out what is going on. If we learn that Hydro is trying to bill her for this failed meter, I will be calling upon you to call this what it would be — deceit and possibly fraud.

It was only in association with the huge bill (her normal one is in the $100-150 range) that she told me about the failure. She was not aware of the Coalition, our concerns for fires, or the fact that this “failure” was not an exception.

I sent the photos and this woman’s description of the incident to some experts in our group who believe that the possible problem was “hot sockets”, similar to what has been the cause of fires and failures in Saskatchewan. They believe she was very fortunate that a fire did not occur.

This is the 5th failure/fire I have sent to you, and will be sending you more.


Sharon Noble


1 –  SM was installed sometime between Oct/Nov 2013  I had noticed around middle of April my lights had started to flicker or power in certain rooms would shut of. This at first occurred about every second day and just progressively became worse. I had light switches and plug ins replaced thinking this would solve my problems. No!

Around 25 th of May  I am going to say, I called an electrician as the problem was getting extremely scary. The electrician  came and did a complete inspection on the inside of the house and told me that he could not find a problem inside so had to be outside and suggested I call Hydro ASAP.

I made a call to Hydro explained the situation and was quite happy with the quick response.

One hydro Employee should up and said yes we have a problem. Before I knew it there were about 4 Hydro trucks and a couple local Electricians at the side of my house.

But before all was said the first gentleman that came for Hydro said to me that this may not be Hydro’s problem and I may be responsible for the bill. This was before any body else had showed up or even looked at it.

They were here for many hours working on the meter. I found out after that the meter had not been installed properly, I believe the Hydro guy said ” the contractor who installed it never tightened it enough and it became loose over time and gradually shorted out and basically  melted to my base on the house{not an actual fire, but if left any longer I am sure there would have been} After they had fixed the meter a new one was put in. I was informed then that Hydro would probably take care of it {the bill for it} I was informed later not sure if it was same day or not that hydro would be taking care of it. I never had an apology nothing from them! They packed up and away they went.

2 – On or around Oct 16 I received a voice mail from “Dave” a BC Hydro employee  regarding an invoice for my bill.

When I returned home on Oct 20 I returned Hydro’s call only to be informed that I had a bill for $2919.97! From June 11 to Aug 11 but the problem was from July 3 to Aug 4. Hydro says I had a spike in the electrical for that month a was wondering why? I could not give them an answer why as I have no clue why I would be using that much hydro in that time period, I wasn’t home for 2 of those weeks they are inquiring about. I am very lost at why the hydro had spiked…And why Hydro waited till the middle of Oct to inform me if this had happened in July? Are they trying to make up for money lost having to replace the first meter. Then just by coincidence I had a police helicopter over my house on Friday Oct 31st.


3 – I will give you access to my Hydro account I can tell you what I have that uses electric but how much I couldn’t tell you.

Washer, Dryer, Fridge. Stove, Deepfreeze, Furnace{that is shut off from main breaker form April till October|} Microwave,3 tvs but really only one is used. Then just the basic lights.

I have nothing and I mean nothing that would cause such a spike in the electric. I tried explaining this to Dave the guy from Hydro and all he was worried about was getting a payment plan set up! I just want to know why my power has spiked for 1 month? Is there a problem with this meter? Why didn’t my Hydro bill spike when the meter was shorting everything in April/May? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I am completely lost at what to do or who to go to.

Any help would be appreciated


Dear Sir or Madam,     re: Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range EA

As a Canadian, but more importantly as a human being and one of millions of innocent victims of whatever protocol the world’s dominant governments & corporations wish to force on the global population, I take great umbrage at the suggestion that this initiative by the US Navy will have no impact on humans. The information offered also points out that the impact to small animals is unknown at this time. There is no mention of the impact on avian or marine wildlife or that of insects, beneficial or otherwise.

The impact on humans is quite well-known. This denial, in the light of a mountain of evidence to the contrary by respected, independent medical personnel and research scientists world-wide with absolutely nothing to gain career-wise or financially, is a downright abrogation of responsibility by the American military and its cohorts.

There is world-wide concern that the biologic effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic low-frequency radiation such as wi-fi and microwave cellular radiation and that emitted by the so-called smart meter and smart grid protocols, is cumulative and considered to be carcinogenic by the WHO and many other health organizations, although not recognized as such by the ridiculously inadequate standards set by Health Canada and the United States FCC, EPA and FDA agencies.

The politicians, military personnel and corporate entities who, for whatever iniquitous reasons, are attempting to apply Guinea pig status to the  population of all living creatures in this geographical quadrant and to use the Pacific Northwest habitat as a testing ground for EMF warfare is an unconscionable, egregious and reprehensible act of aggression to the Nth degree. My mind boggles and my entire psyche reels at the thought.

MK-ULTRA and the CIA’s Project Pandora and other such nefarious programs by virtue of the Freedom of Information Act are well-known efforts of the US Military to control mankind and it seems to me that this Environmental Assessment is another step in the directed energy experiment designed to bring ordinary people to their knees.

Please, please when coming to a decision in this matter consider the humanitarian issues at stake here. Apply the Precautionary Principle diligently and with respect to the unwary citizens of both the United States and Canada and remember that accountability goes with the position and if the results are adverse and pernicious to any degree, those promoting the program must all also bear the guilt of those consequences.

Respectfully submitted,

Edgar Murdoch
Enderby, BC 


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