2014-11-16 More public sessions planned by US Navy

  1. Re. US Navy RF warfare training: more open houses and meetings are scheduled, plus there are more opportunities for comments, etc. I hope everyone will take a few minutes and provide comments, with links to studies that will refute the Navy’s misleading, deceitful statement that RF is just fine for all living creatures. It seems quite concerning to me that there has been no feedback or comments from our MLAs or MPs on this issue. They have been sent the articles and information – and I hope you will write yours .


2. As the member who sent this in asked, where is a good hacker when you need one? Electricity bills wiped out for many Turks.


3. In Massachusetts plans are underway to provide the fastest, most efficient and safest internet access and that is through fiber optic cable.


4. A very important concern from a member:

I just sent a legal letter to Greg Reimer with my cheque for the extortion fees.  Since the weather is below zero here the extortion is actually a threat to bodily harm which is how I worded this to him.  So I signed the cheque under extreme duress.

I look forward to his response or lack of response so I can take my next step.  With the actual threat to bodily harm now (pay this or die in the cold) this adds another interesting dimension.

5. The Sask. government is paying for damages caused to homes by the $$meters, just as BC Hydro has done. How can they use public money to pay for damages done by the meter? Why isn’t Sensus paying in Sask. and ITRON in BC?


6. Resisters in Texas are telling San Antonio to be a “Wise City” and not a “$$mart one” and they are prepared based on all the problems the rest of us have had with $meters.




Sent: November-16-14 1:40 PM
To: ‘Weaver.MLA, Andrew’
Cc: ‘John’; ‘adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: discrimination

Dear Dr. Weaver,

As my MLA I hope you will take the time to read the letter I have embedded below from the office of Bill Bennett (not included in update. This is the one sent separately). I think it indicates clearly that the Legacy Fee being charged is contrary to the Utilities Commission Act which calls for equal treatment for all.

The information in the letter is misleading when it states a small number of the smart meters are being read manually at no charge. This small  number is,  I believe, closer to 70,000 smart meters being read manually at no charge to the customer. How is that equal treatment for all.  That is a lot of meters being financed by those of us paying the exorbitant legacy fees, I believe the highest in north America.

For those of us who can afford the extra fees it is not a life style hardship but for many the legacy fees are more than their hydro usage.  This is just ridiculous and these people need someone to stand up for them.

My concerns are more related to the health and safety aspects that the Liberal government are somehow ignoring. I have sent numerous e-mails related to the fire issues and not heard back! I know you are busy and a one man team at present but these are important to the safety of all British Columbians.

With regard to the health issues I hope you have time to glance at the following article with the latest information out of Europe :


I hope you have time to become educated to these issues that are important to public and environmental health.  Thanks for your time.



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