2014-11-15 Excellent video about corruption in agencies like WHO explains why RF is everywhere

  • An amazing new video is available to watch online for $5 (or the DVD costs $25 US). It’s called “Microwaves, Science and Lies” and can be found at  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/17755/89417454 People who have seen it highly recommend it to show how corruption in the agencies we trust to protect us has led to the situation where we now are threatened by this electro-smog. Please see below in the letters section one that I received  with a summary by a well-respected long-time educator on the topic. You might also be interested in what Aladair Philips of Powerwatch has to say: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/news/2014-11-11-who-iarc-rf.asp


  • A book by a medical journalist is available free online. Pages 150-187 are about wireless radiation and dirty electricity.

Creative Outrage by Helke Ferrie:


(A Medical Journalist Reports on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Current Medicine. )


  • In California, where the $$mart grid has been up and running for several years, a new multi-million dollar facility is being built to help identify outages more efficiently. As in BC, the $meters have not been reporting outages, as ITRON and Hydro promise. This, although a ridiculous justification for a billion+ dollar program, was one of the main bragging points, even as Hydro admitted to having people watching Facebook to find problems. How much more will we be having to pay to provide one of the main benefits promised?



  • From a group in California. I have heard that Shaw and others in Canada were planning something like this. Don’t know if ha started. Will let you know if I hear more.

Be very careful with Comcast and all the big internet providers.

I recently received a letter telling me Comcast is upgrading its network. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have been upgraded.

Their new scheme is to put two WIFI transmitters in their cable modems. One for personal use and one to act as a public hotspot.

I believe there is a way to have them turned off, but hear it is difficult and you never know if it gets turned on accidentally. I am not sure if they will give you a modem that does not have the WIFI.

Comcast cable modem internet has great speed and I have been happy overall with their service, it’s just they are now doing this WIFI everywhere service and want to use your home to site their network.

Ask lots of questions first before changing.


  • From a member who sent in the link re 44 reasons cell phones gives you cancer: (the article is not limited to cell phones)

Between these phone examples, wi-fi and $mart meters, it may be that our medical system will become completely overrun – and it has started. Nonetheless, the systems are interconnected, what is good for technology corporations (cheap production with no oversight) is equally good for the medical system that relies on a revolving door of patients for its very survival. In fact, it demands billion of dollars annually and the cheque is guaranteed, especially for cancer hospitals, radiation and circa 1960’s toxic chemotherapy drugs  – so one might just wonder if it is like a racket?

Very scary causative effects bellow. And the worse part, it is our very political process that may just ensure this continues, and it will be our children who have the least defences, especially now that the marketers and corrupted science have been unleashed to do and say as they please without recompense and without consciousness.



10 ) An excellent letter in a Michigan paper with info. that applies to Hydro and Fortis. They are using our homes for commercial purposes, without our approval, knowledge or compensation. What right do they have to do this?

Smart meters ignore  ‘siting rights’ by Suzanne Yarbrough – Redford Observer – hometownlife – November 13, 2014:


  • Apparently $$meters can be hacked easily because the “encryption key”, at least for the brand tested, is the same for each $meter and is inside the device. Get a $meter and the hacker could have control over our power, making every home vulnerable or even a city. This feature, plus many others, makes stealing power (for a grow op for example)  much easier than it is with an analog.

“Garcia Illera says he and Vazquez Vidal basically cracked open a couple of the smart meter devices and reverse engineered the hardware. “There were very scary things we found. You can practically turn the lights off in a city or neighborhood” with these flaws.

They also discovered it was simple to spoof the identifier code on each device. So a malicious customer could spoof the identifier code of a neighbor’s smart meter so that his power consumption would appear to be coming from his neighbor’s meter. The neighbor then would be billed for that power usage….

The really bad news is that there’s nothing smart meter customers can do to defend against an attack.

“They cannot even choose not to have them at their homes. The only ones able to solve this situation are the electrical companies   who are placing them,” Vazquez Vidal says. “Since we do not own the meters that we have at home — they are rented — we cannot do anything about it… Besides, it could be considered [by the power company] as manipulation” of the devices.”




Dear Discussion Colleagues,

It is a detailed story of the corruption that exists from the dangers from exposure to the myriad types of Wireless Transmitting Devices (WTDs, such as cellphones, cell towers, tablets, laptops, baby monitors, etc.).

It gives us a story beginning with the deep fear of the Soviet Union and nuclear weapons, the formation of International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) Michael Repacholi, a radiation biophysicist who as an active member of IRPA, founded the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), then move on to found the International EMF Project embedded within the World Health Organization (WHO).  The International EMF Project was funded by industry.  If there is one fault in the film, it is that rather than say the International EMF Project as it describe various methods of malfeasance, the film simple says WHO or the World Health Organization.

To my surprise the exposé reports that all ICNIRP publications must receive prior approval from IRPA.  Or, per my interpretation, ICNIRP is a front for the IRPA.

Many years earlier WHO was infiltrated by the tobacco industry (described toward the end of the expose), and WHO has now been infiltrated by the telecommunications industry.

The exposé costs $5 to rent.  I cannot think of a better way to spend $5.  It is an extraordinary tour-de-force of how we got here and of the industry’s highly sophisticated campaign to hide the truth.  It is available in French and English.

Alasdair Phillips comments:  “I have just paid $5 and watched this excellent professional 93 minute documentary (in English). It is by far the best investigative over-view of the non-ionising and health debate from the 1940s to the present day. The “presenter” who appears most is Mona Nilsson, and she helps to show why the science is so distorted. There are many other people interviewed including scientists and MEPs. The film contains an amazing selection of video clips from a period of some 60 years – if you know where to look you can even see Powerwatch’s Graham Lamburn and myself in some of the shots of the November 2011 Brussels SCENIHR two-day meeting on EMF and Heath. If you are interested in the subject of EMF/RF and health then this really should be a “must see film” – even if, like me, you have studied the facts and issues about it over many years. Well worth paying a small sum to support and enjoy such excellent work. The content is insightful, informative and very concerning.”

I urge you to rent the expose, and to forward this email to everyone you know who is interested in this issue.

Yours truly,
Lloyd Morgan
Senior Research Fellow
Environmental Health Trust, http://www.environmentalhealthtrust.org/


To: The Valley Voice ; patrick.wruck@bcuc.com ; bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca ; smartmeters@bchydro.com ; Complaints BCUC:EX ; Greg Reimer BC Hydro ; info@bcombudsperson.ca ; Adrian Dix ; Premiere
Friday, November 14, 2014 1:53 PM
Subject: If I were
… given the chance…
to my fellow BC Citizens, to the angry folks, to the folks who don’t seem to care and think I’m just being a pain, to those who think I’m cuckoo,
trying to get attention, or think I am just another one of those problem BC Hydro customers with nothing better to do…

I would say:  “I beg you all: please educate yourself about this dangerous radiation before it’s too late? PLEASE insist your BC Hydro smart meter
be removed? If you only knew the TRUTH about  this dangerous radiation and what it’s doing to people around the globe, you would take immediate action!

I’m talking about every one in every daycare, preschool, home, school, place of work… I’m talking about each and every baby, child, teenager, every adult, every
elderly person right here in our province… this is YOUR health, OUR health, our safety, our privacy, our quality of life…
BC Hydro’s unnecessary financial power trip fiasco!

They said the Titanic was unsinkable and everyone believed them until the night of it’s maiden voyage when she sank and almost everyone on board parished.

The BC Utilities commission, the BC Energy Minister, the BC Ombudsmen, Christy Clarke and the News media choosing to ignore the outcry and the public’s repeated requests for coverage on this HUGE problem festering here in British Columbia…

they ALL sit back and do nothing while BC Hydro targets and cuts power to the homes of their smart meter hold out customers young and old and regardless of BC Hydro’s lies and deception there are MANY!

It looks like Adolph Hitler has risen from his grave…

In a desperate attempt to complete all smart meter installations and as a last resort, one by one BC Hydro is cutting power to the homes of many of their own customers.
Some just don’t have the money to pay the huge monthly bills, some cannot afford food, some are terrified of the radiation emitting radio frequency meters
and don’t want them on their homes and businesses … all the while, BC Hydro heartlessly continues to target and bully them one at a time in an effort to force smart meters on their homes, businesses and into their lives.

There are pensioners, single moms, people on disability, people on income assistance, people struggling to support themselves on minimum wage who are now having to choose between car repairs or food for their families and electricity and a warm home because they simply can’t afford the sky rocketing bills or are refuse a smart meter out of fear for their health and safety…

All we want is for the heartless and cold corporate bullies and BC Hydro to STOP inflicting this stress and unrest upon our province.

To BC Hydro, The BC Utilities commission, the BC Energy Minister, the BC Ombudsmen and Christy Clark:

How dare you NOT put the health and safety of the BC consumer first!!

How dare you deliberately target, bully and strike your hold out customers down with your despicable and cold hearted cutting of people’s only heat and light source.

Will you stop when someone in BC dies from fire or exposure to the cold or starves to death?

Why are you violating the Democratic rights and 7 of the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms of every one of your customers?

Tonight as we snuggle ourselves into our warm beds, let’s think of the elderly lady who had her power cut off by BC Hydro and is now spending this winter without heat or light.

You all have me wondering how it is you have not yet been stopped.

Your criminal, cold, heartless actions are unlike anything I have ever seen in my 33 years as a BC Hydro customer!

… may God forgive you, because I KNOW I never will.


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