2014-11-12 Special update on Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit

This newsletter is to bring you up to date on the current status of the Class Action Civil Lawsuit against BC Hydro, to inform you of the court timeline for submissions and court hearings, and to let you know we are going to need every one of you who believes in justice, truth and freedom to keep supporting this lawsuit with your time, effort and valuable donations! We cannot allow ourselves to be divided and conquered, so we are asking as we never have before that you get on board with this lawsuit and keep it alive, so we will have the chance of winning back our rights, no matter which political party is in power.

The political climate in BC these days is extremely troubling to say the least. Never before have BC Hydro customers been disconnected when their full electrical usage charges have been paid, with little prior warning. This is happening now to people all over BC who have refused to pay the extortion fee for keeping an analogue or RF off meter.

Both the Coalition and Citizens for Safe Technology have consistently encouraged people to meet this challenge by joining the Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro, and to pay the extortion fee in the meantime, noting that the payment is made under duress in writing on a separate method of payment. We have been very concerned that people who did not pay the opt out blackmail payments would find their power disconnected and then be forced into taking a microwave smart meter as a condition of reconnection, thereby removing any possible choice of analogue or RF off meter. Even though the extortion fee is completely unjust, the consequences of being forced to take a microwave smart meter would be intolerable and even deadly for people who are electrosensitive. Winning choice for all via this lawsuit is the only way we can see at the moment of helping people in this situation return to a non-RF meter.

These actions are indeed abuses of the person, driven by a BC Liberal political agenda to forcibly roll out the lucrative Smart Grid, even if it means trampling on our society’s cornerstone rights and freedoms and intimidating anyone who stands up against such abuse.

At this time, the Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro is the only assertion of the civil rights of the people in British Columbia who are being forced against their will to suffer a risk in their home from smart meter radiofrequency microwave radiation emissions.  The Class Action Lawsuit is based on our constitutional principles of a free and democratic society. Where the facts support a possibility of harm, that risk is sufficient to trigger the right of the homeowner, or the business owner, in their own domain, to invoke the precautionary principle for themselves, and to control that risk for themselves. This amounts to the right to choose.  Controlling our own environment, to have the right to choose the risks we are exposed to within our own home or place of business, is the heart of our constitutional rights.

The BC Liberals assert that BC Hydro’s intrusion into our rights is allowed by legislation, legislation which clearly infringes upon and violates Sections 7 & 8 of the Federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
In short, when the rights and security of the person have been violated by any legislation created by government, then that legislation must be struck down to protect the very constitutional foundations of our society. To allow unconstitutional legislation to continue unchallenged in court is to invite certain and even worse government abuses in the future. This principle is true whether or not you support the Smart Grid.

No law should allow a utility to come onto or into a person’s property and subject those working or residing therein to questionable health risks and impacts. The right to choose rests on the unavoidable conclusion that there is a reasonable basis for concern. It is impossible for BC Hydro to avoid the fact that radiofrequency microwave radiation emissions from smart meters are a World Health Organization Class 2B, possible human cancer risk, even if they argue that risk is small. We must retain our rights within our homes and workplaces to choose the risks we will allow, and push back a reckless government attempting to usurp our Charter rights with unconstitutional legislation. We must do this for our families, for our children and grandchildren, if not for ourselves.

BC Hydro has attempted to negate risk by comparing the Class 2B coffee risk (bladder cancer) with the risk from smart meter emissions. No government agency would have the right to come into one’s home or place of business and force those inside to drink coffee throughout the day, against their will. The right of choice to drink coffee, with its risks, has to remain the right of the individual. It is the same situation with microwave smart meters.

The BC Liberals will spare no expense in fighting our lawsuit. They are using our public money to fight us, the public who are seeking to protect our democratic and constitutional right of choice within our own personal premises. BC Hydro is instructing their lawyers to make this litigation cost as much as possible, and argue every point. Their intention is to grind us, the people, to the point where we cannot afford to keep going. They wish to make their own legislation more powerful than the laws which run our country. This is why we continue to need donations so urgently, so they can’t stop this lawsuit with their manipulations.

We decry our current predicament where freedom of choice is being trampled upon by the BC Liberals’ regime in the name of the Smart Grid. We must not cease our struggle to regain and protect our constitutional backbone so that right to choose to live safely is respected for one and all. Please support this lawsuit by joining us at this link: http://citizensforsafetechnology.org/CLASS-ACTION-PARTICIPATION-FORM-Updated-August-27-2013,2,3107

If you have already joined or do not wish to join, you can still take a stand for the right of freedom of choice by making a donation either via the PayPal Donate button on the front of the CST website, or by mailing cheque or money order to Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, PO Box 52061, Beacon Avenue RPO, Sidney, B.C. V8L 5V9. All donations are used to fund the lawsuit. We at CST and the Coalition are working on your behalf as unpaid volunteers.


Human Rights Tribunal Decision

The Human Rights Tribunal made a ruling early on in 2012 whereby the Human Rights Class Action was restricted only to those with EHS, a ridiculously tight parameter which cut out all the myriad of health concerns we initially submitted that needed the protection of a non-RF meter home (seizures, heart conditions, implants, cancer, Parkinsons/Alzheimers, brain tumours…)

The original Tribunal member (who was favourable to our claim), was replaced by a “hired gun” to take over from her and basically deferred the claim back into the realm of the BC Utilities Commission. It is clear from numerous interactions with the BCUC, that they are not independent, and indeed are puppets of the BC Liberal regime. Other than the courts, there is no independent body willing to protect the public’s right to freedom of choice in this matter.

Although a decision in favor of the political status quo was rendered by the HRT, it is clear they are treading on dangerous ground with the Tribunal Member’s opening statement in paragraph 41 of the decision:

“I accept that there is a real issue of potential harm to the human body arising from exposure to EMS frequencies.”

This HRT statement supports the right of freedom of choice in the lawsuit. We now have only one legal action to focus on, which is the civil lawsuit. Please note that no donations to the Class Action Lawsuit were used to fund the Human Rights Class Application.


What Happens Next?


With the HRT sham behind us, we MUST go after choice for EVERYONE in the Class Action Civil Lawsuit. Now we have a single, razor honed focus on the Class Action Civil Lawsuit to win back choice for ALL, not only those suffering with EHS. We can put all our efforts, our money, our minds, our hearts and prayers into fighting this in the Supreme Court. We just spent hundreds of hours putting together personal affidavits supporting this action which spell out the misrepresentations and manipulations of BC Hydro, providing evidence that people have been bullied, tormented and terrorized in attempts to force smart meter microwave radiation technology onto homes and businesses.

At this link, you will find our latest Class Action Lawsuit court filing:


At this link, you will find the Lawsuit timetable showing you what will happen next: http://citizensforsafetechnology.org/uploads/scribd/Draft%20order%20revising%20timelines.pdf


We have come a long way since filing two years ago! Our lawyer continues to discount his hourly rate by 42% in support of our cause, and now we need to fund the next leg of the journey. The Class Action hearing in front of the judge in court is scheduled to take 5 days. This is very expensive for us, with no worries of the same for our opposition. However, we have raised enough funds up to now to keep going, and KEEP GOING WE MUST! Our goal is to raise $50,000 to get through the final approval process to attain the court sanctioned Class Action status by April 2015. You can rest assured that donations are used to pay for legal costs, all CST and Coalition representatives being volunteers. So ask yourself if this is worth fighting, if it is worth $10, a $100 or even $1,000 donation to push back a truly evil and corrupt political regime. This is our only chance, and now it’s up to you to affirm with your donations that you want us to continue to represent you in the funding and management of this Class Action Lawsuit.


If you have not joined the Class Action Lawsuit so far, now would be a great time to do so. The more people this lawsuit represents, the more weight we will carry on your behalf into the Class Action court hearing in April 2015. Donations can be made at the CST website via Paypal, http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org, or by mailing a cheque or money order to the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, PO Box 52061, Beacon Avenue RPO, Sidney, B.C. V8L 5V9.


Above all, do not allow yourself to give up, to resign, to bow down to bullying or to feel victimized. We will be victorious through everyone’s efforts joining together to retake our constitutional right to freedom which will push back these oppressive BC Liberal policies. We must, we have no other choice before us, if not for ourselves then for our children and grandchildren. Onwards!


Una St.Clair                                                Sharon Noble

CST Executive Director                        Director, Coalition to
                                                                                Stop Smart Meters

November 12, 2014                               November 12, 2014

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