2014-11-11 A lot of information on EHS

  • An interview with Dr. Belpomme who has a clinic in Switzerland to diagnose and treat people suffering from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) .



  • Further on a home fire where sparks were seen shooting from the ITRON smart meter by a neighbour just before the house began to burn. I have confirmed that the meters installed in Detroit are the same as the meters being installed, and failing, in BC.



  • For those of you with solar power or thinking of getting at least partially off the grid, this could be of interest:


BC Hydro is hosting a webinar on November 20, 2014 to clarify billing for net metering customers and provide an update on recent changes to the program.


* Please register online to participate in this webinar.



  • A 12 min youtube showing how some people with severe EHS are forced to live.



  • An open letter that Olle Johansson sent out today has some very excellent words of advice re. EHS. We should all be concerned about this syndrome because as our bodies and the environment become more “polluted” more of us will become sensitive.



  • Non smeter but great news!! The good guys can win against the government and corporations!! It just takes time, money, a good lawyer and perseverance!!  We can do this, too.





No doubt you will have noticed comments to every article and letter by the person using the name “Derek Ward”.  He is an example of industry affiliated or even industry hired people who are trolls. His job is to try to mock, minimize, and confuse people and to perpetuate the lies we are being told by the government and the industry. I suggest we give him the attention his comments are worth – and totally ignore him.

A correction to a link in last night’s update:  http://www.vernonmorningstar.com/news/281964351.html

How much freedom do Canadians really have? by Christel Martin – Nanaimo Daily News – November 10, 2014:




From a member running for school board trustee:

I’m running for school trustee in the Cowichan school district (CVRD, Duncan, and North Cowichan).  WiFi in schools is a real concern as more students have laptops, cell phones and iPads.  I would advocate for monitoring (a safe position among techno-optimistic skeptics), but ideally I would like a laptops to be wired and cell phones restricted (great for eliminating “distracted learning”).

As a physicist who used to work in the BC Cancer Agency’s physics department, I have been able to interpret the studies coming out that show non-thermal effects of RF radiation.  During my Masters degree, I also studied plasma physics which involves a lot of RF physics.  BTW, I have measured electrosmog in my school and they are about 0.6V/m while the outdated thermal-based standard is 61V/m.  About 3 feet away from WiFi routers, it is 6.0V/m!

See the test in my school office:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM2oASVdhro

My blog is http://rogerchin.wordpress.com/

My Facebook page is:  Vote Roger Chin for Cowichan school trustee

I would also encourage people to support the YourVoice slate: Deb Foster, Ellen Oxman, Connie Buckner, and Kayla Barrett.

250-510-6610 iPhone


Letter sent to media and politicians, federal and provincial, by a member:

Subject: Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games Over National Park and Forest in Washington State

Here are the details of the US Navy’s plans to bombard the Olympic Peninsula with electromagnetic radiation 260 days/year from a height of 1200 feet.  You have until Nov. 28 to comment.


It will take just one misfire aimed west to hit Victoria and a little bit north for Nanaimo.  Will we be “collateral damage” from “friendly fire”?  How friendly is it anyway to “play war games” directly along what is also Canada’s coast line and along the 49th parallel?  I see it as a threat quite frankly.

The US Navy is claiming you need a 15-min. exposure to have any effects.  Why then do mice die in 1 second, rats in 1-5 seconds, and rabbits seizure until they die when exposed to cell phone radiation, which is much much lower frequency than the 2-16 GHz they’re planning?  Fifteen minutes, if it doesn’t kill outright, will have us writhing with burns, cancers, and worse, much like Fukushima at Ground Zero.

Read the Bioinitiative Report at www.bioinitiative.org for the truth, and help stop this insanity.


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