2014-11-10 Public meeting in Winlaw Friday re. FortisBC

  • A public meeting at Winlaw, co-hosted by Alex Atamanenko MP, organized by Daphne Fields,  to address concerns over the roll-out of FortisBC’s wireless $meters

Friday Nov. 14. 7-9pm at Winlaw Hall (a little north of Winlaw, 5897 Hwy. 6)

Special guests Richard Caniell and Dr. Ross Andersen

See https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/events/


  • GSM cellular technology  may no longer be used for cell phones, but other uses will be found for the cell towers surrounding us.

“They assume that within 1,000 meter radius of a standard base station, with roughly three smart meters per home, there are likely to be over 20,000 devices competing to communicate over the network. These range from smart gas and electricity meters sending data every few minutes, to credit card machines in local shops and even traffic sensors and movie rental machines. Most are unlikely to send more than a few hundred bytes at a time and often very infrequently.”


Interesting lawsuit being launched in Indiana against the $$meter program. One participating is the Indiana Telecommunications Association (ITA) that argues:

“the Indiana Telecommunications Association filed to intervene in this docket stating “The ITA has a substantial interest in this proceeding to the extent that Duke Energy plans to develop a communication network that will offer “advanced products and services” to its customers in competition with the services offered by the ITA’s members which will be funded from revenues from regulated services derived by Duke Energy Indiana from its utility customers.”



  • More re. the US Navy RF warfare in Olympic Peninsula. Info. I hadn’t seen before is that the planes will be flying as low as 1200 ft. with RF weapons being emitted toward them and us.


  • Susan Foster, a well-respected member of the community fighting for a safer environment, is asking for people whose children suffer  visual problems from exposure to Wi-Fi at school  to contact her.  Her email address is: foster04@gmail.com

Susan Foster posted in Campaign for Radiation Free Schools

Susan Foster 10:57pm Nov 9

If your children are in a WiFi school and have an usual visual symptom, could you please share? We are hearing anecdotal reports of children’s vision getting very dark or completely black for short periods of time. This may be part of a neurological syndrome and we are trying to get more specific information on children’s visual complaints as this appears to be different from adult’s visual complaints around WiFi radiation. Please feel free to share or leave me a private message. Thank you.




I hope you will comment on this article. http://www.vernonmorningstar.com/news/281964351.html  The Mayor thinks the truth is the last thing people need.

From Surrey, questions re. Wi-Fi in school posed by a member to candidates for school trustee.  Here are Kirsty Peterson’s responses.

Hi Y

I will definitely have to take the time to do more research into this issue. This is an interesting issue to me actually because my dad was heavily involved in North Delta activism related to cell phone towers near schools and I can remember the passion with which he defended our right to be free of these signals. I am going to answer your questions with my first reaction. I have not done the research on the school board end as to why this seems to be the trend, although I suspect, as most things it comes down to a budget issue.

Are you a proponent of wireless technology as an indispensable learning tool?    

I actually believe that technology generally should be used in a way that does not forsake social learning environments, real world problem solving and teamwork. That being said, I don’t really see why wireless signals (other than them being connected to more easily, and easier to hook up) would be necessary. It is the access to the internet, rather than the means with which we access it, that it the important past, I would think.

2 Would you be in favour of three alternative schools in Surrey that would provide a wireless-free environment for children of parents who do not want their children to be exposed, for any reason, to wireless learning?

I certainly think that this option is a valuable one. With all choice programs, there would need to be a school identified where this would take place, as well, there would need to be enough students/families interested in this option to be able to run a full school. Unfortunately, with the current state of capital funding in Surrey and overcrowding, we would need to be sure that the school wouldn’t be partially empty. Students would also need to travel to access this model, but that is generally not an issue for parents who feel that strongly about choice programs. This would certainly not be a quick-fix but I am personally in favour of meeting the needs of the community and would like to make a concerted effort to examine all possibilities.


  1. If elected, would you speak to, or even fight for, this issue? 

l would start by meeting with the group as well as inquiring with the district about what the historical context of this discussion is. I am certainly not ever one to fail to say something that I believe in, and if after doing the research, I felt that this was a viable option, I would certainly be the first to fight for it. I am cognizant, however that a major priority right now is capital expenditures, and so choice programs and alternative schooling options (especially those that could be more expensive than current options) are likely longer term projects that would require a great deal of time to put into place.


I realize I have not offered you much of a firm commitment, other than I intend to listen, to look into it and believe that with enough community demand and proper planning, this could be an issue that I would fight in favour of. I appreciate you reaching out and encourage you to keep advocating for the change you wish to see! I do look forward to meeting with you, should I be elected on November 15th.

Thank you,

Kirsty Peterson


Sent: November 10, 2014 10:49 AM
To: BC hydro Customer Relations
Subject: Re: BC Hydro account


You mention in your note to me below that you have attached the the Oct, 2014 invoice. You have not attached it so can you please do so. Thanks.

As mentioned to you on the phone the electricity consumption has always been paid on time on this account and on this property- for 80 years. So your somewhat condescending tone in your email about keeping my account up to date is troubling and not a tone that in my view you should be using. Obviously BCUC has been contacted and as you know the BC government passed legislation in advance knowing that there would be push-back from hydro customers around the province.

As a British Columbian my only recourse at the moment is participating in a class-action suit. How is this forwarding our democratic rights?

Obviously I and thousands of other customers are most concerned about the imposition of the ‘smart’ meter program in BC that cost us taxpayers billions. BC Hydro is a Crown corporation and thus belongs to us all. We had no choice or voice in advance of this imposition of these ‘smart’ meters that in jurisdictions around the world and including in Canada are being withdrawn because of safety and privacy issues.  Instead we are being bullied by a huge corporation and that does not sit well with many thousands of us and nor should it.



From: BC Hydro Customer Relations
Sent: Friday, November 07, 2014 3:11 PM
Subject: BC Hydro account


Thanks for taking the time to discuss your BC Hydro account yesterday.

As requested, I’ve copied the information about the disconnection notice you received below. This information is also included in the attached October invoice so you can compare the two.

Total amount billed:

Minus amount paid: $104.38
Remaining Balance: $156.20 ($153.12 of usage and fees + $3.08 Late Payment Charge)


Thank-you for the payment made yesterday. Since you have made that payment, the outstanding amount is lowered, and you are no longer at risk of service disconnection. However, I urge you to pay the remaining balance of $156.20 prior to the due date of November 18, 2014. If your account continues to be in arrears, you will continue to accrue late payment charges and may face disconnection again.

As discussed, Meter Choices Program customer lose the option to retain an old meter if they are disconnected. And customers like yourself, who have chosen to retain old meters for a fee, must pay the fees as approved by the BC Utilities Commission in April 2014. I understand that you continue to oppose these fees, and respectfully suggest that you contact the Commission directly about this, because BC Hydro must adhere to the fees as they have been approved.

Finally, you had asked about the Rate Rider on your bill. The Rate Rider is applied to the total of all charges, before taxes. Amounts received from the rate rider are used to recover additional and unpredictable energy costs. More information can be found by clicking here.



Customer Relations Manager
Customer Service Operations

BC Hydro
4555 Kingsway, 9th Floor
Burnaby, B.C.  V5H 4T8
Office:      604.453.6562
Cell:         604.789.5106
Fax:         604.453.6284
Email:      scott.petrie@bchydro.com

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