2014-11-08 Electricity grid of US already infected by “bug”

  • A couple of weeks ago I circulated an article about a former Nokia IT exec who blamed the wireless radiation for his having developed That article was just a portion of that printed in newspapers in Finland. Now the entire article is available in English. The second section is especially interesting, about all the patents cell phone companies took out for shielding devices, etc that could protect customers. None of these patents have resulted in actual shielding on phones, but having the patents prevents other companies from developing protection which could make people aware of the dangers associated with cell phones.



  • Rob States, an electrical engineer in California,  speaks to the RF and Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) -dirty electricity he has measured re. $$meters. A 25 minute audio/slide show. All digital meters have the SMPS, where smeter or not.



  • SECURITY OF THE GRID: US reports suspicion of major “bug” already in utilities infrastructure in the US. IF/WHEN our grid is connected to theirs, our grid will become as vulnerable as theirs.



  • UK trying to convince people that ultimately the smeters will save them money, but the numbers sure don’t seem to confirm that.



  • “net metering” in Rhode Island is limited – people who have solar systems that give back are not compensated for the entire amount. With the old analog system (running backwards,  which they can do despite what Hydro says) the customer got fully compensation. The $$meter system limits it.   Wonder what the plans are for BC…..



  • Updates on the meeting re. the US Navy RF warfare training in the Olympic Peninsula (and our) area.  We must make sure that our concerns are heard. There is no barrier protecting BC from these activities.

Video http://vimeo.com/111189009




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