2014-11-02 The Saskatchewan NDP is continuing to push the govt dangerous fire hazards.

1)    The deadline for public comments about the RF warfare tests has been extended until Nov. 28. Please, if you haven’t already done so, please add your comments. More info. is in the “Letters” section.  This potentially could affect many areas of BC. Comments can be made at:




2)   NDP in Saskatchewan is continuing to hammer the government about allowing a known fire hazard to be put and kept on homes. Where is the NDP in BC? Why aren’t they demanding a full independent investigation? Bennett has been in full control of this program, removed all oversight, and has ignored all evidence of fires/failures. He must be held accountable.



4)   Please tell your husbands and sons not to carry cell phones in their pockets – any pocket!!  Awareness and avoidance is the answer, not just testing. This from a member:

My piano teacher’s son, who is 30 years old, has testicular cancer and had to have one testicle removed. It’s on the same side as the pocket where he keeps his cell phone. His mom told me that at some university, a group of students have become alarmed at the number of cases of testicular cancer and have started an awareness campaign — not to keep your cell phone off, but to get tested regularly.

Breast cancer in men is becoming more common because men often carry cell phones in their shirt pocket. Also, hip cancer from wearing it clipped on belts.


5)    As we all know, the $meters are made, to a large degree, of combustible plastic.  Some fire investigation reports that I’ve read have said that the source of the fire seems to be the $meter but because it was so badly destroyed in the fire, the cause of the fire cannot be determined. After hearing this, one member wrote this  as a plot for a mystery book:

Is there anyone you do not like?     How do you get rid of them?   The perfect crime?????
It’s EASY, wait until they fall asleep, set fire to the plastic case of their smart meter, stand back and watch the burning smart meter set fire to the WHOLE house and vaporize itself, leaving no evidence of how the fire started. Now the fire department puts out the fire, BC Hydro steals the arson evidence and blames the homeowner.
I am using this as the kicker in my new book.  What do you think, now that I gave away the plot?



The press release was published in at least one newspaper:



Sent: November 2, 2014
To: Krog.MLA, Leonard; Horgan.MLA, John; Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; Slean Noble
Subject: Cutting senior’s electricity to force smart meter?!

Dear NDP leaders,

As you may have seen in yesterday’s news, BC Hydro has begun cutting off electricity to those who refuse to accept a smart meter, and specifically, to those who have additionally paid their bills, yet refused to pay extortionate fees to continue to use their trusted analog meters.

What part of this scenario strikes you as fair and decent?

See: http://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=482180

As I understand it, the idea behind smart meters is:

To eliminate the cost of manual meter reading

  1. To eventually implement Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing so that the peaks of electricity use can be billed for at a higher rate
  2. To balance “the grid” during times of peak use.

These ideas are refuted by:

BC needs jobs, not the reduction of jobs

  1. TOU pricing is not required by any energy “green” program where electricity is produced by gravity and water (not coal, not gas, nor nuclear)
  2. BC has not reached peak use yet. (the use of residential electricity is less than 15% of BC’s total electricity use, and the amount used by residents has actually dropped in the last decade.)

Therefore smart meters are not required in BC for any reason.

They are an unnecessary, unwanted and expensive upgrade.

They are associated with fires (28 in BC alone) and with ill-health in 4% of any population.

And now we have BC Hydro cutting off power to pensioners, in November in Canada (!).


Because BC Hydro wishes to force those people to accept a smart meter.

First you must pay the $300+ per year to keep your legacy meter, and if you don’t pay it, and you are cut off, then when reconnected you MUST accept a smart meter. Talk about use of force!

If this horrific activity does not alarm you, then you are uninformed as to the nature of the force being used.

Heat and light should be guaranteed to all Canadians regardless of technological “improvements” (which this is not).

To be clear, BC Hydro is now denying electricity to homeowners, on the part of BC Liberals who intend to profit from the scheme, using a monopoly energy system, that serves to feed millions into their own coffers.

Good grief!

Please step into this situation and stop it immediately.

I rely on your perspicacity.

Sincerely,  _____________

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