2014-11-01 Hydro cuts power for home of 71 year old lady.

  • Power cut to 71 year old in Comox Valley for refusing to pay legacy fees. Note Hydro’s Olynyk saying everyone must be treated equally.. Time to jump all over this. Not only is this punitive for this woman, but it is grossly unfair to have us pay extortion fees for the same services close to 50,000 people who have smeters read manually do not pay for!!  Please, call CTV, write CTV.  As well as any other media outlet. The Liberals are guilty of implementing this fee and the NDP are not responding to requests for help. So it’s up to us. Please copy Adrian Dix, Hydro NDP critic at dix.mla@leg.bc.ca .


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Fanny Bay senior without power after BC Hydro Smart Meter dispute

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Lots of interesting comments on Facebook. Noted one person mentioned a smart meter blowing up and doing damage.  Please add your comments.

Everyone needs to remember that that fees are due and payable according to the Tariff, which is our contract with Hydro. Even though this is illegal it is the law until we manage to get it changed. And according to the Tariff, if someone has power cut, part of the condition for having the power turned back on, in addition to paying a reconnection charge, is acceptance of a $meter. The bullies have not given us any possibility of fighting this horribly unfair fee – or so they think. We must use our strength in numbers, power of word of mouth, spread the word that if we do not accept a fire hazard that emits microwave radiation, Hydro will stop providing us with an essential service. This is the power of bullies.

I spoke with this lady in Comox Valley and she is standing firm and strong. She is going off grid, and thanks to help from many good neighbours, she is refusing to give in to the “dictatorial powers” (her term) of Hydro and this government.

Another woman in East Vancouver also had power cut yesterday. Hydro has been very busy. We need to get her story out there, too.

I refused to pay legacy extortion fees. I did pay all usage amounts although bundling all fees did not give clear amounts without these illegal fees gouging totals. I did say I live in commercial drive area if anyone else is in this area who have been cut off of electricity. Unable  to continue doing regular whistleblower work with my website due to these illegal issues.

Using LED push lights sold at dollar store and home hardware. Will track down battery pull string light bulbs at various hardware stores. These with candles work just great until I can use and offer alternative energy alternatives to all. I live in apartment with BC Housing foundation and did sign up for class action  that can and will win under common law.


  • The wireless industry wants to remove choice, whether it’s with meters or with cell phones, or which having cars filled with wireless gadgets.



  • A very sad story in the Victoria Times Colonist today. It seems almost every week or so there is another article about some young person with this horrible disease. Scientists and people like Devra Davis predicted that brain cancer would become epidemic, and that, this is a quote, “bodies will have to pile up” before people begin to take RF, cell phones, wireless devices seriously. There is no way for me to know if this poor girl was around wireless devices, used cell phones or whatever, but given her father’s occupation it’s highly likely.




From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: November 1, 2014 12:56 PM
Subject: Hydro shuts off power for 71 year old — smart meters

Dear Sir or Madam,

I watched your program about Hydro shutting off power to a woman who refused to pay the “legacy fee”, having exercised her Charter right to refuse a smart meter.

Ted Olynyk from BC Hydro says she is being treated like everyone else who fails to pay their entire bill. “Everyone must be treated equally.”  This is true according to the Utilities Commission Act, but it isn’t happening.

According to BC Hydro close to 50,000 people have smart meters that are being read manually because the infrastructure is not complete but they are not being bill extra. Yet those who refuse to have a smart meter and have chosen to keep their analog (legacy) meter are charged $32.40 a month (the highest fee charged by any utility in North America!). Why? We are getting no service that these 50,000 people are getting yet we have to pay or have our power cut.

I have written Energy Minister Bill Bennett multiple times over the last few months asking for an explanation, but he refuses to respond. I have asked the NDP and they too have not responded. The BC Utilities Commission says they can do nothing because they have been banned by the government from interfering with the smart meter program. This is wrong, and many people have had their power cut even though they have paid for all power used.

This discrimination is illegal under the Utilities Commission Act. (http://www.bclaws.ca/Recon/document/ID/freeside/00_96473_01#section25)

Should you wish more information, such as copies of my letters to Mr. Bennett or from BC Hydro with the number of people with manually read smart meters please let me know.


Sharon Noble

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