2014-10-30 – Press Release re ITRON smart meter failures

  • Attached is a press release that went out yesterday morning.  Please send it to your local newspapers, radio stations, etc. People need to be demanding an independent investigation in the ITRON meter failures in BC. The government, Hydro, are denying the failures have occurred, despite their own records to the contrary. This is profound negligence. Nobody is helping us, no politician is willing to stand up with us, no government agency has any authority for oversight. It’s up to us to raise this to the level that the NDP in Saskatchewan did – and demand a full investigation


  • In response to an article in a recent update about accelerated corrosion due to high exposure levels of RFR and EMF, a member has asked if anyone has noticed or had problems due to water $meters corroding? This would be a special problem for those whose $meter is in a finished basement. How would insurers respond?  Of course having any $meter inside a home is a real problem due to RF radiation. The water $meters emit high and frequent signals, some might be as high or even higher than those emitted by the electrical $meters.  Major concerns with these things.  If you have would you please respond to director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “water $meters” on the subject line?


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