2014-10-28 Revised contact list

  • Attached is the revised list of public contacts. Thank you to everyone for volunteering to help your neighbours. Please let me know if your contact info is incorrect. There still are many areas without contacts, so if you are willing to be there to help someone, please let me know.   Email me at director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “contacts” on the subject line.  I would like to have this put on our website this week.

  Click here for contact list

  • If $$meters result in savings, why aren’t these savings ever passed on to the customer? Another US state, Oklahoma, is seeing rates increase to cover $meters, negating the decrease in fuel costs.



  • In Ireland: Net losses!
    ….It is estimated that the project would result in the net loss of €54m in the most likely scenario….The net losses could even be as high as €140m, according to the report….



  • SaskPower appoints interim CEO who assures that snow won’t cause fires as much as heavy rain. So, Bennett will say we’re just fine. We don’t get THAT much rain!!



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