2014-10-26 More info. about US Navy’s warfare tests

  1. The US navy’s lack of honesty, lack of ensuring the safety of the environment, animals, humans, etc. is addressed in this article. I believe we should be very concerned about the plans for microwave warfare taking place mere miles from our homes.


2. A reminder of a showing of an excellent film:

One-hour documentary “Full Signal” is being shown in Golden BC on Wednesday, October 29 at 7 pm, upstairs at “The Island” restaurant.  Come and learn about the wireless signals that are all around us.  Information and discussion will follow.

3. Water $$meters in Michigan have resulted in a total fiasco and complete confusion. Has anyone with a water smeter in BC had similar problems?


4. For those who didn’t get a chance to see this very interesting video about  Sloan-Kettering distorting studies re. Laetrile, the chance to see it for free has been extended to Nov. 1.


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