2014-10-25 The US Utility Commissioners knew about Smart Meter problems and ignored them

  • The US regulatory agency for utilities was aware of many of the problems with $$meters in 2010 and 2011, but chose to ignore them. This article by a California group provides evidence that commissioners are turning a blind eye, choosing to believe companies like Navigant (the same company that provided a report to BCUC on behalf of Fortis re. cost benefits) who have major conflicts of interests and questionable behavior.  Our BCUC knew in 2008 of the same problems and turned down an application for the $$meter program then. That is why the Liberals wrote a law forbidding oversight by the BCUC.



  • The American and Canadian Cancer Societies are guilty of supporting the wireless industry, and of misleading the public into believing that wireless devices, such as wifi in school, cell phones for kids, cell towers on schools and apartments are just fine. They receive funds from industry as well as from the pharmaceutical companies who make billions from cancer drugs. They support phoney scientists, like “Dr.” Mary McBride who represented herself as a doctor (PhD or MD??), who did grand rounds at hospitals, participated in reviews of Safety Code 6, and was the poster person for the BC Cancer Society. All the time she had only an MA. Once outed the Cancer Society gave her the title “Distinguished Scientist.”  Why? She was and is willing to go to schools and tell parents fighting for safer environments for their children that powerlines over schools are fine, that there is no danger from cell towers, etc. These agencies are dangerous, and they deserve to be outed. The massive sums of money going to them should be used for honest research against this horrible disease, not for promoting industry and paying huge salaries.

If any of you find articles in which the Cancer Society misleads, please send them to me at director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with Cancer Society on the subject line.


  • Experts warn about the “wearable technology.”



  • Another doctor speaks out about his



  • An excellent video to counter the misinformation campaign by Hydro and Fortis. This should be shared widely.

(video 03:21) Countering Smart Meter Industry Propaganda – Smart Grid Awareness – October 25, 2014:

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