2014-10-24 Insiders in Nevada admit more fires, attempts to hide truth

  • From a member on Wed. If Langley still isn’t connected to the grid, that means there are a whole lot more than 50,000 having $meters manually read.

I just talked to a friend of mine that lives in Langley, 200th and the # 1 Freeway.  he has been out of power since 1 AM today.  as of 7-30 tonight still out.  He has a smart meter because he rents, he phoned at 1-30 AM and Hydro new nothing of the power outage.  At 7-30 this evening he noticed Hydro trucks at the bottom of his driveway. so he walked down and talked to them They said that they were only told of the outage at 2 oclock this afternoon???????  Smart meter and CHARGES are a FARCE.    Holding out.


  • Shocking information in Nevada that smacks of collusion. The utility company replacing the damaged meters and panels before calling the fire department, or not reporting the failure at all. I can tell you I have been told similar stories by anonymous BC Hydro workers over the last 2-3 years, who could not go to authorities because they feared losing their jobs. The truth is going to come out, sooner rather than later.



  • Quite a few people have told me that they wake up at the same time every night and have done so ever since they had a smart meter put on their homes. This could be more than coincidence. One of our members is gathering information to see how many people are having this problem, and asks if you will take a minute and complete the questionnaire below and send it to him. Once a good sample has been received, I’ll share the results.


  • A major win against the FCC and the industry in Point Roberts WA next to Tsawwassen BC regarding an FM transmitter.



  • For anyone who hasn’t read Dr. Martin Blank’s book “Overpowered”, I would strongly suggest you do. It is very well written and easy to read for those of us who are not scientists while being very comprehensive. You will learn so much.

Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do about It

The publisher, Seven Stories Press, will provide complimentary copies to  college, high school and middle school instructors/teachers.  I encourage taking advantage of this policy –a way to get this important book into more hands and in front of young people.  How-to details inside the book or by contacting through the Seven Stories website. http://www.sevenstories.com/


  • Hydro One in Ontario still confronting billing problems. I wonder how many people in BC have complained to our Ombudsperson. Perhaps we should ask. Even though she refuses to get involved, if even do, at least she will be forced, I would hope, to say, perhaps there is a problem.



  • In the program went forward despite failures/fires during the pilot project. Why?  I hope this comes out during the investigation.


Questionnaire – #1 – Awakened in the Night

Does your Smart Meter wake you up at night?

I have had several people tell me that they are awakened in the night at approximately the same time every night.

If you currently have a  Smart Meter that is installed quite closely to your bedroom
(this may be either on your house or on your neighbour’s house.)

and if you are frequently awakened in the night at about the same time and you do not know why.

Then please respond with a note to ted@parsecsystems.com

Subject line – Waking in the night

In the note please tell me the following
– smart meter is about ____ m from the bed (straight line through walls and floors)
– shielding between the smart meter and the bed
(y/n and type)__________________
– approximate time of night when I am awakened ________
– number of times a week this happens ___________
– did this happen before the Smart Meter was installed (y or n) ________
– city or town and neighbourhood where I live _________________

If you have a Smart Meter and have no sleep problems then you might tell me that also.


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