2014-10-22 Dangers of water $meters

  • Water $$meters have been installed already in many communities. For some reason water does not fall under the BCUC, and rather is controlled by local agencies. If water meters are in or near homes, the level of RF emissions is a major concern.



  • Remote disconnect switches has left hundreds/thousands of people in Detroit without water for falling behind in payments.



  • Hot sockets in $$meters has been identified as one contributory factor in $$meter fires across North America. The industry acknowledges that analog meters (mechanical) are must less likely to catch fire due to hot sockets.



  • In Nevada the investigation is beginning but the utility and the meter company are trying desperately to mislead the public.

Just as in BC, reports are not being filed for “small fires”, so they are treating these as if they did not occur.

 In an interview Tuesday, Las Vegas Fire Department spokesman Tim Szymanski said his department has responded to “four or five” meter fires in recent months. The damage was so slight that it didn’t meet the threshold for an investigation and the fires were never reported to the state fire marshal, he said.



  • Industry admits the data gathered by utilities will/can be used for other purposes, and we will be “messaged” to, with mis-information.

“another trend we’re seeing on the data side is that utilities are starting to buy, or have internal data, on their own customers,” he added.”

“A similar challenge emerges when data from different stakeholders to the process is taken into account, he noted. Utilities and third-party administrators of efficiency funds, the companies hired to implement them, the network of contractors that do the actual work, and of course, the customers participating in the programs, all have different needs, and “you have to message it differently for each of those stakeholders,” he said.


Re 2-way water smeter communication:

“As AMI data increases in value, smart meters are upending traditional models of operation in favor of greater efficiency.”






Re. plan for mandatory RF transmitter in every car in US.

Agency: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Document Type: Nonrulemaking
Title: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communications
Document ID: NHTSA-2014-0022-0002

#1 Comment:

I am a person with a congenital heart defect that requires me to live with a cardiac defibrillator. I am also significantly electrosensitive. My doctors tell me that I am to avoid wireless influences whenever I can. As you can imagine, this is an increasingly difficult directive to fulfill, as even electric utilities are bent upon installing wireless smart meters on all our homes. An overwhelming number of public places now proudly promote their wireless capability and transportation services are succumbing to this wireless insanity.

The news that your administration is seriously considering the implementation of a plan to require all light vehicles made in the US to have mandatory vehicle to vehicle wireless communication, with transmitters in every car, flies in the face of sanity and ethics.

If your department is truly unaware of the implications of such a plan, then at best you are guilty of negligence. There is no excuse for ignorance here. There is too much at stake. No doubt this trend would lead to much pain and suffering in the long-term.

If this is the case, please begin with this collection of references in order to understand the weight of evidence that now exists:

BioInitiative Report 2012
http://www.bioinitiative.org/ and

Public health implications of wireless technologies

However, if you are blatantly choosing to ignore the overwhelming evidence in countless peer-reviewed, scientific studies that the radiation emitted by wireless devices is biologically harmful to all living things, then you are guilty of purposely putting at risk all who travel our roads and highways. The forthcoming legal implications of such a rollout boggle the mind.

PLEASE stop to do your due diligence, and consider the welfare of our population before leaping to implement this ill-conceived and dangerous policy. If you do this, you will save yourselves, and everyone concerned, much pain and suffering.



Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 12:47 PM

To: Sandra.Ceccatelli@ki.se

Subject:  Why the Karolinska Institute is being so mean to a well respected Dr.Olle Johansson

Dear Sandra.Ceccatelli;

I cannot understand why the Karolinska Institute is being so mean to a well respected Dr.Olle Johansson who is loved by so many people around the world for his HONEST work helping EHS sufferers while the same institute employs people that have conflict of interests with industry.

If your institute is existing to better the health of people then it is time to show the world that that is your intentions.

I wish we had more HONEST scientists like Dr.Johansson here in Canada.

I ask you PLEASE, be kind and give Dr.Johansson all what he needs to do his work to help people.

I know what pain one suffers from sensitivity to EMF,It has ruined my retirement years while living near a broadcast tower.

There are a lot of people that are very upset by the dishonest scientific studies that are being done by industry paid  dishonest scientists.

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