2014-10-20 Port Angeles is removing $meters.

  • A Solar Energy workshop is taking place this Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014, in Duncan at the Heritage Hall, Island Savings Centre, 2687 James St.   from 1 to 5 PM.

Speakers to be presenting between 1 and 4 pm are

Peter Nix of Cowichan Carbon Busters at 1:00 pm;

Jon Lefebure,  Mayor, North Cowichan at 1:15 pm;

Guy Dauncey, BC Sustainable Energy Association 1:30 pm;

Dave Neads, Gab Energy (Gabriola Island) at 2:00 pm and

Eric Smiley, Veridian Energy Co-op at 2:30 pm.

From 3 to 4 pm there will be a summation and Q and A with Contractors.  Contractor Booths, Somenos Room between 1 and 5 pm.

The event is FREE, with donations welcome and sponsored by Cowichan Carbon Busters.


  • Another example of how the legacy fees are discriminatory and hydro has made some really stupid decisions re. the smeters:

Hi, and greetings from Tahsis.

With regard to Sharon’s question about smart meters and why BC Hydro charges so much more to read an analog meter than Quebec does…. I resisted the smart meter for a number of reasons but when I was told I was going to be charged $32 per month to read my meter, I caved in.  I’m a pensioner and don’t have “disposable” income!  Of course they don’t read the meter every month but they’ll charge you by the month anyway.

What is really interesting (!) is that Tahsis does not have cell phone service so it is impossible for BC Hydro to read the smart meter from head office.  They have to send a Chummy in to read ALL our meters, whether they are smart or not.

However “dumb” the non-smart meters are, they aren’t as dumb as the brain trust who think the rest of us aren’t catching on to the cash grab!

It’s today’s version of that old game with the three walnut shells and the dried pea.  Now ya sees it and now ya don’t…



  • Use of wireless devices to keep track of us and our activities has been going on for more than a decade now. It’s just increasing. Smart meters are just the more recent addition.  Here is an article from 2002 about cell phones monitoring movements.



  • Port Angeles to end $$meter program, removing all RF components from homes.



  • For those concerned about transmitters in cars taking control over the driving process, your concerns are justified, as from an           article from 2011.


This petition re. the mandatory transmitters in cars was started late today. Please consider signing and sharing.





A letter I sent regarding the vehicle to vehicle transmitter:

Agency: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Document Type: Nonrulemaking
Title: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communications
Document ID: NHTSA-2014-0022-0002

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to register my concerns about your proposal to mandate the installation of vehicle to vehicle transmitters in every car.


Obviously you are not aware of the overwhelming scientific evidence that shows that radiofrequency radiation (RFR) is not only harmful to health but also could contribute to more accidents on our roads. It is estimated that approximately 3% of the US populations is seriously affected by RFR, to the point of being disabled. Another 30% or more are thought to be affected to the point where they are distracted, suffer dizziness, headaches and “brain fog” when exposed to RFR for a prolonged period. People with such conditions would be handicapped in their driving ability and their ability to respond quickly to changing conditions.

In addition to the drivers becoming a menace on the road, the passengers would be unnecessarily irradiated within a metal box, a “Faraday cage”.   Scientific studies have shown that many children become agitated and hyperactive in such a situation, providing yet another distraction to an already harried driver. I ask that this lunacy be reconsidered. If there are benefits, do they justify the risks?

Sincerely,   ____________________


From: Jerry Flynn [mailto:jerryjgf@shaw.ca] On Behalf Of jerryjgf@shaw.ca

Sent: October-19-14 5:11 PM

To: ‘Sandra.Ceccatelli@ki.se‘; ‘asa.garmager@ki.se‘; ‘Christina.Ingvarsson@ki.se

Subject: In Defense of Prof. Olle Johansson

It is my understanding that the three addressees shown are THE persons responsible for what non-industry funded people around the world consider is the inconceivably disgraceful, shoddy and disrespectful manner in which one of the world’s foremost scientists in the field of radio / microwave frequency radiation is being treated at/by his own esteemed establishment. I am of course referring to the celebrated Prof. Olle Johansson who has devoted his life to educating governments, industry and the public everywhere about the harmful, toxic effects to humans and all life forms from being continuously exposed to low-level, pulsed, non-thermal micrwave radiation!  I must ask: how can you three possibly:-

*        go to sleep at night?

*        look in a mirror, knowing the shameful embarrassment you are causing  Prof. Johansson?

*        look at your own parents who believe you to be honest, morally upright and incorruptible?

*        look in the eyes of your own children?

*        look in the eyes of children who have brain tumors from cell phone use?

*        accept a paycheque in clear conscience?

*        ignore honest scientists like Prof. Olle Johansson, Dr. Dimitris Panagopoulos, Dr. Annie Sasco (fomerly of WHO/IARC), Dr. Lennart Hardell, Dr. Devra Davis, Dr. Robert O. Becker, Dr. Martin Blank, Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Neil Cherry, Dr. David O. Carpenter, Dr. David R. James, Dr. Andrew Michrowski and literally thousands of other honest upright incorruptible scientists all of whom know that wireless technology – all of it – causes cancers and a host of other diseases?

*        ignore that Britain and Wales banned cell phones from all schools in 2003?

*        ignore that many European countries began pulling Wi-Fi out of schools and libraries in 2006?

*        ignore that the Council of Europe – 47 countries with 800-million people – who, in 2013, urged its member countries to “reconsider” their reliance on ICNIRP (who, the whole world knows, is corrupt) and, instead, follow the recommendations of the BioInitiative 2007 Report, which urged all countries of the world to adopt radation Exposure Limits that were 10,000 times LOWER than ICNIRP’s, WHO’s, FCC’s  or Health Canada’s?

*        ignore that former US Presidents Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton have personally warned – or were warned by their staffs – about the hazards of wireless radiation?

*        ignore that in 2000 the European telecom giant T-Mobile had the German ECOLOG Institute do a study for them which showed that cell phones cause harm:

*        ignore the 2003 Swisscom patent application which admitted that cell phone radiation was/is harmful to humans?

*        ignore that the U.S. cell phone industry’s (CTIA’s) own 6-year, $28-millon study showed that cell phones are harmful to people?

*        ignore that in 2008 a top Motorola scientists and Product Development Engineer, Dr. Robert C. Blake, who worked for them for 30 years died of brain cancer, but not before suing Motorola unsuccessfully and writing the book “Cellphones-Russian Roulette”?

*        ignore that in 2012, Austria, China, Germany, Russia, India, Israel, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Sweden all warned against children using cell phones, advising them to use them in emergencies and then only on speaker?

*        ignore that Nokia’s former Chief Engineer (1997-2007) became seriously ill from cell phone radiation and now has to use a walker (he refuses to use a wheelchair)?


While I could go on, by now I should have made my point. Shame on the three of you. History will record you not as your parents and children would have wanted.


Jerry Flynn

(Retired Electronic Warfare Captain who spent 22 years in EW and SIGINT during which I worked closely with US and NATO EW units and with NSA and GCHQ SIGINT agencies.)


Sent: October 19, 2014 8:45 PM
To: Sandra.Ceccatelli@ki.se; asa.garmager@ki.se; Christina.Ingvarsson@ki.se; Olle.Johansson@ki.se
Cc: ‘Jerry Flynn’; Sharon Noble
Subject: In Defense of Prof. Olle Johansson

I am sending a copy of an email from Jerry Flynn to you.

I share the same concerns as Jerry and cannot say it any better than he has.

However, here are a few of my thoughts on the issues at hand.

I believe that RF Radiation will be found to be a major contributor to many major health issues that the world suffers from today.

Recall other major health issue where the precautionary principal was not heeded.

  • the epidemic of arsenic poisoning in England in the 1850’s –  business knew there was a problem but pressured the government to not act
  • the thalidomide damaged babies in the 1950’s – a drug that was not tested properly
  • the tobacco blight that is recognized but has resisted every attempt to cease production.
  • and many more

The governments and industries that profit from rolling out devices that use RF radiation are making so much money from this business that they have swamped all common sense and precaution for profit.  I believe that most corporations have no conscience and that growth and profit are tantamount.

When RF Radiation is shown to be a major health issue then  Prof. Johansson will be honoured for his work in helping the public understand the scope of the problem.

Please help Prof Johansson rather than limiting his abilities to continue in his work.

Signed Ted


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