2014-10-17 US Navy ignores public protest, Wireless Cars

  1. As expected, at the meeting the Navy continues to mislead and obfuscate. Where are our governments – federal and provincial on this??

He said the Navy was unconcerned about public response to the $11.5 million project in the West End “because the program is anticipated to have very little impact.”


2. Attached is a letter from Andrew Weaver, Green Party MLA, re. the proposed Societies Act. I hope that other MLAs are responding on our behalf.

3. A letter of concern written, by the authors of the 2012 BioInitiative Report, addressing the push for wireless internet in schools as promoted by the industry.  Please, share this with teachers, principals, school trustees and especially parents. Dr. Perry Kendall is promoting wifi in schools in BC, despite scientific evidence that children are especially vulnerable to the radiation emitted.


4. An excellent article about Hydro’s program of threats and extortion, in Valley Voice, page 5. “Misleading the Public, An Open Letter to BC Hydro” :


5. Non-smeter: A great letter written to Apple about their products, their responsibility to inform the public about RF. Perhaps if more people wrote similar letters, eventually someone would take up this cause and lead the way.


6. Quebec has a surplus of electricity and has decided the way to use it is to give industry a 20% reduction, while forcing residential and commercial rates to remain the same, thereby subsidizing large corporations.. The smeter program is being justified because of the need for more electricity – for industry?? This is similar to BC where we subsidize the energy used for the corporations, like the fracking and mining companies. What is the reason for Site C?


7. As people become overwhelmed by RF emissions, and for many the $$meter seems to be the last straw, more will be suffering from sensitivity. Recently a woman wrote to one of the e-groups to which I belong, advising that she was accepted for disability pension based on her being sensitive,  thanks to help from Dr. Fox.


8. A member has suggested that Jerry Flynn’s letter in last night’s update be sent to every Mayor and councillor candidate in this election. Even if they just scan it, they might learn something.



Sent: October 16, 2014 11:46 PM

To: ‘Holman.MLA, Gary’

Subject: You MUST really READ this. please…………

Importance: High

Dear Gary………

Is this what’s happened to the country both my Grandfathers fought on Normandy for?  Are we truly becoming a Police state? My God! What has happened to us ???? are we destined to being coerced and intimidated into agreeing and by proxy of force supporting a government that time and again has passed legislation that if TRULY considered is nothing less than High Treason against the charter of Rights and the people of this Country??????

Sewage treatment plants are BIG news????  This is the future , My children and my Children’s, children are being given because of simple self serving GREED for monetary and political gain???

If so….please someone come and just kill me in my sleep now. This is becoming a Country not of people, but of slaves and serf’s. How do we stop this insane path that citizens of the common wealth have been trying for hundreds of years to make equitable for ALL people no matter Race, Creed, Colour, or moral belief system(s).

GOD…… HELP ALL before we destroy ALL the good works of the Past few centuries.


The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

Christy Clark’s Proposed Policy Overhaul Is Breathtakingly Stupid _ Sandy Garossino

Sent: October 16, 2014 10:20 PM
To: fcsp@gov.bc.ca
Subject: Section 99 (1)

This ‘white paper’ proposal represents the true definition of the oligarchy system of law in which the few (wealthy) run the country.

“99 (1) A person whom the court considers to be an appropriate person to make an
application under this section may apply to the court for an order under this
section on the grounds that a society

(b) is carrying on activities that are detrimental to the public interest.”

Canada has never had a true egalitarian democracy for the people by the people but we can skip right along the road to dictatorship with just a few more simple laws in the same vein as this one. It’s only a matter of time before we begin duplicating the USA in building more jails and privatizing the prison system. We’ll need to create more space for all these ‘political’ prisoners.

I’ve lived in the beautiful country all of my 66 years and once believed the fairy tale that we were a free country. With the New World Order/Global economy, it is ever increasingly evident that foreign and corporate powers now rule. In the end we will all lose. What a very sad waste to profit the few.

What gives me hope is that the need was felt in creating such ‘laws’. It means people are beginning to wake up.

Canada – land of the free? Only in our dreams.

Sincerely, _________________


Sent: October 17, 2014 9:58 AM
To: comments-pacificnorthwest-olympic-pacific@fs.fed.us
Cc: Christy Clark; oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca; elizabeth.may@prl.gc.ca; thomas.mulcair@parl.gc.ca; alex.atamanenko.c1@parl.gc.ca; pm@pm.gc.ca; james.moore@parl.gc.ca; patrick.wruck@bcuc.com; editor@thetyee.ca; oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca; gtwahl@fs.fed.us
Subject: Subject: Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Assessment (EA)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with regard to the US Navy plan to establish a training facility in Northern Washington dedicated to Electronic Warfare.

I do not live near the area that will be affected by this facility, but have relatives living in Victoria, British Columbia and am very concerned about the high frequency EMR that will be used at this facility, the fact that it will travel great distances and that British Columbians will very likely be exposed to high levels of radiation.

According to information provided, the environmental assessment says:

“The purpose is to train to deny the enemy “all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation (i.e. electromagnetic energy) for use in such applications as communication systems, navigation systems and defense related systems and components,” and

“There are no conclusive direct hazards to human tissue as a result of electromagnetic radiation.”

While it might be argued that there is no “conclusive” evidence of direct hazard to human health, there is a multitude of independent peer-reviewed studies and reports by world renowned scientists that show that prolonged exposure to even low levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is extremely harmful, especially to those most vulnerable: fetuses and children, those with impaired immune systems, and the elderly, and wildlife.

In British Columbia we recently have been introduced to smart meters and there has been much discussion as to the safety of these devices. Many British Columbians have chosen to have radio-off smart meters as they are concerned about this electromagnetic radiation as well as all the other wireless technology we have introduced in recent years. BC residents with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, a disability recognized by many countries, are especially concerned.

With regard to the transmitters which will be on the northern tip of the Olympic Peninsula, these transmitters plus the associated military equipment (satellites, planes, mobile transmitters) are within a few miles of a major Canadian city, Victoria, British Columbia. Were the Federal and Provincial governments advised of the plans to build a permanent training facility with the kind of  transmitters that will be used there. Did they agree to allow these type of military weapons to be pointed at a friendly country? Why was Northern Washington selected, rather than an less inhabited location.

I am very concerned about this facility, I do not support this facility. Canadians should be allowed to see all relevant environmental assessments on this project. Please do not allow this facility in Olympic National Forest in Washington State.

Sincerely yours,  _________



Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

 “We will never have a perfect world, but it’s not romantic or naïve to work toward a better one.”

Steven Pinker (b. 1954), Award-winning, Canadian-born U.S. Intellectual and Scientist (Cognitive Psychology);

 sent from a wired PC

URGENT: The world is going crazy faster than anyone thought, and comments are required by midnight this Monday.





If this is approved, all American-made cars will be wireless.

Due Monday, Oct 20, 2014 11:59 PM ET

Comment – http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=NHTSA-2014-0022-0002
Research Report – http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=NHTSA-2014-0022

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communications

– Document Contents : …TRANSPORTATION National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 49 CFR Part 571 [Docket No. NHTSA-2014-0022] RIN 2127-AL55 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: Vehicle-to…

Proposed Rule by NHTSA on 08/20/2014 ID: NHTSA-2014-0022-0002


Peril on the Road: Submit Comments to Dept. of Transportation on Wireless Mandated Vehicles THIS WEEKEND – Stop Smart Meters! – October 17, 2014:


Aside from health, what are the safety implications of ramping up wireless exposures to millions of electro-intolerant drivers?


Not in our car!

US Department of Transportation Set to “Mandate” 5.8 GHz Wireless Antennas in all Cars


The Department of Transportation is proposing to require “vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communication in all light vehicles in the United States. More info including a press release below.
***Comments to the Dept. of Transportation are due Oct. 20, 2014***


Please make a comment this weekend even if it is a brief statement.
Building a record of opposition is very important.


It’s not going to make our roadways any safer if we’re causing heart problems, blurry vision, or headaches in drivers.


Include in the subject line and at the top of your comments:


Docket No.NHTSA–2014–0022


Email, go to http://www.regulations.gov
and follow the online instructions for submitting comments.


Or, go to http://www.safercar.gov/v2v/resources
and click the yellow button labeled ‘‘Submit comments on the 2014 V2V Light Vehicle Technical Report here’’


Fax: Send to 1–202–493–2251.


Quote from the USDOT press release:
“Safety is our top priority, and V2V technology represents the next great advance in saving lives,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.


From a press release in February:
“V2V technology does not involve exchanging or recording personal information or tracking vehicle movements. The information sent between vehicles does not identify those vehicles, but merely contains basic safety data. In fact, the system as contemplated contains several layers of security and privacy protection to ensure that vehicles can rely on messages sent from other vehicles and that a vehicle or group of vehicles would be identifiable through defined procedures only if there is a need to fix a safety problem.”


Just like Smart Meters.



Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
On page 6 are more specific instructions for submitting comments.
Press release

************ END *************

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