2014-10-14 ITRON admits its Smart Meters don’t work in large concrete high rises.

  • A commentary by Olle Johansson about the effects of RF on fetuses and children.  You will have to translate via google, but the translation is very good.



  • In the UK fears are increasing about the costs of the $mart grid spiralling out of control. We have no idea here how much this is going to cost us ultimately.



  • Watch out. Here comes ITRON’s plans for getting and using $meters for all sorts of things.  One interesting admission is that the wireless $$meters don’t work in urban settings. New meters/technology will be needed and until then these are all manually read – just like our legacy meters, but with no additional charge. Hydro blew it by buying wireless devices. How much more is this going to cost? Remember when Hydro (Ted Olynyk, Cindy Vershoor ) told us that $smeter couldn’t be wired??

This comms-switching capability, which comes standard with the new Riva release, is important in dense urban environments, where wireless mesh networks can’t be expected to reach individual apartments in big concrete high-rises.



  • Huge bill after $$mart water meter installed, and the utility stands by it even after it’s proven to be impossible to have used that much water.




Good questions to pose to everyone running for office this year. We should build a list of questions to pose to every candidate running for local office. The local govt. can put pressure on the provincial govt. re. health, safety, and security of RF devices and to set our own exposure guidelines, since Health Canada won’t revise the national one.


Sent: October 14, 2014 7:40 AM
To: Vic Derman
Subject: Dangers of Smart Meters

Hello Vic

Are you at all concerned that smart meters, WiFI and other EMF emissions are damaging to the health of some people and the environment (dead trees and plants and bees) and cause fires in some instances?  See 1) on the actions of Spallumcheen Council and No. 4.  Is the security of data and the power grid an issue?

Do you approve of the US Navy testing powerful RF devices emitting extremely high emissions  off the Olympic Peninsula?

Thanks ___________________________


Sent: October 12, 2014 10:14 PM
To: Gerry Giles; Lori Iannidinardo; Phil Kent; Mike Walker; Jon Lefebure; Tim McGonigle; Rob Hutchins; Barb Lines; Loren Duncan; Ruth Hartmann; Mary Marcotte; Ian Morrison; Mel Dorey; Jim Kipp; Diana Johnstone; Ted Greves; Julian Fell; Maureen Young; Bill WL Bestwick; Alec McPherson; John Ruttan; Bill Veenhof; George Holme; Diane Brennan; Marc Lefebvre; Howard Houle; George Anderson; Jamie Brennan; Nancy Curley; Donna Allen; Dot Neary; Sharon Welch; Kim Howland; Terry Lynn Saunders; Bill Bard; Bill Robinson; Julie Austin; Lynette Kershaw; Barry Kurland; Ross Milligan; Douglas Routley; Leonard Krog; John Horgan; Christy Clark; Doug White; justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca
Subject: URGENT: Dr. Olle Johansson, Open Mind Conference, Denmark, 5 Oct. 2014
Importance: High

Dear Elected Representatives:

Please watch this talk by Dr. Olle Johansson “Health effects of electromagnetic fields” where Dr. Johansson discusses human rights based on membership in the United Nations.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN1nl9GNpUU

Because Sweden recognized ElectroHyperSensitivity as a Functional Impairment, aka handicap or disability, all UN members automatically MUST recognize EHS equally.  It’s not a disease; it is a functional impairment, just as peanut allergy or quadriplegia are functional impairments.  That means all other UN members must ensure that EHS persons have equal rights to non-impaired persons. (as per Dr. Johansson)

It is your duty to make sure that Everyone has access to the same benefits as everyone else without suffering detrimental health effects.

If you are running for office, be aware that I will vote for the people who do their research and pay attention to sources other than major media, that is, the unbiased sources not paid by Big Telecom/Big Pharma/Big Ag/Big Money/etc.

If you’re not running for office, then watching this can only improve your life.

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