2014-10-12 Happy Thanksgiving

  • Major electrical fire in downtown Calgary over the weekend. No cause given but it is causing major havoc. Residents are being cautioned about the surge when the power comes back on. In Palo Alto, Calif. a few years ago half the city had been $$metered. There was a major outage and when the power surge occurred, 70 fires broke out, all at smetered homes. Hopefully this won’t happen in Calgary.

As repairs are made, Enmax crews will bring customers back onto the grid one at a time.Nenshi says residents without power are being advised to unplug all electrical appliances and stoves to prepare for a power surge when their section of the grid is re-energized.




  • People in Michigan fighting for right to choose not to have a $$meter.



  • As are the people in UK, who fear that the internet-of-things will endanger both health and privacy.



  • There are many products available to reduce the exposure to RF, from material shielding for bed canopies, paint, metal meshes, etc. Here is some good information to consider. No matter what type of shielding you might use, you will need to have help of someone knowledgeable with a meter to help and advise.  But the first important step in reducing exposure to RF is to remove the wireless devices over which you have control, e.g.  cordless and cell phones, baby monitors, wifi (modems and laptops). The shielding will help protect from the RF over which you have no control.



  • From a member:

I could really empathise with the letter (2014-10-11)  from Ucluelet regarding the “clustering” of Smart Meters having lived within 15 feet of same in the RV….after one year , the difference in my health is incredible.


  • Cars with electric/computerized locks are being hacked and no one is sure how.





Sent: October 11, 2014 11:11 AM
To: comments-pacificnorthwest-olympic-pacific@fs.fed.us
Cc: Gary Holman MLA; elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; Dennis and Sharon Noble; premier@gov.bc.ca
Subject: Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Assessment (EA)

I am extremely concerned about the US Navy’s intention to test RF devices along the shores of the northern Olympic Peninsula and strongly disagree with such intention.

It is becoming ever more clear that RF emissions are not benign.

Indeed, if they were, how would they be used in warfare?  The 2012 WHO Bioinitiatives Report indicates unequivocally that EMF or RF is a possible carcinogen to all bodies, be they animal or human.  The incidents of the impact of cell phone emissions on bees is indicative of this.  Taken this premise as a given, how can these plans to bombard this area of the Juan de Fuca Strait, not cause harm to all the inhabitants of the area?

I encourage you to look at the large body of literature emerging from your own American Academy of Environmental Medicine before you consider embarking on this extremely dangerous exercise.  It is, for me, similar to the Atom Bomb testing done after WW II.  We did not realize the hazards and belatedly banned atmospheric testing because of the harmful effects to innocent bystanders , that is, the rest of the world and its inhabitants.

Thank you for hearing my concerns.


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