2014-10-10 How a doctor learned he was ‘sensitive’

  • More information (testimony and youtube)  about severe health problems in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Parents need to know, but aren’t being told, that wifi offers little beside the convenience of carrying a laptop or wireless device from room to room. Hard wired via fiber optic cable is much faster, more efficient (carries much for data) and is safer (no radiation).

“Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school states the teacher who required medical intervention.”




  • In response to a question sent to a Calif. group re. having a solar system that feeds to the grid—“Is it necessary to have a $$meter as the utility is telling her?”

That may be a requirement of the developer or utility but smart meters are not needed for a PV hook-up. I have a separate analog for measuring my output back into the grid [so I have two meters-one in and one out]. My neighbor has a different analog and that one is set up to spin backwards when her PV’s are generating more than she draws from the grid.


  • An article by a medical doctor who is sensitive, how he discovered his sensitivity and some excellent references.



  • A member who lives in John Horgan’s constituency copied him on her letter with comments re. the US military testing of RF weapons in our area. Very soon Mr. Horgan’s office called to follow up. His constituency extends to Sooke which is the area of BC closest to the Olympic Peninsula, approximately 10 miles. Please, copy your MP, MLA, Christy Clark, and especially Mr. Horgan on any letter you write about this. We all should be very concerned, especially those living within sight of the area where testing will be taking place.


  • What the people on the Olympic Peninsula are being told. You can offer your comments.






Dear Sir, or Ms;

I have concerns regarding the installation of anything other than a digital meter at my home.

I spoke, at length with Billy, at the smart meter department of B.C. Hydro, at approximately 9 AM on Tuesday October 7, 2014.  He informed me that my concerns would be addressed by an identifiable person at B.C. Hydro, whose name would appear on the information package, that would be sent to me, and that it would not just be not just be some ‘generic’ information sheet.

It is my understanding that smart meters are capable of transmitting data other than just the amount of electricity that was consumed, such as the time of day that the rate of consumption changed and by how much, and from such information it could be deduced what appliances were probably responsible for the change.  In other words, what time we arose in the morning, and plugged in the kettle, or put toast in the toaster, or went to bed at night, or when we were home, or not home, and that such personal information collected by smart meters could then be sold to third parties (commercial interests), admittedly, anonymously, to help bolster B.C. Hydro’s sagging fortunes. This is, still, a serious invasion of our privacy.  Since this information is available on-line on the internet, then it can also be hacked into by criminal elements, thus posing a serious security concern.

There have also been numerous fires in B.C. that have been attributed to the hydro meter that occurred after the analogue meter had been replaced by a smart meter or, perhaps, even by a digital meter, in some cases.  The fire marshals assumptions, and thereby, reports, have been based upon faulty information, based upon ‘out of date’ information supplied by ‘industry’ sources, or ‘industry friendly’ sources, or government-hired sources, and is thereby biased, and probably untrue, since their only concern, and duty, to their share-holders is to make a profit, not to determine the safety of the product. The B.C. government’s ‘Order In Council’ instructions to the ‘B.C. Utilities Commission’ to ‘not get involved‘ in the resistance to smart meters was/is an infringement upon our democratic and constitutional rights, and was/is, therefore, illegal.

Then, there is also the concern about ‘dirty’ electricity and the radiation that is given off by the smart meter during the ‘pulsed’ radio transmissions to the collection point, and that this can be, and is, in many cases, responsible for numerous health problems that have developed in persons after the smart meter was installed on their homes, and in many cases without them being aware, till later, that their analogue meter had been replaced by a smart meter. We, the citizens, should be able to approve, or reject, the installation of a radio transmitter on our homes.  The World Health Organization has declared the radiation in the frequency range of that generated by smart meters to be a possible carcinogen, and there are recommendations by reputable sources that the word ‘possible’ should be eliminated altogether from that declaration.

Billy told me that the meter installer will inspect the meter base, before installation of a different meter than the one I have had for many years, trouble free, and that if there are any deficiencies found that B.C. Hydro will have an electrician replace the meter base at no charge to the customer, and I will certainly hold them to their promise if any problems with the meter base, which was approved by a government Electrical Inspector, are detectable.

I reiterate, that the ‘Failed Installation Charge’ levied against me should be rescinded, as B.C. Hydro had been previously notified, in writing, that I required an appointment, or notification, when an installer would be coming to install a replacement meter, so that I could be present at that time, and/or have an electrician present to oversee the meter exchange.  That was not done, or I would have been here and quickly removed ‘my protection barriers’ to allow a meter exchange, analogue for analogue.

I look forward to receiving the personalized information package, and hearing from you with regard to my other concerns, and to being present and co-operating with the Corix installer if prior notification is received.

Yours truly,


Sent to Hydro, MLAs, etc.

Dear Honourable Utility,

I was once under an illusion that BC Hydro was a benevolent publicly held corporation. That illusion has been steadily eroded to the point that the only thing I felt I could do to communicate my dissatisfaction was to refuse to pay the punitive fees imposed upon those of who felt the $mart Meters were either unsafe or suspect. The result is you have chosen to lose us as a customer upon your decision to order a disconnection of our service. You probably thought we would come back begging like most people that don’t pay their bills. Not this customer! As you are certainly aware we were solar grid interconnected. We were refitted with an Itron C1SD3 meter in 2010 when we installed photovoltaic panels and began to make extra solar power during the sunny days which served some of the needs of our neighbours in addition to ours through your Net Metering program. This meter (which you still need to read the Summer solar outflow and remove), appears to have all the data gathering and download capability of an “Openway $mart meter”, but no radio. As a point of order here the radio-off $mart meters that can be hand downloaded, I assume, so as to figure Time Of Use metering and other forensic data, were to be billed at $20 per month, and we have been billed at $35 and more recently $32.40/month.

The real question is do you really want to lose customers, especially customers that help to buffer peak loads in summer with solar grid interconnections that truly green the salmon killing, people displacing Dam power grid? If the answer is Yes!, then please properly read and remove the meter and please close our account. We will pay the extortionate fees of over $350 you have billed us for since December, and be done with you.

Should a new government be elected in Victoria that rescinds the punitive fees and makes $mart meters truly optional for those that chose to avoid more RF smog, then we might reconsider reconnecting and net metering our solar.

The BC Hydro Net Metering Program is excellent in comparison to many utilities and roof top solar is a truly cool way to create power in the land. This is especially true when considering diminishing flows from rapidly shrinking glaciers and hotter summers when air conditioning demands load the grid during the sunniest part of the day; Also true when BC Hydro is facing rapidly increasing costs on products like concrete, and bigger transmission cables, that go into dam building and electron moving over great distances, while solar PV costs have plunged to price parity in Alberta and in BC within 4-8 years due to scheduled rate increases.

As home and electric vehicle energy storage technology advances you will be the one asking customers to stay connected. The monopoly will be shattered. Mini grid co-ops will be born.

Good Luck facing the future of Monopolized utilities.

We will watch from



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