2014-10-09 Summary of solar meeting in North Oyster + more letters

  • Further to the fire in Michigan where an ITRON smart meter was believed to have been the cause. The utility company is now saying that “perhaps” there was a grow op that was the cause. I was sent this information from a friend of the couple who lost their home and their pets:

“A young couple that I know made 6 calls to DTE regarding sparks coming off of the Smart Meter.  With every call they were told that everything was fine.  On Sunday Oct. 4th at 2:00am their house burned, they lost everything including their 2 dogs who they loved like their children.
Fox 2 Detroit News of course sided with DTE stating that there have been no fires due to Smart Meters.
I feel that this information may help you gather more evidence that Smart Meters are not only causing health problems but they are also catching fire.”


  • New and better $$meters using powerlines are being developed.



  • More of our data from the $mart grid = more profit for companies!!



  • A quick summary from a member who attended the solar meeting in North Oyster on Wednesday is below the letters. Thanks, Jim.


  • Also below in the letter section is an update about comments being accepted with regard to the US Naval Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare Training proposed for the Olympic Peninsula. The public input has been significant, and requests to have the deadline extended have been granted. The deadline for comments is now Oct. 31, and there will be a public meeting on Oct. 14 in Forks, Washington.



From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: October 9, 2014 11:33 AM
To: ‘comments-pacificnorthwest-olympic-pacific@fs.fed.us’
Cc: ‘gtwahl@fs.fed.us’; Christy Clark (premier@gov.bc.ca); John Horgan. Leader NDP; ‘Elizabeth.May@parl.gc.ca’; randall.garrison@parl.gc.ca; Alex – Riding 1 Atamanenko
Subject: Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Assessment (EA)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with regard to the US Navy plan to establish a training facility in Northern Washington dedicated to Electronic Warfare. According to information provided, the environmental assessment says:

The purpose is to train to deny the enemy “all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation (i.e. electromagnetic energy) for use in such applications as communication systems, navigation systems and defense related systems and components,” and

 “There are no conclusive direct hazards to human tissue as a result of electromagnetic radiation.

“Links to DNA fragmentation, leukemia, and cancer due to intermittent exposure to extremely high levels of electromagnetic radiation are speculative; study data are inconsistent and insufficient at this time”.

 While it might be argued that there is no “conclusive” evidence of direct hazard to human health, there is a multitude of independent peer-reviewed studies and reports by world renowned scientists that show that prolonged exposure to even low levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is extremely harmful, especially to those most vulnerable: fetuses and children, those with impaired immune systems, and the elderly, and wildlife.

Even 60 years ago the US military knew the significant danger associated with EMR, recognizing its potential as a military weapon. It therefore is confusing that the US military today denies this science. Further it is of interest that in their documents they admit this radiation  “may affect, but is not likely to adversely affect” living creatures.


The public deserves to have access to information explaining the effects. An effect is either harmful or beneficial. Is the US Navy saying that exposure to manmade, unnatural radiation is beneficial?

With regard to the transmitters which will be on the northern tip of the Olympic Peninsula, these transmitters plus the associated military equipment (satellites, planes, mobile transmitters) are within a few miles of a major Canadian city, Victoria, British Columbia.  Were the Federal and Provincial governments advised of the plans to build a permanent training facility with weapons grade transmitters? Did they agree to allow military weapons to be pointed at a friendly country?  Why was Northern Washington selected, rather than an inhospitable location like Death Valley?

I wish to express my deepest concern about this plan, and ask to be granted standing in order to provide additional information during future considerations.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, British Columbia



Sent: October 9, 2014 12:59 PM
To: comments-pacificnorthwest-olympic-pacific@fs.fed.us
Cc: gtwahl@fs.fed.us; elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; randall.garrison@parl.gc.ca
Subject: Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Assessment (EA)

Dear Greg Wahl,

I write to you today with very deep concerns about the US Navy plan to establish a training facility on the Olympic Peninsula in Northern Washington dedicated to Electronic Warfare.

The proposed transmitters on the northern tip of the Olympic Peninsula plus the associated military equipment (satellites, planes, mobile transmitters) are within a few miles of my home in East Sooke, west of Victoria, BC Canada.

Our home has a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains and the entire peninsula, less than 10 miles way. My family chose to move to this location as a result of my son’s SERIOUS Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, which is documented by our physician. We specifically searched for a home as free from RF radiation exposure as possible, at great financial cost and hassle.

My son suffers from a dangerous sleep disorder that is exacerbated by exposure to RF radiation, and the move was critical for his health and safety. In fact, the ONLY RF signal that we can faintly pick up comes from a coastal radar signal west of Port Angeles. I have great fear that the navel testing plans are going to have a huge detrimental effect on our son’s health, which will impact our entire family.

Were Canadian government representatives consulted at all about this plan? Has there been any discussion at all? Considering that RF radiation (considered a class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization) does NOT magically stop at the border, I would certainly hope that a full dialogue has and continues to occur. In Canada, Electrosensitivity is an environmental sensitivity REQUIRING ACCOMMODATION. Please advise how you intend to provide this accommodation to Canadians?

The US Forest Service’s draft approval finding NO significant impact gives absolutely no reassurance to our family, given that we have first-hand knowledge of the profound effects. As much as I would like to ask for your reassurance and GUARANTEE that we won’t be adversely affected, we both know this is impossible. But if anyone in the US Navy would like to guarantee this in writing, that would be excellent.


I wish to express my deepest concern about this plan, and ask to be granted standing in order to provide additional information during future considerations, given its potential direct and immediate effect on my family.


Sent: October 9, 2014 12:18 PM
To: comments-pacificnorthwest-olympic-pacific@fs.fed.us
Cc: Dennis and Sharon Noble
Subject: Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Assessment (EA)

Dear People,

I would ask you to reconsider the possible consequences of ‘collateral damage’ in testing this equipment. Clallum county faces Victoria and BC. The frequencies are high, 4-8 GHz, and travel great distances. The Navy is saying there is no evidence of harm to animals or humans. Yet this ‘equipment’ is classified as an EMF weapon! This would appear to be a classic example of the oxymoron “military intelliegence” as in ‘harmless weapons’ testing.

Scientists are a commodity in today’s society and much depends on the who’s signing their paycheques when it comes to producing evidence. I have no doubt that the Navy can produce such scientific evidence based on materials generated by the Department of Defense. A moral imperative would be to investigate the effects of electromagnetic frequency from materials created outside this Department in researching possible effects on life forms in relation to this testing.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



There were approximately 100 people in attendance – far more than the organizers expected.  A very crowded room.

The three speakers were as follows:

Dave Neads of www.Gabenergy.com,  a new non-profit on Gabriola – perhaps the first of its kind in BC.  Dave gave lots of interesting information on slides.  In response to requests he said he’ll upload his slides to the website in the next couple of days.  Dave has been using solar panels for 27 years so knows of what he speaks.  A very interesting and useful presentation.  To reduce the cost of systems he recommends we use the grid as a battery i.e. sell power to the grid in the summer to build up a credit with BC Hydro, then use that credit in winter when energy demands go up.  Of course this is not possible for those with analogue meters.  One of the speakers, perhaps Dave, said there are some analogues which will run backwards if we put power into the grid so perhaps that will be an option for some of us – as long as we don’t pump too much into the grid.  (I suspect this is a fantasy.  Too bad.)

Peter Nix was next.  A technical glitch shut down his visual aids so he simply spoke to us passionately and humorously about the global warming angle from which he comes at solar.  He then explained how things are coming together so quickly re: solar in Cowichan – how people handed him $125k for their panels which will be arriving soon – even though he doesn’t even know where he can store them yet.  If I understood correctly, there is a meeting in Duncan on Friday – I think it’s to organize the arrival of all the solar panels, but also to discuss/consider setting up a solar co-op (or maybe some other version of non-profit) in Cowichan.  They will also be having a solar workshop in Duncan 2-4pm at Heritage Hall in the Duncan Community Centre on Sat. Oct 25th.  Another informative and interesting presentation.

Last was Ron Perry, the owner of Aztec Off-Grid, a private solar system company in Nanaimo.  He said it was the first such presentation he had ever made.  I’ll bet it won’t be his last.  He gave useful/practical info. about conservation, propane appliances/tankless hot water, etc.  I had to leave early so only caught the first 10 minutes but found them interesting.  Incidentally, I think I was the first person to leave.  Everyone else continued to remain glued to their seats!

I recognized several smart meter refuseniks and accidentally met a  couple more standing behind me.  While I was there they did not do a count of hands to see who was there because of smart meters, global warming or anything else.  The first speaker, Dave Neads, said he figured we were all there because we are each some kind of activist.  I think he was right.

I hope the above gives you at least a flavour of what happened.  I took notes so can go into greater detail if you wish, but I think you’ll find Dave’s slides quite informative when he puts them online.

In my opinion there is a large volcano of interest in/demand for solar which is presently rumbling and getting ready to blow.  Things are developing very quickly.  Demand seems so strong.  And, in case I didn’t mention it above, Dave claims solar in BC is already the same cost as buying from BC Hydro.  He says Hydro plans a 28% increase in their rates by 2018 so by then solar will be considerably cheaper.  Very exciting times.


You are subscribed to Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Assessment, change for USDA Forest Service. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.




We have received your comments on the Electronic Warfare Environmental Assessment.  We appreciate your input during this process and ensure you that your comments will be considered and evaluated.

The Responsible Official, after receiving renewed interest in the Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Assessment by members of the public who were unaware of the proposal, has decided to extend the current public comment. The current comment period was to end October 10, 2014. To ensure the public has had plenty of time to provide comment, the Responsible Official has extended the comment period to October 31, 2014. If you have already provided comments on this project, you do not need to comment again with the same information you’ve already provided.


In addition to extending the comment period, the Forks Chamber of Commerce is hosting Navy and US Forest staff for a question and answer session on Tuesday, October 14th from 6-8pm in Forks, WA. The location for this event is the Forks High School commons, located at 261 South Spartan Avenue, Forks, WA. 



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