2014-10-06 ITRON meter blamed for fire in Detroit

1) For some reason the link to #2 on 2014-10-05 stopped working. Here is another link to the Wall Street article re. cell transmitters being over the FCC limit.


2) A fire in Michigan blamed on ITRON $meter. According to this website http://www.smartmetereducationnetwork.com/how-to-tell-if-I-have-a-ami-dte-smart-advanced-meter.php the smeters used in Detroit are the same as ours: ITRON Centron II Openway. I have asked for a copy of the official fire report, and will share if I get it.


3) Wi-Fi interference in cockpits can cause blackout of screens. FAA , instead of refusing to allow Wi-Fi on planes, is requiring replacement of navigation screens in planes.


4) A YouTube of a Neptune wireless water meter, with measurements being taken by an airline pilot who is very adept with meters.  These meters are already in many communities. It is sending a strong signal every 10 seconds, just like electrical smart meters. If it is near your home, you should shield it.


5) UK utility companies admit that the $$meter is the first step in allowing them entrance into our “$$mart” home:

“The company’s ambition was summed up recently at the Smart Energy conference in London by Nina Bhatia, commercial director, who said: “You might ask, does an energy company have the right or the capability to move into the connected home? The answer is emphatically yes – perhaps the boundaries between what we have thought of as an energy company are changing.””


And the companies see our data as being extremely valuable through use of the ZigBee chip in the $$meter.

IoT gateways drive  new revenue, data collection  by Martha DeGrasse – RCR Wireless News – October 06, 2014:
– http://www.rcrwireless.com/20141006/chips/iot-gateways-drive-new-revenue-data-collection-tag4
(IoT gateways are of interest to wireless service providers who are looking to the Internet of Things for new revenue.  An IoT (Internet of Things) gateway is a device that enables machine-to-machine communication by connecting appliances in the home, workplace, or smart city to cellular or Wi-Fi networks….service providers who are already offering voice, Internet and home video can leverage an IoT gateway to add smart home applications to their offerings ….IoT gateways can be used to  monitor and track  valuable assets within an enterprise or in transit….There’s a lot of interest in tracking assets, very high value assets, pharmaceutical equipment, medical equipment, or sensitive assets….)


Sent: October 5, 2014
To: Times colonist
Subject: Adrian Dix

Those persons who elected to refuse a smart meter from BC Hydro have been forced to pay a $32.50 a month opt-out fee for what BCH calls a meter reading. This fee is the highest in North America. Just recently Hydro Quebec dropped their fee to $5.00 per month with the approval of the Quebec government. The Liberal government of BC cannot seem to understand this and the NDP are seemingly no different. I wrote Adrian Dix, the NDP Energy critic, five times regarding fees and never received a reply let alone an acknowledgement. The last two times I copied the letters to John Horgan leader of the NDP. Again nothing. If this is what we can expect from the NDP in the next election it makes me wonder who will get my vote.



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