2014-10-03 A youtube of a small business being forced to take a $meter, causing damage by not turning power off.

  • A video on youtube of Hydro forcing a small business to accept a $meter, causing damage while making the exchange without turning off the power, which is against standard electrical practice and regulations. The result of government by Directive.





  • An industry article about the Black Hat meeting and the lack of security of $meters and the grid.





  • More information is coming out about the shoddy work, the negligence in installations, the refusal to accept responsibility for damages done by poorly trained workers in Florida. All of the problems now being investigated in Florida exist in BC, and just like BC Hydro,  Florida Power & Light continues to deny all responsibility

Developing Scandal: Federal Lawsuit Confirms Problems with FP&L ‘Smart’ Meter Installations…Stop “Smart” Meters, Florida! – September 27, 2014:
– http://microwavechasm.org/2014/09/27/fpl-customers-sue-honeywell-over-smart-meter-related-repairs/


A federal lawsuit filed against Honeywell over alleged improper installation of smart meters for Florida Power & Light Co. has revealed the following about the roll-out completed in 2013:


  • From 2005 through 2009 before the smart meter change-outs FPL knew of 950 customers who had meter cans requiring repair and replacement. Customers bore these costs.
  • After the smart meter change-outs, FPL knows of 13,050 customers who were required to make repairs to their meter cans at their own expense.
  • Honeywell’s electrical contractors Kilowatt Electric Co. and Ferran Services repaired more than 18,000 meter cans during and after the installations. Customers did not pay for the majority of these.
  • Tens of thousands of smart meter installations failed Honeywell’s “quality assurance checks.”
  • FPL does not know how many customers sought repairs to their meter cans without notifying FPL.
  • Honeywell subcontracted the installations to such companies as System One and Vanguard, now called Compass. Installers had just a few weeks training and were not licensed electricians. Some installers were paid by the hour, while others were paid per meter, which gave them incentive to rush through the job.  (In BC Corix employees got 10 days training!!)
  • An installer who worked for Vanguard was suspended for two days without pay after speaking with media representatives while installing meters on Key Biscayne in 2010. The installer said everyone on his 40-person team installed 88 meters a day and each installation took “about 20 seconds.”
  • A top Honeywell official referred to the installers as “knuckleheads” and said in an email, “Bottom line is to hammer away at the knuckleheads until they understand or disappear.”
  • A Honeywell official said in an April 2011 email to another Honeywell employee that FPL was in a “panic mode” over the number of meter can repairs needed and “not open to any ideas other then their own.”

In BC, Hydro workers have been threatened with loss of job if they do not take a $meter, or if they talk about the fires and other problems they’ve seen, such as the $smeters running fast.  There is a cone of silence in BC Hydro, and perhaps other agencies, about the $meters and the entire grid.

Coalition for Health, Against Smart Meters  (a Florida group) = CHASM had warned about fires, poor meter quality, etc. just as we, the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, have been warning the politicians about problems with the meters in BC. No one is listening.

CHASM has previously reported on these heat damage and/or dangerous installations here, here, here, here and here.

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