2014-10-01 Major warnings about attack on the grid

  • Legal action is beginning in Florida to fight the imposition of fees for those opting to keep analogs –$13 a month after $96 enrollment fee.





  • More warnings about the vulnerability of the grid. Those who are entirely off grid, or communities with micro-grids are safest.





  • European researchers will reveal major security weaknesses in smart meters that could allow an attacker to order a power blackout.





  • Harassment in the extreme is over in Illinois. Why the police were with the utility people, who knows, but I’m sure there will be more questions asked. At least, for the mother who is trying to protect her family from $$meters, the almost 2 years of intimidation are over.





  • 2 very interesting interviews (audio only) with people who are sensitive. Both are about 10 min. long.


Sept 15, 2014:


http://www.cbc.ca/player/AudioMobile/Quebec+AM/ID/2519043583/   “Challenging the CSST to recognize electrosensitivity (CSST deals with work place safety and health in Quebec)

Diane Pelletier in Sherbrooke who suffered an electric shock at her job says she’s been cut off from worker’s compensation even though her injuries prevent her from working. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette brings us that story.”


Sept 16, 2014:  “Building a home for an electrosensitive resident”





  • A short youtube with Martin Blank explaining about how cells are stressed by very low levels of EMF.







A member makes this good suggestion. I would add to it, copy your MLA, Adrian Dix and John Horgan. All of these people have fiduciary responsibilities which they are not fulfilling.


I have a suggestion on all the letters that are being written directly to BC Hydro…Reimer, BCUC, the Minister responsible, etc., and that is the letters should also be mailed directly to Madam Christy Clark; possibly written directly to her with copies to BC Hydro & minions.  Madam Clark is the Premier of British Columbia and should be hammered with all these letters as well.  Within her elevated position as Premier of an entire province, she is directly responsible for all the ministries & BC Hydro, plus she has a fiduciary responsibility to the people of this province and that responsibility includes the smart meters fiasco.


Straight to the top of the heap.  :~)


I am leaving a copy of this letter at my MLA’s office, too:
Nicholas Simons (NDP)


CEO Greg Reimer
B.C. Hydro
P.O. Box 9501, Stn. Terminal
Vancouver B.C. VB8 4NJ

Dear Mr. Reimer;

Please find enclosed a money order for payment of my ‘power consumption’ as well as for the ‘extortion fee’ for the analogue (Legacy) meter.

I have been waiting for your utility to call me to make an appointment to replace my analogue meter with another analogue meter ever since I received the letter from your office stating that you were required to do this by Measurement Canada (which they deny is the truth). I cannot remain home at all times, obviously, to meet your installer, so you must make an appointment, as I have the right to be present, and to have an electrician present, during the installation, since neither you, nor anyone employed by B.C. Hydro, can be trusted, any more, to be honest and forthcoming regarding anything to do with metering, and the truth about any meters you may wish to install, and my ‘time’ is just as important as yours.

Consequently, I was most disappointed that your rogue Utility has levied against me a ‘Failed Meter Installation Charge’. There was no indication, of any kind, that anyone from Hydro, or its agent, called at my home, or any date on the bill that this was alleged to have occurred, and so, judging by your past performance record, it can be assumed that you have fabricated this allegation by charging this punitive fee against me.

I have always paid my Hydro bill on time and without any hassle, but I refuse to pay this punitive extortion because you failed to make an appointment, and so I was not able to be home to witness any hydro employee or agent calling at my home, which is my right under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to protect my person, my safety, and health against any and all threats. It is an established fact that $mart-meters are not safe or secure (whether you admit it or not) and and have resulted in many fires in B.C. where the smart meter caught on fire (twelve, or more if I have not lost count). I am aware of your lies and disgraceful avoidance of liability, regardless of the cause of these fires which anyone with a brain can see were caused by the smart meter. Analogue meters, to my recollection, never caught on fire. Since B.C. Hydro, or your agents, cannot be trusted, and refuse to be responsible, I repeat, I have the right, under the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms to be present during any meter exchanges at my home, to prevent you from committing any crime against my person, by your smart-meter roll-out, and against humanity in general, which is equivalent, in this case, to a war-crime, and we will try you one day, for your lies and complicity. The only permissible meter exchange at my residence will be ‘analogue meter for a new or newer, and clean, analogue meter.

I recently installed stairs (3 steps) to make it even safer for the meter reader to reach my meter when she attends here.

Make an appointment ! My time and security is just as valuable as yours !


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