2014-09-29 Spreading the word via Twitter is vital

  • For those who use Twitter, here is a recommendation from one of our members which I hope everyone who uses twitter will consider. We have only our word of mouth to compete against Hydro’s millions in advertising. We have numbers on our side, if we all spread the word.


A simple way we can spread our message is by merely retweeting the tweets of some of the more active EHS twitter users. I also encourage you to tweet on your own. Consider that the more retweets a particular tweet receives, the more exposure there is to the general public on twitter.  Retweets are definitely key, and Twitter is now taking over Facebook as the social media of choice. Please take the time to daily, weekly, or even monthly retweet the tweets from the following Twitter users:











If I have forgotten any of the more active users, please reply all and add the user handles.


Also, if you are tweeting your own tweets, be sure to add hashtags like #bcpoli #vancouver #bchydro #fortisbc, etc. Adding the hashtags gives the tweets even more public exposure. To sign up to Twitter, visit https://twitter.com. It’s simple and not as invasive as Facebook and other social media.



  • From a member, re a farmer whose plants are dying. Any other farmer, florist, etc. out there who has had the same experience? Of course Hydro isn’t going to admit that the $$meters are the cause because that would be acknowledging that RF is dangerous to living things.


Talked to a farmer yesterday who has 3 s’meters pointing at his greenhouses and the plants are dying.  He’d been refusing s’meters, but needed another 200 amp. service, so Hydro said, Not as long as you refuse s’meters.  We’ll give you service, but only if you accept s’meters.  So he felt cornered, agreed, and now his plants are dying.  Great for a farmer. . .Hydro says it’s not s’meters.




  • “New York Child’s Death Prompts Renewed Calls for MA DPU Smart Meter Mandate Investigation”  Power was shut off due to outstanding payment and a child died from carbon monoxide poisoning when alternate heating method was employed. This could happen in BC where the Hydro is shutting off power due to unpaid legacy fees, or for those with $meters where power can be shut off remotely.  People are suffering greatly from increased Hydro bills, especially after getting $metered. With rates increasing dramatically over the next 2-3 years to pay for this program, many people will be left having to choose between heat and food.




  • PBS program about scientists working to stay ahead of the hackers.










Sunday, 28 September 2014


For the Attention of Mr Reimer, CEO

BC Hydro,

PO Box 9501 STN Terminal

Vancouver, BC. V6B 4N1


Dear Mr. Reimer,


We are in receipt of your undated letter “Meter Choices Program Update.”


We have been customers of BC Hydro and its predecessors since my parents came here as Hitler refugees in 1937. Our present account, #xxxx has always been in good standing. On my doctor’s advice, we have refused to have a “Smart Meter” as I have a brain tumour. In addition the manner in which these meters was introduced was undemocratic and reprehensible, to put it mildly. You learned nothing from the GST/PST debacle.


To your credit, and in accordance with my instructions, no person has tried to install another meter.  Nevertheless, so far we have paid your exorbitant “Legacy Fee” without comment, but will not be willing to continue to do this beyond this year. You cannot justify an additional $450 p.a. for meter reading, which service was previously included in your services, and which is the highest ever recorded, anywhere.  It will likely prove to be a public relations disaster.


We look forward to our day in court.


Yours sincerely,




Cc.      Mr Patrick Wruck, BCUC

Mr Gary Holman MLA




Sent: September 28, 2014 6:09 PM
To: info.utilities@corix.com; Smart Meters; greg.reimer@bchydro.com; Popham.MLA, Lana; elizabeth.may@greenparty.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; jessica.mcdonald@bchydro.com; rob@robwipond.com; bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; editor@thetyee.ca; norm.macdonald.mla@leg.bc.ca; leader@greenparty.bc.ca; editor@saanichnews.com
Subject: Refusal to accept a “smart” meter at 4631A Pipeline Rd., Saanich, BC


Via Electronic Mail and Canada Post to:

BC Hydro,

Smart Meter Specialist Department

6911 Southpoint Drive, Burnaby BC, V3N 4X8                                                                                    Date: September 26, 2014



Attention: Jessica McDonald, CEO BC Hydro, jessica.mcdonald@bchydo.com

and B.C. Hydro, Corix Utilities,  and agents and/or assignees thereof:

smartmeters@bchydro.com and info.utilities@corix.com


Dear Sirs / Mesdames:

At approximately 12:15 pm on Friday, September 19,  installers from BC Hydro showed up at my new apartment at —–. My landlord and my neighbour refused to allow them to install a “smart” meter at the residence as I was not at home. My landlord, in fact, again insisted that he should, as the owner of the property, have the CHOICE to keep the current ANALOG meter on his property. The installers insisted that we are not eligible to retain the ANALOG meter as this is an account change and I am not a BC Hydro “Choices” customer.

This incident demonstrates the contempt BC Hydro continues to show those of us who pay the bills. I am informed that under the current B.C. Hydro Electric Tariff I am not eligible to keep the analog meter on my new residence because I was forced to take a smart meter at my old address. Again, the discrimination in this situation is obvious to any person of sense. The fact is that, as a resident of a townhouse complex, I had absolutely no option to keep my analog meter, and was forced to accept a smart meter because the management of the complex had no interest in assisting residents who might have wished to retain their analog meters. So now I am to be victimized a second time.

This demonstrates that the current tariff is unjust, and violates one of the essential principles of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that is, Section 7, which guarantees the individual’s right to security of the person. BC Hydro and the government of British Columbia may not violate my right to security of the person by forcing  me to accept a device, attached to my home, that world-recognized scientists assure me will endanger the physical or psychological health of me and my child.

Despite the ridiculously short-sighted recent decision by the BC Human Rights Tribunal, the fact remains that current research demonstrates the dangers of smart meters. The eminent Washington scientist Martin Pall has said that “smart” meters should be abolished “because they use short high-intensity pulses of microwave radiation.” The renowned American Academy of Environmental Medicine has honored Dr. Pall’s work with its highest award, and has likewise called for a moratorium on “smart” meters. Children are most at risk for the “massive cellular damage” that may result from this radiation. I, and my child, also deserve a choice—and I choose not to expose my twelve-year-old son to the EMF radiation produced by a “smart” meter.

To quote retired Canadian electronic warfare and signals intelligence officer James G. Flynn, were Canada a true democracy, “readers would be able to read in their local newspapers articles/letters critical of wireless baby monitors, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers etc. They would then know that non industry-paid scientists and millions of informed people around the world know that all wireless devices are harmful to all living things, especially to embryos, pregnant women, young children, the sick and the elderly….[W]e’d be able to read in our own newspapers that: In Russia, no one can live or work within a 2,000 meter radius of a cell phone tower, because it is considered a “danger zone.”  Yet here in Canada (and the US) these same towers are placed on the roofs of daycare centres, schools, hospitals, seniors’ homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, churches, etc.!”

Health experts from more than 20 countries have warned about the health effects of “smart” meters, and now we know that these meters regularly cause fires. While the installers who came to my residence admitted that fires have taken place, they insisted that it was because “the Corix installers didn’t know what they were doing, and didn’t check the bases for cracks.” Ah, well, sorry, but I don’t accept that disingenuous explanation. Under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, security of the person requires that I not be forced to accept a device on my home that I consider to be a fire hazard. The BC Safety Authority has documented a number of fires started by smart meters. Fire inspectors, and even BC Hydro employees (as the installer here noted), have observed smart meter failures that have either caused a fire or would have caused one if someone had not been present to prevent it. The design flaws in other brands of meters that have caused fires in other places exist in ITRON meters, and I refuse to allow Hydro to put my child’s life at risk.

I will be making an appointment to discuss this matter with my MLA, Lana Popham. If you again attempt to install a “smart” meter, against my express consent, wishes, and in violation of my civil and human rights, I will make every attempt to ensure that BC Hydro’s unjust and discriminatory actions receive as much attention from media and government officials as I possibly can. As stated previously, I and my landlord are now party to the class action suit against BC Hydro.

Sincerely,  _________________




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