2014-09-28 Beware of Hydro’s “home energy monitor” with 2-way zigbee chips

  • A good article explaining how RF radiation reflects, how a faraday cage works (every “metal box”, even a car, becomes one). $$meter RF reflects just like cell phone RF does, so shielding must be done very carefully.





  • From a member, comparing the “home monitor” hydro is selling/advertising, and another that is available that can provide similar info. without a $$meter or zigbee chips.


Neurio: Private; information does not leave your home via WiFi.  Detailed energy reader apps show every appliance by algorithm.

See: http://postscapes.com/wifi-home-energy-monitor-neurio




the one written about in Times Colonist today: BC Hydro’s zigbee chip smart meter connected home monitor:




BC Hydro’s zigbee chip smart meter connected home monitor see details:



From another member, look at the monitor’s specs. 2-way zigbee, thereby an entry into your home to access personal info. Plus something quite confusing, a battery to communicate with the $meter even when the power is turned off!! What info would be communicated if the electricity has been disconnected?  Also, why is this communicating with the $meter if its purpose is for you to see the power you are using at any moment??



Here’s link to the manufacturer’s 2-page product datasheet:



Two-way wireless”  “With its 2-way ZigBee wireless link to the smart meter, EMU-2™ can support custom features such as pre-payment, opt-out, and data for water and gas usage.”


“2.4GHz ISM Band”  “Standard AAA Batteries • Continues to talk to meter after remote disconnect”


Also, I note the statement “magnet mountable on a fridge”, so maybe that metal surface would make its hotspot even more dangerous. And I’m guessing residents might tend to magnet mount it on a fridge at eye/brain/ear level.



  • Another fire in Saskatchewan, and this was supposedly not a $$meter. I bet it was a digital meter, which in many ways is similar to the $meter. I am trying to find out for sure, and will let you know. It is extremely rare for an analog meter to cause a fire.







Sent: September 27, 2014 11:29 AM
To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Cc: bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; harry.bains.mla@leg.bc.ca; mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca; gordon.hogg.mla@leg.bc.ca; Dennis and Sharon Noble
Subject: “Smart” Meters


Dear Members of the BCUC:


Below is a link to an excellent example of how a Utility Commission is handling issues regarding problems with “Smart” Meters.  I respectfully urge you to read the information.


Yours truly,


Original Filing – Public Utilities Commission in Nevada Electronic Filing – Submitted: September 22, 2014:
(Petition for Order Requesting Information)




Non-smeter but very important, for our children’s sake


Sent: September 27, 2014 12:00 PM
To: Ag Har Observ; editor@pqbnews.com; editor@comoxvalleyrecord.com; mamacdonald@nanaimodailynews.com; dbutler@ottawacitizen.com; newsroom@abbynews.com; editor@theprogress.com; news@hopestandard.com; editor@mapleridgenews.com; newsroom@tricitynews.com; editor@newwestnewsleader.com; dcayo@vancouversun.com; povletters@theprovince.com; wayne@castanet.net;
Subject: Wi-Fi in schools


A Los Angeles school teacher has won her case to be moved to a classroom where there is no WI-FI, only computers that are hard wired to the internet. She has electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Does your child have trouble concentrating in school or feels sick or has headaches quite often when at school? It has been proven that children are more sensitive and can suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity more so than adults. Children should be protected from WI Fi and cell phones and any other “cordless” electronic because their skulls are thinner, their bones are not as dense and their eyes are more sensitive than an adults and therefore more susceptible to the cancer causing elements of cordless technology. Check this website from Parents for Safe Schools    http://parentsforasafeschool.blogspot.ca/2014/09/lausd-gives-teacher-accommodation-from_25.html. You can find not only the teachers story there but also in previous pages links to other sites that have the “proven” scientific details about how these things are affecting our children.

15 Aug 2013: Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, representing 76,000 teachers, recommends that cell phones be turned off in classrooms, and that all Wi-fi transmitters be labelled as part of a hazard control program.

5 July 2013: Supreme Court of India upholds a decision of the High Court of the State of Rajasthan to remove all cell towers from the vicinity of schools, colleges, hospitals and playgrounds because of radiation “hazardous to life.”  The over 200-page November 27, 2012 Rajasthan decision reviews worldwide evidence that cell towers are harming human beings and wildlife.

25 Aug 2012: Israeli Minister of Health Rabi Yaakov Litzman states that he supports calls to action for a ban on Wi-Fi in schools.

June 19, 2012: The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has officially recommended that Wi-_Fi not be used in schools.

Feb 13, 2012: Citing safety concerns, the Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association representing 45,000 teachers, is calling for a ban on new Wi-Fi installations in the province’s 1,400-plus Catholic schools and advocating that computers in all new schools should be hard-wired as well.

May 27, 2011: Council of Europe passes a resolution recommending wired Internet connections in schools, and the creation of radiation-free zones to protect electro sensitive people.

May 31,2011: Lyon, France, May 31, 2011 ‐‐ The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has
classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B),
based  on  an  increased  risk  for  glioma,  a  malignant  type  of  brain  cancer,  associated  with wireless phone use.

Studies are also ongoing and are pointing to upgrading to a type 2A probable carcinogen.
The government in Britain is advising against WI-Fi in schools as is Germany, Austria, Israel and Australia.

With all the evidence from other countries as well as the fact that these countries have exposure limits up to 100,000 times lower than Canada and the USA, Canadians can not rely upon Safety Code 6 which is so outdated. A study was done to see if changes were to be made to Safety Code 6 but all of the doctors and scientists involved were either backed by the wireless industry or were not qualified to even be on such a committee. Is our federal government being compensated by the wireless industry the way our provincial government is???

Sunday, 28 September 2014


CEO Greg Reimer, BC Hydro

PO Box 9501 Stn. Terminal

Vancouver B.C. V8B 4NJ


Dear Mr. Reimer,

Thank you for your reply to my letter of Aug.22nd, ’14 received today via “Jessica”. The fact that there is not even an address on your letter speaks volumes, it says “Don’t bother to try and talk about this, We make the decisions.”  Sheer arrogance towards your customers, who pay your salaries.


Much of what you have been telling us for four years is untrue. Our “Liberal” govt. has consistently behaved as if it were above the law, ignoring democracy, supporting only it’s singularly myopic vision of “what is best for us” when in fact only the “bottom line mentality” rules. Hydro is no different.


The BCUC has been disembowelled by the government, hence quoting what they have endorsed/decided is a mockery, as it is irrelevant. Eg: “The BCUC has approved the Meter Choices fees, etc.”


All in all, the way the “Smart Meter” project has been rammed down our throats was and remains a disgrace. Shame on you.


For a start, I have installed a comprehensive Solar heating system and am planning a heat exchange system, in order to reduce my electrical consumption. I may go so far as to generate my own power as well.


Yours faithfully,

Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

One thought on “2014-09-28 Beware of Hydro’s “home energy monitor” with 2-way zigbee chips”

  1. BC Hydro installed smart meters with ZIGBEE capability.
    This allows the smart meter to network via ZIGBEE with smart appliances.
    Now why would you want to that?

    Well in the southern US power companies offer the ‘service’ of controlling your air conditioner for example.
    ZIGBEE is not a one way system. Hydro has the capability, although not at present the authority, to control your appliances via ZIGBEE.

    This is clearly setting up for power rationing at the appliance level. Hydro could force you, for example, to run a networked clothes dryer only at night by disabling your dryer via ZIGBEE until the allowed operating window, say 2 am – 5 am.

    Yea they didn’t tell you about that aspect of their ‘Smart’ meter did they?

    I just happen to think it’s criminal but that’s just me.

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