2014-09-26 Fortis beginning installations in Trail.

  • The important, precedent setting decision by the Los Angeles Unified School District, accommodating a teacher with sensitivity, can be read here, and the letter at this site can be shared widely, and I hope you will. Many teachers and students in BC are being forced to be in schoolrooms with powerful wifi modems emitting RF all day every school day. This is unnecessary for a good education, and is forcing many teachers to leave their profession, to go on disability, and for many children to be home schooled. We must push for accommodation here in BC.





  • A very interesting site that discusses various types of hacking, from taking revenge on your neighbour by causing is meter to show higher consumption to taking control of the system for extortion. 3 articles here.






Smart meters set up started in Trail by Liz Bevan – Trail Daily Times – September 25, 2014:
http://www.traildailytimes.ca/ourtown/277109471.html   comment please



  • Hydro is selling home monitors so people with $$meters can see how much electricity they’re using by the minute, if they wish. According to other places, when the novelty wears off, no energy is saved. But even if some energy is saved, it won’t be enough to pay for the $mart grid!!





  • For those new to the issue, here is a good review of how the grid and $meters work, and some of the problems. Believe it or not, many people still know nothing about this device, and it’s good to have something simple to refer friends and relatives to, even though it does not address all of the issues..





  • A lawsuit in Florida against Honeywell for damages caused to homes as a result of installations by untrained staff. Just as here, when the installers damage the base and there is damage to the meter base and then to appliances, Hydro and Corix denied responsibility and individuals paid – many individuals paid.





  • The official filing in Nevada for an investigation into the fires that have occurred there, one possibly resulting in a death.


] Original Filing – Public Utilities Commission if Nevada Electronic Filing – Submitted: September 22, 2014:
(Petition for Order Requesting Information)






Sent: September 25, 2014 3:55 PM
To: Bill Bennett.MLA; Complaints BCUC:EX
Cc: John Horgan.MLA; Adrian Dix.MLA; Mike Farnworth.MLA; Andrew Weaver.MLA; Elizabeth.May.A4@parl.gc.ca; Dennis and Sharon Noble
Subject: Opt out fees


Dear Mr. Bennett


The Quebec Energy Board has reduced opt out fees to $5 per month.  Why is BC Hydro so much less efficient than Hydro Quebec?  Why does it take BC Hydro $32.50 to read and bill for an analog meter?  I thought your government prided itself on being business oriented and efficient.


Or, have you set the fee exorbitantly high to bully people into accepting $meters?




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