2014-09-24 Quebec’s Energy Board cuts opt out fees dramatically


1)   Opt out fees are cut dramatically by the Quebec Energy Board, to $5 a month! Why is BC Hydro so much less efficient than Hydro Quebec – why does it goes Hydro $32.40 to read and bill for an analog meter? Are the salaries that much higher in BC? Or were the fees set so high that people would accept the $meters, just as Bennett surmised??


“Energy analyst Marc-Olivier Moisan-Plante said Hydro-Québec likely set the fees higher than necessary in an effort to deter customers from refusing to have smart meters installed.” 



2) Meeting in Osoyoos Thursday 7-9:00
The most serious health concern
of the 21st century
with Dr. Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO(MP)
Environmental Consultant
Sponsored by:  UNPLUGGED Health Solutions
Osoyoos, Thursday Sept. 25, 7 PM – 9:00 PM
at Osoyoos Elks Lodge, 8506 92nd Ave.



  • Prof. Martin Pall calls for ban on wifi in schools and smart meters.


“Prof. Martin Pall is the Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. He has been studying environmental medicine and chronic illnesses for nearly 15 years and has received eight international honours for his work.”



  • Last night I circulated (with permission by the parties involved) a letter regarding an important legal decision in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The person involved has asked that this letter not be posted or circulated at this time – apparently some detail needs to be  refined. Please, if you have posted this on Facebook or sent it to others, please ask that they not send it further at this point. Once I get permission, I will let you know because this is a major precedent.


  • Below is a very personal account of how one person made the connection between health problems and her Smart Meter. People will experience different symptoms, and it’s hard to determine the cause. Most doctors have not been trained on the biological effects of RF radiation. The key for this person was removing herself from her home, and discovering that she felt better, her symptoms disappeared, only to reappear when she returned home.





To: Coalition to Stop Smart Meters,
PO Box 52061
Beacon Ave., RPO
Sidney, BC V8L 5V9
I wish to write my story about the ‘smart meter’ on my house and not sure if it is to you I send it to but here I go.

The process of elimination brought me to the point of believing, without doubt, the smart meter is affecting my health.

We were asked at one point if we wanted it and we said no.  Then one day in 2013, I came home from work and it was on the house.  It is located on the wall of the bedroom, so within about 4 ft. from my head.


I am now really scared and appalled.

 I, like so many others, have kept trying to believe that if something was really harmful to us, the powers that be would not allow it to be used let alone allowing it to be forced on us.  I was so very wrong and now I feel stupid for not looking into it before.  I don’t know if I have a right to say much now because of that, but if there is a possibility of helping in some way, I have to try.


I don’t want to get to the point where I am constantly thinking the conspiracy thoughts but it is getting more difficult.  I had heard mostly the meter was invasion of privacy and could affect ‘some’ health issues.  But, a lot of times talk is just talk. In the last few years everything new, old and in between seems to have some conspiracy theory to it.  It has taken me almost 2 years to total believe it is what is hurting me and it was time for me to really find out what this meter is all about. I am not much into computers and looking things up drives me crazy, there is so much garbage out there but I had to start and sort. You seem to be legit.


This really scares me especially with the problems I am having.  We now have to live with something that has been forced on us, even with the amount of information about it being harmful that is out there and the number of people who have really been fighting this. What chance have we got? We get to be genie pigs for the next how many years to see what the body count is?


What appalled me the most when I finally really started to look into it is the amount of cancer it seems to be causing, especially in children.  How can they possibly ignore all this and say there is any good reason to use them.  I know that money and big business rules our world but this is beyond even that.  This is blatant irresponsibility in the face of ample proof and I now find out that it is going on around the world and people have been fighting it in so many countries and the battle has been lost? This is not old fuel methods that has been in place forever and big money don’t want to change.  Which is bad enough.  This is a new source of extreme pollution being forced on us, from what I have read about it.  They were already aware of the cell phone pollution, the wi-fi, microwares which gives off the same thing in lesser amounts and are proven harmful.  The phones, microware and wi-fi, at least, we have a choice to have or not have in our homes at least.  We are told we have to throw away a toy that has a little led paint on it and if we don’t ‘we’ don’t care about the health and safety of children.  We are told we have to make sure a child is bumper padded with everything they do or the parent is not being a good and responsible parent if a child gets hurt.  Parents can’t do many things and have to do many others to ensure that children are protected. Can be prosecuted for some and some that are far less harmful than these smart meters.


Yet, along comes hydro who force us to have this meter which is proven to be, at the very least, somewhat dangerous but from so many sources seems to prove it is very dangerous.  How can they claim it is not?  What, the percentage of people that will be killed by it is an acceptable percentage?  Not only that but this thing is a blatant invasion of privacy? We the public do not in any real way have a choice in having this thing connected to our homes?  That isn’t even considering the amount of damage they are doing in every area they are on every house.  Hydro decided that this is so important for us to have.  They charge US more for this honor because it is saving who?  They save on wages, we get to pay for the cost of getting these things that most people don’t even want to have. And somehow we should be happy paying more and getting sick.  Somehow we are supposed to believe we live in a democratic society? I guess that only works in some areas of life.


My experience with the Smart Meter and how it affecting my health.

Within a couple of days of it being installed I began to get a stiff neck.  I never thought of the being from the Smart Meter for a while. My line of work is painting houses and I have had problems with my neck so just thought I had stressed it again and it would go away after a couple of days.  It did not and it was different than other times that my neck bothered me.  So I thought maybe I had gotten a chill in it so started to wrap it with a towel at night.  This diminished it some and after getting up it would slowly ease up.  Then I began to get pain in the back of my skull and thought it was because of the tightness in my neck.  The muscles in my neck got like rock.  I went to my chiropractor.  Nothing would stop it.


When the weather got warmer and the pain persisted, I knew it wasn’t a chilled neck.  I began to really wonder what was going on and started to think back to what was different around me or what I might have done to it. Nothing but The meter.  The people I mentioned it to thought I was just being stupid and paranoid.  I am not the type of person prone to paranoia. I like to figure things out, the why, what, where, when and how.  By this point the pain in the back of my skull was really getting to me but what was I to do?  Maybe it was just arthritis seeing that I am 62 and have had trouble off and on with my neck.  I decided to change my pillow.  One hundred thirty some dollars later I had a very expensive pillow but still had the problem.  I am not into pain killers and medications so tried to find other things to deal with it.  Stay in bed for less time, wrap the neck with a heavier towel, keep the covers up around my head no matter how heat it was.  It helped, but if the protection fell away, the pain began in the skull. The neck was a constant, just sometimes a little less than others.  It would reach its peak about 4 hours into sleep and wake me.


I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, had become very depressed, forgetful, confused at times and off  balance but contributed that to the pain and what was going on in my life.  I started having more and more pain in my body and restless legs every night.  I kept wondering more and more could it be because of the meter.  That still seemed a little crazy.


Then I went to Manitoba because my dad died, while away, no pain in my neck or skull.  I had so much going on at the time, I didn’t realize this till a while after when I went to see my daughter on the coast and same thing there, no pain, yet as soon as I got home the pain started up again.  Now, I know what is going on but no one around me thought that could possibly be – A METER? How could it?  A sore neck, I was just being stupid.  So, I just started wrapping my head every night with a heavy towel and it did help, there was less pain in the skull and the neck was not quite as sore but still stiff every night but lasted longer during the day.


Finally, I knew it was coming from the meter.  It was about time I started to check it out and stop listening to people who weren’t listening to me.  I went to my doctor and have asked for a brain scan, hopefully this will be done soon and there is nothing really bad happening in my brain.  I got on line and found you and read about what these meters are doing to us and what it is giving off.  Now, I am appalled at what we are being subjected to.  I wish I had not been so wrapped up in other things at the time these were being forced on us.  I wish I had checked it out more.  But I didn’t and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to do much anyway.


So, now what?  It sounds like I am basically screwed.  My business went under, I have very little income so can’t even have the dam thing removed, much less pay an extra $35.00 a month.  Take pills – no, they don’t even touch it anyway.  Just wait to see what damage it does?  The one thing I have not been able to find out a lot about is how do we block these waves from coming into the house?  I saw a clip on you tube where someone tried blocking the waves with aluminum screening.  So we got some and put it on the wall.  Two days now with it up and I am able to get through the night without the pain in the skull and neck. No towel.  We shall see if this is the case after at least a week.  Maybe that is cutting it enough.  But, how about what it is giving off outside the house?  How much is still getting through into the house? I don’t even have a choice of sleeping the other end of the house either.  I am not making the living room a bedroom and a small bedroom the living room.


I just can’t believe we have no right to stop this.  It is like being told we have to just stand here and let someone kill us and we should be happy for the privilege. We should count ourselves lucky to have this  opportunity to suffer.  We should believe them when they tell us that what is happening to us really isn’t or couldn’t possibly have anything to do with their wonderful smart meter, no matter how many times it is shown to be the cause.


How exactly is this thing good for the environment?  I have not seen one thing which can convince me that the good far outweighs the bad but I sure see the bad outweighing the good in just one of the many areas, even if there were no others – the ‘threat to the health of children’.   What kind of a world are we now living in?  How exactly are things getting better and safer? With the amount of knowledge out there, the access to that knowledge how can this happen?

Signed ____________________________

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