2014-09-21 Insider in Nevada admits evidence of fires hidden from inspectors — just as it is in BC


  • Electricity rates in Ontario have doubled since 2002 and are expected to increase another 42% by 2018. So much for savings from the $mart grid.



  • Major questions about the contract and real costs that Saskatchewan faces its $$meter program. We don’t know anything about the costs of our program or the negotiations that led to ITRON getting the contract. Perhaps it’s time to find out what due diligence was done before the contract was signed.



  • Rogers is erecting a cell tower in West Kelowna. Resistance is organizing, and people are asked to write to the council.



  • Funding by the National Science Foundation to study the personal data being gathered, transferred wirelessly and maintained by the $meters and grid.



  • Fire officials (in Nevada)  say that smart meter fires are particularly concerning because they start on the outside of the house, won’t be picked up by indoor smoke detectors, and can escape immediate notice.  “The occupants inside may not even be aware the house is on fire.  This is very alarming to me,” said Sparks Fire Chief Tom Garrison.

A few sources for information about fires. Of note, Hydro is replacing or has replaced more than 1000 $meters in Kelowna alone in the last few weeks. Why? I’ve asked and have gotten no clear answer, just “maintenance”. Were these meters defective, were they dangerous?  Please, ask your MLA.

Man dies in “smart” meter fire – StopSmartMeters.org (July 2013)
Saskatchewan, Canada: SaskPower to replace 105,000 faulty “smart” meters (July 2014)
Portland, OR: PGE to replace 70,000 faulty “smart” meters (July 2014)
Lakeland, FL: Lakeland Electric to replace over 10,000 faulty “smart” meters (August 2014)
Arizona: Are tens of thousands of defective “smart” meters being stealthily replaced in Arizona? (Sept 2014)
Philadelphia, PA: PECO replaces 186,000 faulty “smart” meters (October 2012)
News & articles on fires – Take Back Your Power
Archive of hundreds of documented “smart” meter fires – EMF Safety Network

Here is yet another report from Nevada, in which more fires are revealed. And like in BC, the meters often are taken or destroyed so that the true source of the fire cannot be determined. A perfect crime where the evidence is destroyed by the event itself. And note at the bottom of the article, people can keep their analogs or get them back, with a monthly fee of $8.72.


And evidence is hidden or removed before inspectors arrive – just as it is in BC!!

“The investigation files also offer evidence that the meter blazes could be more widespread than even fire investigators know. In the reports, NV Energy employees on the scenes of two of the fires told investigators that such blazes happened regularly.

In an interview last week, an electrician who helps NV Energy replace the meters told the Reno Gazette-Journal that often meters would be fixed before the fire department could even be called. The RGJ has withheld his name because he continues to do work for NV Energy and didn’t want to put his employment at risk.

“NV Energy was so quick in having me or one of the other guys out there that the fire department never knew about them,” he said. “We’d have the panel changed out and power turned on within five hours and a guy painting the wall right behind us.” “


  • billing. Interesting emails sent to an Ontario MP Cheryl Gallant. Here is one especially intriguing one. Has anyone seen something similar in BC?

Agostino’s Smart Meter

July 22, 2014

During the construction of our new home in 2013, I would spend time watching the newly installed smart meter after all work for the day had ceased.

With all power tools unplugged and absolutely no power being consumed, keeping in mind this was a house under construction with no idle appliances or electronics, on several occasion I saw the meter continue to register power consumption.

I would spend as much as 30 minutes watching the meter after I first discovered this anomaly, and witnessed it on several occasions.

Contact Hydro One, was told there must have been something plugged in somewhere consuming power, which there absolutely was not.

Kind Regards,
Agostino Terziano



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