2014-09-20 We will keep fighting because our cause is right.

A message from Una St. Clair, who was the driving force behind the Human Rights Class Action:

Paragraph 141 of the Tribunal’s decision says:

“I accept that there is a real issue of potential harm to the human body arising from exposure to EMS frequencies.”


We will be using this statement to hammer home the right of freedom of choice in the lawsuit. We now have only one legal action to focus on, which is the civil lawsuit. Basically, the HRT deferred to the BCUC, however, we are arguing under the BC Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the civil lawsuit, plus some other positioning, and we MUST keep going with this action. We just spent hundreds of hours putting together affidavits for the courts for the civil lawsuit in the application for class action status, which are to be submitted today, outlining all the lies of BC Hydro and showing people are not given a choice, that they have been bullied, tormented, terrorised, and treated terribly.

Until we have further evidence in our hands which is readily available to everyone in the public or an event that occurs beyond our control which either shuts down the grid completely, or provides clear evidence it MUST be shut down without question,(such as security breaches,  EMP, fires, MRF being reclassified as higher risk, or something else unknown), then we must continue to push for rights of choice on the home itself. Every single person in BC must have the choice to refuse a pulsing microwave radiation device, whether they have EHS or not.

The HRT action was ONLY allowed to be based on those with EHS, a ridiculously tight parameter which cut out all the myriad of health concerns we initially submitted needed protection of non-RF meter, where reasonably intelligent folk want to avoid microwave RF in the home (seizures, heart conditions, implants, cancer, Parkinsons, brain tumours, etc.) With the HRT sham behind us, we MUST go after choice for EVERYONE in the civil lawsuit. Perhaps it is a blessing that the HRT case is out, that they deferred to the pompous and totally useless, not independent, BCUC. Now we have a single, razor honed focus on the lawsuit to get choice for ALL, not just if with EHS. We can put all our efforts, our money, our minds, our hearts and prayers into fighting this in the Supreme Court.

I have always said that we must walk down every path of possible return to goodness, righteousness and democratic integrity, even if there was only a glimmer of hope in doing so. We need to follow these actions so we can say – YES, we DID TRY that, but it wasn’t the way for the best solution! How many times did slaves try to get free? How long did it take for Women to get the Vote? How long did people fight Tobacco saying it was killing them? How much effort is still going on to help people with Lyme’s disease? We have forgotten the lessons of our forefathers, which show us the hardships, the time, the commitment, the unswerving belief in knowing what is right and wrong, as hard won goals of freedom and rights are won.

We must keep fighting for Freedom, every which way we can! Every route must be checked out, so we can say “Yes! We Tried That, and we WON”T STOP looking for THE WAY to return to FREEDOM, LIFE, LOVE, HEALTH and all the things that matter and WE WILL FIND THE WAY, never doubt it!

Keep Smiling – when one way is knocked out, we are more free to find the WAY THAT WORKS! Above all, do not allow yourself to give up, to resign, to bow down, to feel victimized. Believe that we are being guided to the way that works, through everyone’s efforts joining together to fight back this oppression. We must, we have no other choice before us.

Una St.Clair
CSTS Executive Director

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