2014-09-16 Last week’s medical symposium in Toronto available online


  • The medical symposium that was held in Toronto last week is now available online. Some of the discussion points:

During the course of the symposium Dr. Anthony Miller argues the classification should be 2A, probable carcinogenic to humans. Dr. Miller also reviews the recent studies that link wireless radiation to breast and brain cancer.

Dr. Davis presents the latest research showing the impact on sperm fertility as well as the connection with wireless radiation exposure and impaired childhood development.

Dr. Hugh Taylor reviews his research showing the offspring of pregnant mice exposed to cell phones during pregnancy developed “ADHD-like” symptoms.

Dr. Havas reviews the pre-conditions she has observed for electro sensitivity and presented the Austrian Medical Association “Guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF related health problems and illnesses.”


A followup by City News:  http://www.citynews.ca/2014/09/16/tablets-could-be-harming-kids-health-study-says/



  • In many countries, people who are sensitive to RF are accommodated, by law. Here is an excellent article about legal rights, lawsuits, etc. re. exposure to the ever-increasing level of RF from wireless devices. A very interesting read.



The link to the story is below, but it is a huge download.  One more opt out fee, $5 a month,  that demonstrates that the fees we are being charged are way out of line, in addition to being discriminatory and punitive. Note the common “mis-statement” that analogs are no long available. They are, and many places in the US are keeping them or allowing people to keep theirs permanently. Also the “untruth” about the low emission levels of the $meters. The same twists regardless of the utility company.



in MW’s newsletter:
Westmount Quebec Now Has a $5/Month Opt Out Option

After two years of letters, presentations and meetings…..Westmount City Council has just approved “opt-outs” for RF meters.

Article in the local paper: http://westmountindependent.com/WIv8.4c.pdf (p.7)


  • Cell transmitters on fire! The transmitters are on apt. buildings, near homes and more are building erected to support the $$mart grid.


apparently this is not an unusual phenomenon. Look at all of these photos:





Sent: September 15, 2014 9:15 PM
To: info.utilities@corix.com; Smart Meters; greg.reimer@bchydro.com; Popham.MLA, Lana; Jane Sterk; elizabeth.may@greenparty.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; jessica.mcdonald@bchydro.com; rob@robwipond.com; bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; editor@thetyee.ca; norm.macdonald.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Re: Refusal to Accept Smart Meter at XXXXXXXXXXXXX
To Brad Bishop, Meter Deployment Manager, BC Hydro Smart Metering Program, and to whom it may concern:

I am in receipt of your letter dated September 10, 2014 and have prepared the following response.

Your letter insists that because I was forced to take a Smart Meter at my old address, before the “Meter Choices Program” was announced in 2013, that I now have no right to keep the analog meter at my new address. This twisted reasoning attempts to deprive me and my child of our human and civil rights to security of the person, as established by Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a second time simply because you were successful the first time. The fact remains that my new residence has an analog meter, and I DEMAND, particularly in light of the fact that BC Hydro advertises a CHOICES program, to keep that analog meter. To refuse to allow us to the same CHOICE as other British Columbians is discriminatory, and I refuse to be treated as a second class citizen. I repeat, yet again, that I REFUSE to accept a “smart” or digital meter at my new address. I am entitled to the same choices as those who were successful in fighting off BC Hydro’s draconian tactics earlier, and who managed to keep their analog meters. In addition, my landlord objects to the violation of his property rights, in that Hydro is attempting to deprive him of any say regarding equipment installed on his own buildings.

You state that analog meters are “temporary,” but those who have kept their analog meters most certainly do not view this as a temporary situation. Thousands of citizens of B.C. are fighting to keep their analog meters, and are determined to do so in spite of the exorbitant fees Hydro is currently exacting. There is a class action lawsuit regarding this issue. I AND MY LANDLORD, SHAWN MCLAUGHLIN, ARE JOINING THIS SUIT. All our correspondence and experiences with Hydro have been copied to the lawyers conducting this suit.

You have quoted “authorities” who say that these meters are safe, but you have not given any evidence to refute the research of Dr. Martin Pall, or of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, who insist that “smart” meters have definitely not been proven to be safe, and that, in fact, “smart” meters should be abolished “because they use short high-intensity pulses of microwave radiation.” And as you well know, Canada’s Safety Code 6 is hopelessly out of date, and a multitude of parties are calling for its revision.

You again threaten me with Failed Installation fees, and I repeat that I REFUSE TO ACCEPT SUCH FEES, AND I REFUSE TO ACCEPT A SMART METER AT xxxxx  BRITISH COLUMBIA. I insist that BC Hydro contact me, IN WRITING, for an APPOINTMENT if an exchange of this meter for another ANALOG meter is necessary, so that I or my landlord can supervise the work done on my landlord’s building. I will keep the protections around my analog meter. If any Corix/Hydro employees attempt to exchange the current ANALOG meter for a “smart” or digital meter, ignoring the prominently posted NO TRESPASSING signs, I will file a trespassing complaint with the Saanich Police, in addition to contacting media outlets and government officials. My MLA, Lana Popham, is copied on this letter.

Sincerely,  _____________________________

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